5 MNCs That Started With Small Investments

In the contemporary corporate world, the blooming successes of multinational corporations (MNCs) have captivated our minds, and we want our businesses to be just like them – famous and worthy. But what we often forget is that everything big was once something small. So without further ado, here are 5 MNCs that started with small […]


5 Strategies to Improve Writing Skills for Students

Good writing skills are indispensable in learning. Students need it right from elementary school to college as assignments, letters, examinations and academic papers like essays are always presented in written form. Successful students worldwide are honing their writing skills on a daily basis while they study. Most students have a love-hate relationship with writing and it shouldn’t be so. Here are 5 ways to help students improve their writing skills. 1.Use digital writing tools The internet has made writing quite easy to master. Digital writing tools are free to download and use, at least a greater percentage of them are. These tools help with the process of writing and editing … [Read More...]


The Best Degree Majors for a Career in Finance

If you are good at math, enjoy working with numbers and have an interest in finance, you might be considering pursuing a career in the financial industry. Finance is an industry which offers a range of lucrative career opportunities, with plenty of high earning potential, job security, and opportunities for progression and career growth. For those who are applying to college and are hoping to work in finance when they graduate, there are many different degree courses to choose from that are suitable. If you’re stuck on deciding on a finance-related major, we’ve listed some popular choices. Finance If you’re interested in a career in finance, studying a finance degree is the most obvious … [Read More...]


5 People Who Started Small and are Now Big

Everyone requires a little something for inspiring them- to achieve greater things in life. Not all personalities we know today have had a nice start. There are many who started from humble beginnings. These are people who’d acknowledge the fact that they had nothing to start with and this very fact inspired them to achieve greater things in life. Here is a look at five such people. MS Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most successful Indian cricket captain having won the World Cup in both the 20-over and the 50-over format and has also taken India to the top of the Test rankings. He is widely regarded as one of the best finishers in limited overs cricket. But many would not know … [Read More...]


Importance and Need of Project Management

Among the hustle and bustles of our daily lives, we often come across the term "project management". To understand the concept and identify its significance, we need to know about the two halves namely, project and management. A project is an endeavor designed to produce products or services and is undertaken to meet the goals and objectives; whereas, management refers to the strategies and process plans opted for the fluent ongoing of the work processes inside an organization. Hence, project management is the backbone of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing of a work aimed to achieve certain goals. The entire operation and fluidity of an organization or company solely … [Read More...]


Post Graduate Degrees for High Paying Jobs

Most of us do not to obtain the sense of contentment until and unless a master’s degree is bagged. Of course it adds to the number studying years, but the increment in salary along with a feeling of overwhelming accomplishment lies always on the top of our priority list. Some of us do the masters due to the undying pressure from our parents while the others to grasp the highest paying jobs. Who doesn't want higher paying jobs? According to a survey conducted, it was found that the salaries of the post graduates are 25% higher than the people with just graduate degrees. So, here comes the list of top five higher paying jobs for the post graduate degrees are: Post Graduate Degrees MBA: … [Read More...]


Is There Still Such A Thing As “A Starter Home”?

The American dream is to make your way to the top of your industry, get married, have kids and a comfortable home to go home to. The way to get to your dream life and your dream home, use to involve several incremental steps that typically started with your “starter home”. A “starter home” was the first investment that an individual would make. It was when you were done renting and throwing money out the window, and you wanted a safe investment where you could live as well. The advantages of a starter home were clear; you didn’t have to pay rent, and you could take the mortgage tax write off. Many young people are not only delaying their first home purchase; they aren’t going for starter … [Read More...]