Happy Customer is the only Purpose of Any Business

Happy Customer is the only Purpose of Any Business

How irritated do you become, as a consumer, when one of the items you buy turns out to be defected? What adds further to the annoyance is when no one at the shop answers to your call, forcing you to go all the way back to the shop to sort out your queries. You would most probably never return back to the store.

“The true test of a business’ customer service effort is not when things are going right, but rather what is done when things go wrong.” A satisfied customer will keep buying from you, and also refer other people to you. It is a sort of marketing of your product that happens on a secondary level. “Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” All of your customers are your partners in your business. So your most important job is to ensure quality, quantity and customer satisfaction.

The Thumb Rule: The customer is always right

They may not be right, but you have to treat them like they are. Use the words they like to hear. If they don’t like how you sell your product, they would probably never do business with you again. Listen to their problems, and provide them with a solution, according to their needs. It is important for you to realize that you can’t push them into buying your product. You have to impress them. Focus on understanding your customers at an individual level and treat them like the kings and queens they are.

The next thing that you should keep in mind is reliability and integrity. Give trust and you’ll get double in return. It is very important for you to be truthful about your product and stand by your words. The buyer’s priority is the most important; keep their needs ahead of yours. Because it is not your boss who pays you wages, but your customers who decide your salary.

You may feel proud when a customer leaves the door buying your product, but the real deal is when he comes again, and when he recommends other people to do business with you. You may fool your customer once, or even twice, but you lose out on a customer and a potential consumer base of 10-15 others. Customer retention is the most important sales and marketing tool of any business. Customer experiences decide the future product: when make your customer feel good, you are creating enlightening experiences for them. People will remember the product from the way you treated them, not by the price tag.

The other ways to keep your customers satisfied is to frequently interact with them. In this tech-savvy world, most people hangout virtually, so you need to be where they already are. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, keep engaging them by having discussions and asking for feedbacks. Update them with the features of your latest launches. Educate and guide them to choose the right kind of product according to their priorities, needs and wants.

Brand name is all that counts. Build a name, build a reputation.

If a customer complains, you have an opportunity to make him happy by fixing the wrongs and providing him with a little more.

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does the best. Focus on where those two meet.”

Strong Leadership Transforms Vision into Reality

Strong Leadership Transforms Vision into Reality

Everyone dreams. But there is a difference between a dreamer and an achiever. Who is a successful entrepreneur? The one who is able to turn a simple idea into a sellable product. How do you bring a simple concept to become a successful business venture? Can you do it all by yourself?

No, you need to assemble a team of members who are willing to stand by your venture and become a part of it. To manage a company or a business, you have to be a good leader. Your team will genuinely put in all their efforts and work towards a common goal, if you are able to convince them that you are trustworthy and you are working for the good of all, keeping all their interests in mind as well.

A leader is not only responsible for the whole business venture; he is equally responsible for all the team members as well. You business and your team are a reflection of yourself. Only when you are completely honest with your team members, will they trust you. Only when they trust will they be inclined to follow you. You are absolutely accountable to each one of them. Failures are a part of business, but you can’t shift the blame on a co-worker, because in the end, it is you who represents the company in the market. Your decisions should be ethically both morally and legally sound.

Don’t promote an atmosphere of bad work ethics and favoritism in the office. You have to stand strong in every situation because there are many who are looking up to you. As a leader, you have to a source of inspiration.

When you hire someone to work with you, you need to make sure the person is on the same page; if he understands what your company aims to achieve. It is important for you, as a leader, to give him an imagery, to get to see and understand your vision. You need to keep encouraging your team members, regularly appreciating their efforts, making them realize their mistakes in a subtle manner, and keeping them enthusiastic and positive.

Make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Knowing what you want to accomplish may be clear in your head, but you should be able to explain to your co-workers, so that they all can also relate to your vision. There is no point having a great plan when you can’t clearly describe what you really want to be done. Training new members and keeping the old guys to keep working for your company takes lines of productive, effective communication. Your team members should be able to talk to you openly about issues that interest or concern them.

