How do Guarantor Loans work and are they right for you?

Payday lending has become a highly contentious issue in the UK, after huge criticism from consumers triggered stringent government regulations and a widespread crackdown. Even though we have now reached a point where interest rates have been capped within the sector, there is still criticism regarding the distribution of payday loans to students in the […]


Good Planning Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Eleanor Roosevelt once said it takes as much energy to wish as to plan; planning is key to a successful financial future. The plan should be realistic with clear aims, a timescale and flexibility to take into account changing circumstances. You may need some help in putting a strategy together but once it is done there is a good chance of your having a better financial future as long as you continue to earn regular income and have the self-discipline to follow the plan. There are some simple principles to follow. You need to live within your means and that is evident if you have written down your income and expenditure accurately, there is a surplus and that you stick to the budget. Any … [Read More...]

Shopping Online via Computer

Simple and Smart Tricks: How To Shop Cheaply Online

It is not news, that shopping online is much cheaper than off. But not everybody knows how to use these benefits better and reduce the price tag even more. So This That And The MBA today wants to help you out here and give some simple, but very intelligent tricks, or as some called, life hacks, which will help you to shop much cheaper online. Use Service Of Shopbots Or Shopping Robots Today, then the internet is full of various free services which will happily help you, you just can‘t not to use one of it – shopbots. These geeky tools trawl through selected e-retailers' products and prices to find the cheapest deal for you within just a few seconds. With the help of these shopping robots, … [Read More...]

law firm picture

How to Find a Good Law Firm

If you are having financial problems and are planning to file for bankruptcy  then you are most likely searching for a bankruptcy attorney that you can afford. Of course, getting an expensive attorney is out of the question. If creditors are after you from all sides, then you really must manage your resources well. If you think the only option for you is to hire run-of-the-mill lawyers, then you obviously are not aware that there is an abundance of very good bankruptcy lawyers. You must consider more than just the legal fees. If you are going to file for bankruptcy you will need very good lawyer since bankruptcy can be a very complicated process. What follows are some tips on how to find … [Read More...]

forex market profits

The Power of the Dollar: Solid Performance from a Leading Currency

The forex market is never the most stable or reliable entity, as its derivative nature is susceptible to volatility and rapid change. This was drawn sharply into focus recently by the Greek financial crisis, as a potential default by the stricken nation and subsequent negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has caused huge fluctuations in the market. This has triggered a difficult past week for the forex market, with the Euro gaining after months of decline after it was announced that an agreement had been reached between Greece, the IMF and a selection of European creditors. It subsequently pared against the dollar, while traditionally strong currencies such as the dollar … [Read More...]

Fraud Definition

5 Hidden Costs of Financial Fraud

There are almost as many types of fraud as there are victims of it. From Medicare and insurance fraud to Ponzi schemes and phishing scams, bilking people out of money through deceitful means is a frightfully common occurrence in our tech-heavy modern world. Billions of dollars are lost every year to fraud, and while the financial toll is substantial, money isn't the only thing lost when a person, institution, or government is taken for a ride and robbed. From the sense of responsibility and self-blame incurred to the health maladies that can also result, here are five hidden costs of financial fraud that affect those already reeling from the pain of its monetary effects. 1. … [Read More...]

Penny Pinching

Pinch Pennies Without Pain During Grad School With These 6 Tips

Keeping a firm hold on finances is a struggle for many people, regardless of the financial situation in which they find themselves. Throw a wrench into the spokes of that common, everyday struggle — like going to and paying for graduate school — and many people choose to give up financial sense-making entirely. However, abandoning your budget and savings goals doesn't have to accompany going back to school. You think of it as practice run for someday running your own business after you finish your MBA. If you'd like to keep your long-term financial health in focus while you're earning an advanced degree, here are six tips to help keep you pinching your pennies. Get a Roommate or Be a … [Read More...]