Common Sense Ways To Save Money On Car Expenses

Beside owning a home, a car is the second largest investment made by consumers. Cars come with a lot of out of pocket expenses like repairs and maintenance that you might not be thinking about when you drive off the lot. Below are some savvy ways you can save money and maintain your vehicle for […]

Content – Silent Salesperson of the Virtual World

A salesperson can come in the picture in case of brick-and mortar-stores. But what about online businesses? On a regular basis, we read and hear news about successful online business or for that matter standard industries moving to the virtual world to expand their market. Have you wondered how these online ventures are flourishing minus a salesperson? How are the sales figures rising up when there isn’t any one to do the talking? Let’s explore. Content is King – clichéd but true! While words have no audible voice, but they sure do convey a lot including opinion, idea and thoughts. Therefore the quality of content is not to be compromised or negotiated if you plan to make your … [Read More...]

Freelance Writers, Quit Getting Paid Peanuts!

As a beginner in the field of freelance writing, there is one thing you must have figured out – finding work is not the problem; finding high-paying work is. So what have you done about it? Are you working jobs that pay peanuts simply because you thought that’s all you could make as a freelance writer? You couldn’t be further away from the truth. It is very much possible to have a lucrative career as a freelance writer – even with all the competition. What you need do is pay close attention to a few basics. 1.  Start Blogging Yes, it is hard work. Yes, you have to keep it updated and ensure its quality. But starting your own blog will help your build brand and spread awareness about … [Read More...]

Excellent Part-Time Jobs to Make Your Way Through College

Working part-time is part of the college experience. Depending on what you do, you can make between several hundred to several thousand dollars. For many students, part-time jobs offer a much needed monthly stipend to buy books, for transportation, and for compensating for rent when living off campus. For others, part-time jobs are necessary to pay tuition. Most universities offer on-campus part-time jobs. However, these jobs are few and the demand is immense. If you plan on finding work, it will be necessary to look outside the campus too. You might have to travel a bit, but if the money is good, then it will be worth it. If you are thinking about making some cash while studying for … [Read More...]

Location Independence – Travel Far, Live Well, Work Hard

The internet has ushered in a new era of independence in thought, speech and the expression of both. Lifestyles have changed and we can do things previously thought of as impossible. Of the many new grounds internet has broken, location independence is a particularly freeing one. People no longer have to work 9-to-5 in a cramped cubicle, reporting to a boss or a quota that gets more and more draconian. The internet allows people to set up businesses that live entirely online while offering them tangible benefits. These entrepreneurs have now become something else, something new – digital nomads. These two terms, and a few more that crop up in any study of location independence, are … [Read More...]

Mistakes of salespeople: what are we doing wrong?

Even though the scope of IT-products should be promoted through the advertisement in the same way as any other goods, its specifics is a bit different. As the area of informational technologies is new, market analysts sometimes notice mistakes that are typical for salespeople in IT-company. Mistake 1: The channel of sales is chosen in a wrong way IT-scope is successfully developing if it is relies upon such channels of sales as: - tender stock exchange, - web-portals of potential customers where industrial espionage could be committed; - work with social media, - mass mailing, - and cold calls. Al these channels have to be investigated for a certain period of time so … [Read More...]

The Best CFO

In the current economic climate, having robust and efficient financial systems isn’t an asset, it’s essential. The best way to ensure this is to start at the top, and ensure you have the best possible Chief Financial Officer in your boardroom. Finding the right person is a complicated process. You might be looking for someone to join your company long term, or just for the expertise you need as your company faces a particular challenge. In situations like that, it’s worth consulting a firm like Savannah Interim, who can find the skilled staff you need for that business change. The Qualities You Need Simply having a facility with budgets is not enough for someone who will be so key … [Read More...]