Be strong, not rude.
Be bold, not a bully.
Be thought, not lazy.
Be humble, not timid.
Be proud, no arrogant.
BE a leader, not a boss

Lead people from the back, let them believe they are in front.

The Hyper Reality of Stock Market Fluxes

The Hyper Reality of Stock Market Fluxes

The market forces a swing in the direction of stock prices every day – it’s simply the law of supply and demand that creates the fluxes. Yet, there is more to it than the exchange of products and services.

But we’re not here to discuss the simple basics of the stock market.

The hyper-reality that dictates much of the global transaction can be attributed current events.

It’s the reason why a simple tweet from President Trump can drop Toyota stock, losing them $1.2 billion on their market cap. It’s the reason why Nintendo stock can drop 7 percent even after revealing their new console, the Switch. Or even how ‘fake news’ has created rumors and disruption on Wall Street.

It’s safe to say that investors are fickle.

The general consumer base could be enthusiastic about a product or service launch but if investors are on the fence then stock can go either direction. It makes or break for the publicly offered company.

The market goes through a turbulent time whenever there are big changes:

·  World events

·  Economies

·  Hype

·  Scandals

·  Natural disasters

·  Politics

Speculation being the mother of them all. Trends following suit.

Who would have thought how the market would react after the most recent election of Trump?

There are ways to keep ahead. These are tidbits of information that can send you soaring into tremendous returns on your investment or bottom you out faster than you can hit cancel on the trades.

It’s a Wall Street bet and you’re ready to play the game.

Here are some ways to keep your pulse on the speculation and trends:

·  Stay on the beat – You don’t have the multi-million dollars’ worth of revenue to pay analysts and players to monitor the action compared to large firms. Good, you don’t have to. Save your money. Instead, follow today’s stock upgrades by tapping into data aggregation sites such as MarketBeat.com to see the best picks from respected brokerage firms. Read into the data, check the rating and suggestions, and you’re already ahead in the game.

·  Follow China – There’s no beating around the bush that China is, perhaps, the dominant player in the global market. Globalization is here to stay and much of what China plans will dictate the entirety of the market. Do yourself a favor and subscribe or follow ShanghaiDaily.com, Reuters & CNBC’s ‘China’ section, or go as far as learning basic, conversational Chinese to talk with other brokers in the actual region.

·  Data Scraping (Twitter Style) – Twitter may limit the conversation to 140 characters but it doesn’t mean it can’t have a substantial impact on the market. We’ve already covered how a tweet from Trump (and other influential individuals) can shape stock but you can go one deeper. Services such as Dataminr provide advanced analytics to scrape and report on trends found within social platforms (especially Twitter) which can be used for projections and reinforcing speculations. You now know how the market is reacting to news and trends in real-time through the clever use of data scraping and mining.

The Web has been an incredible game-changer for improving your investing. You can certainly take the time to keep journals, be logical, and keeping calm but when you’re ready to bet big – you’ll want to tap into the big data that’s available.

So, keep up with the trends, follow the global leaders, and roll up those sleeves to try online services to gain an edge in the marketplace.

Your turn: What process do you take to capitalize on trends that will affect the stock market?

The Market’s Future Under Trump’s Presidency

The Market's Future Under Trump's Presidency

“America First,” said then Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump last year, as he promised his voters a prosperous new era of hundreds of thousands of new jobs and a flourishing economy, should they chose him to be the 45th President of the United States of America. And indeed, since his surprise victory in November, the job increase has exceeded forecasters’ expectations with 227,000 added jobs versus the predicted 180,000—stocks have also been on an incredible and seemingly unstoppable upswing, with the S&P 500 rallying nearly 10%. But looking more long-term, what is the market’s future under Trump’s presidency?

The S&P 500, Dow Jones industrial average, and the Nasdaq all hit all-time highs for five straight days, making for the longest such streak in 25 years. The Dow and Nasdaq are up 13 percent since Trump’s win, and the S&P is up 10 percent. Stocks have not witnessed a 1% decrease since October 11, which is the longest streak since 2006. Consumer confidence is the highest since over a decade as retail sales picked up a 0.4% gain in January, which in turn exceeded the expected 0.1% gain.

