Strong Leadership Transforms Vision into Reality

Everyone dreams. But there is a difference between a dreamer and an achiever. Who is a successful entrepreneur? The one who is able to turn a simple idea into a sellable product. How do you bring a simple concept to become a successful business venture? Can you do it all by yourself? No, you need […]

The Psychology of Trading

Many people will try and tell you – or more ominously sell you – the secret of success as a Forex trader. However when push comes to shove, what really matters is how you manage your trades and how you manage your emotions – get those things right and you should be on track for success. Pressure can always be a killer and pressure comes from unrealistic expectations – expecting to make overnight fortunes, give up existing employment and so on. That in turn adds to the pressure to try and make money which in turn leads to the danger of trading emotionally which is a cast iron recipe for disaster. Human beings are emotional in a way that machines, outside the realms of science fiction, … [Read More...]

Is a College Education Unaffordable for Most People?

A great deal of media coverage has been given to the idea that higher education is now unaffordable to anyone without rich parents or a trust fund. With millions of students graduating tens of thousands of dollars in debt, it is not hard to see why people are turning their back on college and electing to get a job instead. President Elect Donald Trump put student debt on his presidential campaign agenda, so there is a chance that he will do something to help graduates struggling with huge debt, but in the meantime, that leaves us with the question of how to pay for a college education. Can it be done in an affordable fashion? Investing in a Future Career There is no doubt that going to … [Read More...]

What Email Etiquettes are Important in Business Conversations

In this new-age of slangs and short-handing writings, we are more concerned about hitting the ‘reply’ button faster, than giving a thought to what we have written. Why is it so important to send a ‘proper’ text or email? Your messages should be precise, simply worded and proper. Instead of a lengthy mail reciting an unnecessary background story, emails that get to the point are more effective. Poorly worded emails can sometimes risk you costly lawsuits. Incorrect e-mail content and format can sabotage your reputation in the professional world. Consider some of these points to make a good impression on your clients and bosses. Make sure your grammar, punctuation and spellings are … [Read More...]

Are Online MBAs Respected?

Pursuing higher levels of education opens up new and better job opportunities for employees. Continuing with your education may be the difference between staying at your current level and getting a promotion at your place of work. The current communication technologies enable students to learn at the most convenient time. Many people happily take short online courses, but are skeptical about online bachelor and master's degrees. One of the greatest fears among online students is that potential employers will not respect their online degrees. You need the right information and attitude before registering for an online degree. Employers’ View of Online MBAs In the past, employers were … [Read More...]

How Education Through Drawing Leads can Fuel Success

  Mechanical pencils have been a universal preference by visual artists, writers and drafters who have chosen to make the switch from the standard wooden pencils. The advantages and features one gets from lead pencils are almost limitless and the best thing is that they make drawing a breeze if compared to their counterparts, the traditional pencils. Surprisingly enough, they still haven’t taken control of the world yet considering the fact that they have been around for a long time now. Actually, they originated in the 19th century in Britain. Now, the mechanical pencils originated in Europe but it was not until Japan spearheaded the advancement in the recent years to come up … [Read More...]

When Should you File for a Patent

Before you get too excited about your little idea, start talking in front of the wrong people, you need to protect it. An idea simple has no value. You need to have proof that you yourself came up with whole idea, i.e., the idea is absolutely original. But patenting every idea that comes up your mind may not be feasible. The important question is- is your idea a business opportunity or an invention? Patenting is an important tool to secure your product in the market, but it may not be your ticket to success. So before you spend thousands of dollars, filing a patent, you need to analyse whether your idea is indeed a smart business move. Securing a patent should never be your first step, … [Read More...]