cash now

Easy Ways to Make Money Today

Do you need some cash today as opposed to next week or tomorrow? If the thought of selling your blood sends chills up your spine, check out these five easy ways to make money today. Check Out Neighboring Thrift Stores It’s always a great idea to go to your neighborhood pawn shop and sell off […]

Wall Partition

Optimise Your Office Space with Partitioning

For some, office partitioning is simply about creating divisions within an office space, but there is much more to it than that. Used properly, partitioning can really work to maximise the space and, in turn, allow staff to work to the best of their abilities. Optimising the available space you have in the workplace should always be at the forefront of the mind of business owners and office managers because – in the end - it boils down to costs. Some expenditure on high-quality partitioning units can really pay for itself in a surprisingly short space of time. Maximising Space Usage Partitioning allows more efficient use of space. Desks can be placed closer together and in … [Read More...]

Rich as A King

The Most Important Tool in Your Financial Plan

By Douglas Goldstein, CFP® What is the best way to plan for the uncertainty of the future? After all, so much can happen that it makes it almost impossible to create a financial plan. Even if you could quantify all the unknowns in your personal life (getting a raise, losing your job, change in family status, etc.), how can you possibly account for market volatility when creating your financial plan? The answer: use a Monte Carlo simulation. A Monte Carlo simulation tests large number of scenarios for what might happen. It calculates your odds of success based a projected end value of your portfolio (which you choose), not on average annual returns. Monte Carlo simulations are the … [Read More...]

New Home Construction

4 Qualities of New Construction Homes for Sale

Many house hunters struggle to overlook design choices, wall colors and furniture layouts in previously-owned homes. Some despise the idea of living in another individual’s home. Others fear bacteria and germs from bathrooms and kitchens, no matter how much bleach is used to clean them. To avoid second-hand homeownership woes, many turn to new construction properties for fresh, sparkling abodes. Aside from being neutral and clean, new construction homes have further benefits – starting when buyers begin their searches to years after signing contracts. Consider the following four qualities unique to new construction homes for sale. Buyers are Active in the Search Process Builders … [Read More...]

Budgeting Basics

Budgeting For Beginners

It has been a while since I dove into a topic that is relatively straight forward but so many people have trouble with, that's it Budgeting.  I have trouble with it as well, we are soon to be receiving our income taxes and we have some credit card debt.  What should we do with that money?  In comes budgeting, sit down and prepare a list of all the expenses that you are paying on a monthly basis.  Wait what, what are expenses...hold a minute..expenses are just that what are you paying out each month as an expense.  Bills!  Student loans, Credit cards, the list goes on and on, well if you are like us the list is quite lengthy. Next after listing down all the bills that you pay on a monthly … [Read More...]

British Pound

Financial Services For Lower Incomes

Some may think that only the financially gifted can afford financial services when in need of loans or other products. That only the wealthy have protections against the demise that awaits them or the requirements which may come about. This, however, is not entirely true as there are remedies for the lower-income workers who are experiencing a need for assistance, particularly now in wake of the toughening UK financial market. The Leave Behinds According to a Financial Times article, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research has shown that the disparity with UK households have risen sharply since 1980, polarizing the higher-income wage earner from the lower. Through … [Read More...]

Silver Screen Shot

Credit cards search has never been this fast and easy to do with Silver

Silver is a new mobile application that helps you to find the best credit cards in seconds, get all the details you need, and even let you apply directly from your mobile device. With Silver, you stay on top of your credit cards, so you never miss a renewal or get hit with annual fee & interest fees again. With constantly fluctuating rates and available services, the developers of the Silver mobile app understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to research and compare the plethora of credit cards that exist in the market. How Silver works is simple: users answer a short questionnaire that reveals what they are looking for in a credit card. From better interest rates to … [Read More...]