What Does the Future Hold?

The S&P trades at about 27 times earnings, well above its long-term average of around 16, and at its highest level since June 2004. The S&P is 9 percent higher than its 200-day average, however, this is often a signal that a correction is ahead. The view on Wall Street is that Trump will deliver tax cuts and unshackle corporate America from regulation, but running a country is different from running a private business and changes may not take effect that quickly. Investors may already now treat stock prices like a cut in the corporate tax rate to 20 percent or lower within the year, together with a growth to 3 percent or better by next year, while it’s not guaranteed to happen that quickly.

In fact, global investors are are questioning if the rally is exhausting itself, as they already see markets as overpriced. Some are cautious since the president is know to be unpredictable, which in turn may favor investments in bonds or stocks from other countries over the U.S. stock market. Concerns have grown enough to cause the committee steering T. Rowe Price’s target-date retirement funds and other balanced funds to view stocks as less attractive investments than bonds.

This shift is significant because it’s the first time this has happened since 2000, when the dot-com bubble popped. In all fairness, the trend has been moving in that direction for years, since stock prices have risen faster than corporate earnings, which in turn makes them look more expensive. Still, it was only very recently that the committee decided to favor bonds instead of stocks. Then today, February 24th, today, U.S. indexes were falling modestly, ending Dow Jones industrial average’s 10-day winning streak.

Strategy Shifts Looming

Some strategists are also worried about the result of Trump’s constrictions in international trade. He not only killed the President Obama-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership, but also had tough words with Mexico, Japan, China, and Germany about their exports. If U.S. loses its place in international trade, someone else will fill it. China, for example, may end up replacing the U.S. as a big trading partner for other nations. This will hurt the U.S. economy immensely in the long run.

A 20 percent tax on imports will likely hurt trade in the long run, even ff it doesn’t apply to exports. If the dollar adjusts by rising sharply, it will head off any inflation from a new tax on goods. But if the dollar doesn’t adjust, the new costs will end up hitting consumers.

Conservative media outlets, however, have pointed out how Trump managed to reduce the US national debt by a staggering 12 billion dollars during his first month in office. On February 21st, just a month after Trump taking office, the US debt load stood at $19,935 billion instead of of $19,947 billion. It’s the first time in decades the debt clock is turned backwards.

Time will tell how the market will turn out during the next four, possible eight years, of a Trump presidency. Right now the stock market is seeing an incredible upswing, and new jobs are being created just as promised. However, we might be in a stock market bubble right now, which will burst soon. There are also concerns of how taxes on international trade will affect the economy long term. Stay tuned!

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5 Tips to Help You Start Your Own Business with only $250

5 Tips to Help You Start Your Own Business with only $250

“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

Are you perhaps considering the option of launching your own start-up? Does the thought of working in a 9-5 job make you want to stay in bed and not get up in the morning? You might be in a position where you cannot find a full-time position, or you might be a stay-at-home parent with a couple of hours per day free each day.

It doesn’t matter what your reasons for opening your own business, what is important is that you would like to start your own business. Apropos to this, the rise of the world wide web as well as the ease in which the global denizen is now able to access the internet, has and continues to make a case for pursuing an online career.

5 Tips to Help You Start Your Own Business with only $250

Launching your startup

Once you have decided to open your own business, the next important step is to decide how you are going to earn an income, and where you are going to operate your business from. Because the assumption is that you only have limited startup funding,  I believe it makes sound financial sense to start an online business of sorts from your home office. Furthermore, in my opinion, the best business to start is a company that invests in one or more of the global financial markets.

How do you go about launching a stock market investment company? As with all startups, it is important to plan your business in intimate detail; consequently, here are several tips to help you launch your financial market investment startup:

Don’t overthink thing; just start

It’s important not to spend a long time pondering about whether you should start your own business. In my opinion, you should find a starting point and just start. You can think your ideas to death and nothing will ever happen; therefore, the idea is to begin working on your startup as soon as possible.

Business plans and business models

As part of the start-up process, it’s vital to draw up a sound business plan as well as a working business model. These documents cannot be static in nature; however, they need to provide a strong foundation for your business. In other words, they are designed to guide you in the face of changing economic and market conditions.

