Is Investing in Tech and Software Companies the Right Step

With what seems like an ever-expanding list of technology and software companies gaining ground in the finance market, much in due to our increasing habit of online and software-based entertainment, one might start wondering if it might be worth investing some funds within this specific market. Especially worth considering is how the gambling and gaming […]


Using Your Car as Collateral – Turn Your Auto into Cash Now

There has been an increase in the number of borrowers who are using their cars as collateral with auto title loans, this is similar to a payday loan but with sometimes better terms as the vehicle has a lien placed upon it.  What a borrow does when they take out a title loan is they must allow a particular lender to place a lien on the car’s title.  The lien will be in the amount of the loan, plus any applicable interest that is set out in the line of credit. Title loans do not typically require the borrowers credit score because they are secured with the collateral of the vehicle.  Title loans can be seen as risky if you do not have a good payment history, but for those who pay on time … [Read More...]


Tips for Creating a Successful Startup

Beginning a startup is a bold venture. It might require a great deal of effort and sacrifice but it can also pay off in the most wonderful ways. A recurring theme in today’s financial world is the prevailing stories about young billionaires. This often muddies the water about what it is really like to create your own startup. Few beginning ventures are on par with Mark Zuckerberg’s story. This does not mean that it cannot happen to you. It may simply require a little more time and patience. Here are some tips for getting your startup off the ground: Get Feedback One of the things that you are bound to encounter is an abundance of investors turning you and your partners away. This is … [Read More...]


Things to Keep in Mind before a Major Expenditure

Let’s say you’re about to make a really big purchase – maybe you’re buying a house or a car; or it might that you’re thinking of making a big change in your life like making a move from one city to another? These things would be counted as major expenditures to pay for which you’ll have to dip into your savings no matter what. It’s possible that you can take out a loan to deal with the matter but that would also require you to take some money out of your savings to pay the deposit fees which will probably not be such an insignificant sum. So for all intents and purposes, this major expenditure, whatever it might be, is going to cost you. It will take out a significant chunk of the money … [Read More...]

home loan

Should You Get a Home Loan?

If you’re looking to buy a new house, it’s always tricky to figure out how to finance the purchase. Whether it’s the first house you’re ever buying in your name or not, house financing is never an easy puzzle to solve. For starters, deciding whether you’re going to buy or simply rent a property is a major question you need to answer for yourself. Depending on where you are in your life financially, you should choose among the two options. When you’re young renting can be the best way to go – it’s cheaper than mortgage and easier to leave behind should you ever have to. However, buying a property comes with its own set of perks. Buying a house means owning that property, a home that’s … [Read More...]

dream job

Is Your Dream Profession in Demand?

We all have set goals in life from a very young age. And depending on the seeming practicability of those goals, we keep them or we shed them like skin as we grow older. Ask any six year old around you what they wish to be when they grow and they’ll confidently proclaim that they’ll be either a doctor, astronaut, fireman, actor or princess when they grow up. Of course, over the years they’ll realize that only four out of the five are valid career choices these days, three of them are practically achievable and only three out of five actually pay well. It’s these realizations that morph our dream professions. But the touch of wonderment in the idea of dream professions is never truly lost … [Read More...]

career goals

Setting Goals and Why It’s Important for Your Career

Many say that setting goals is the first step to a successful career. It’s also one of the most important steps in setting out to achieve your dream job. When you set goals for what you wish to obtain, you’re effectively motivating yourself to work harder and do better in life. Nothing works as well as self motivation does and putting down goals for yourself is just the way to do it. You should be able to clearly envision exactly what you want from your life. It’s okay to be confused sometimes, but if the big picture gets muddled up you’ll lose the will to fight for your career and end up losing hold of it. Without having set goals, all the things you’re doing are just random activities … [Read More...]