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5 ways an MBA Degree Can Impact Your Career

If you’re looking to advance your career, you may be thinking about obtaining a business administration degree or an MBA degree. Maybe you’re unsure if this move is right for you, or you could have concerns about whether an MBA degree can help you in your current role. These are both valid questions. The good […]

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Effective Email Marketing: How to Do It

When it comes to running effective marketing campaigns, too many businesses seem to assume that within the unfolding expanse of what we know as Internet history, email sits somewhere between the brontosaurus and the dodo — it may not have died off in the early days, but its death is inevitable. While the flash and dazzle of social media’s marketing potential and promise shouldn’t be ignored, choosing it in lieu of email is a big mistake. Email, it seems, isn’t going anywhere, and the businesses that utilize it effectively aren’t either. But what does an effectively run email marketing campaign look like? While nothing is fool-proof, there are some practices more likely to yield good … [Read More...]

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Which of These 4 Business Specialties is Right for You?

A career in business can offer many different adventures. Some people start their careers at established companies and then switch mid-career and launch their own enterprises. If you know you want a business career but you’re unsure which direction to choose, take a look at these four business specialties to decide which one is right for you. Management If you admire leaders like Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Indra Nooyi or Marissa Mayer, then you might be a candidate for management. You’ll need leadership chops, an eye for great opportunities and the ability to get the best from the people who work for you. Earn a bachelor’s degree in management. If you want a more focused bachelor’s … [Read More...]

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The Biggest Tax Mistakes Are Usually The Easiest to Avoid

Most of us send our tax forms off in mid-March, watch our refunds get deposited into our bank accounts and then breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t have to worry about the hot mess that is taxes until the following winter. Believe it or not, though, waiting until the eleventh hour, trying to claim everything that even remotely applies to you and hoping for the best really isn’t the best strategy. In fact it is one of the biggest tax mistakes you can make (and one that is really easy to fix). The simple fact is that a lot of us make mistakes on our taxes. Those mistakes are, for the most part, really easy to avoid. Here are some of the other major tax mistakes that can lend you in hot … [Read More...]

trading platform graphic Review, founded in 2006 is headquartered in Cyprus, and is owned and operated by SafeCap Invesments Limited. It is regulated by the Cypriot body CySec, along with the UK's FSA. is not available to U.S. customers. Platforms Clients of can choose between four separate trading platforms regardless of account type: The MetaTrader (MT4) which is the industry's most popular platform; the Trader which is a downloadable, Windows-based platform that is easy to install and operate; Java Trader is for traders who may not always be at home while accessing the markets and can benefit from the excellent security features of a JAVA-based platform;  … [Read More...]

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Business Plans Lead to Profit

Small firms are losing out on profit by not having a business plan, according to new research. Companies with a business plan are consistently more profitable than those without one, according to findings from business and finance software provider Exact. The power of planning Small enterprises with a plan are almost 20% more likely to increase profit margins and more than twice as likely to achieve their business goals. Around 70% of small businesses that had a plan in place last year turned a profit, compared to 52% of businesses without a plan, says the research.  Clearly, business plans are conducive to profitability. Results Over a third of the UK’s 4.8 million small … [Read More...]

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Six Drop Shipping FAQs Answered

You have a wonderful website and it’s being going quite well. However, it seems that business has leveled out. You need more products on your website and you want to give your inventory a fresh, new, infusion. You’ve already heard of ecommerce drop shipping and it does seem like a good idea. With drop shipping, you do not have to buy extra items. The vendor will retain his stock but he will provide content, images, description and details that you can upload on your website. All you have to do is promote the products online and get orders. Once the customer orders come through, you have to forward the orders to the vendor. The vendors will then pack and ship the item to the customer. This … [Read More...]