There are many reasons why every business plan and model needs to keep on changing as time goes by; however, one of the most important grounds for a financial market investment startup business model to change is every-changing, volatile geopolitical and socio-economic conditions under which we currently reside.

Education and Research

In order to invest successfully in the global financial markets, it’s vital to find the right online trading broker to partner with. As with all niches, the rise of the information age and the ease with which people can now access the internet, have allowed for many fly-by-night brokers to open their doors for business. Thus, it is critical that you conduct a comprehensive review of all of the current online trading brokerage firms before you decide which online trading broker you are going to sign up with.

Once you have decided on a trading partner, the next step is to open an account, pay the minimum deposit, and then to work through the broker’s education center to ensure that you understand fully how to go about placing successful trades. Your broker should have a demo trading platform that will allow you to practice investing in your chosen financial markets before you progress to the live trading platform.

Trading strategies

Much is being made of the current financial market volatility; as a result, one of the most important ways of overcoming the instability in the market is to stick to your trading strategy no matter what happens to the global financial markets. Don’t change your mind halfway through a trade; otherwise, you risk losing your entire investment.

Final words

Starting an online options trading business has never been easier. You don’t even need large sums of money to start trading on the global financial markets. Conversely, you need the following: a solid understanding of how to invest in options successfully, a trading strategy which suits the current, volatile market conditions, and finally, an investment partner (broker) who you can trust to give you sound trading and financial advice.

The Right Way to Start a Business

The Right Way to Start a Business

Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to start a business. This can be easily determined by looking at the ventures that have succeeded and ones that have failed. Due to the way that industries are now structured, it is easier than ever for individuals to launch their own company. This is why small businesses and startups are quite so prolific. At the same time, a majority of these schemes fail within a relatively short period of time. It is a startlingly low number that actually manages to stay afloat let along go on to be successful. To be a part of this exclusive group, there are a few secrets that you need to know first:

The Right Way to Start a Business

Don’t Believe the Hype

Magazines are littered with success stories of entrepreneurs who suddenly quit their job and ventured out on their own. Fast forward to several years later and you are looking at a content, prosperous millionaire. The reason that such accounts are newsworthy is because they happen so rarely. If you really want to start your own business, the last thing that you should do is quit your job. Instead, while you are earning a stable paycheck, make a point to save every last penny that you make. The longer that you can do this for, the better of you will be. This will help you to avoid the inevitable pitfall that most small businesses face – running out of money.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

In the same vein, you will actually find it a lot better to work on your own business while still maintaining your regular job. Most people prefer not to do this as it means an incredible amount of hard work. You will spend most of your days working around the clock. The advantage of this method, however, is that you are giving yourself a safety net. Business ideas, plans, and investors do not materialize overnight. All of this takes time so you can’t really afford to give up your career while you are waiting for things to fall into place.

Make Sure Your “Good Idea” Has a Place

A common misconception is that a good idea equals profit and success. The unfortunate truth is people have good ideas every day. The real test is to determine whether they hold water in the real world. This means determining whether or not your product or service is actually something that people want. The more widespread a need is, the more likely that your idea will be profitable. Therefore, the first thing that you will need to do is to identify this need. Now, avoid only consulting with friends, families, and colleagues on this point. This information is too biased and the sample size is too small. Try to find a way to survey large and diverse groups of people. This will give you a better idea of whether you have a genuine shot at success.

Learn as Much as You Can Before You Start

If you don’t have a formal education in business or if this is your first venture, there is a lot of danger in simply figuring it out as you go along. This puts you at greater risk for falling into common pitfalls. While it may seem tedious, try to attend classes or seminars to discover how you should go about starting your business. This will be quite useful, especially when it comes to the legalities that you will need to abide by. If this is still not an option for you, try to find a mentor or a business partner that has done this all before. They will be able to set you on the right path. Make a point to learn as much as you possibly can from them.

Now, there is no foolproof way for starting a business and you will always be faced with obstacles and challenges at every turn. Nonetheless, having the right foundation will make all the difference and turn the tide in your favor.