Five For Friday: New Logo, Below 200k, Stats are thriving, It is getting warm out, The Goodness is Neverending

What an interesting week it has been.  My Alexa rank dropped below 200,000 thanks to you, really I couldn’t have done it without you so I thank you!!

I had a logo created for my site so take a look and let me know what you think!

This weekend atleast where I live it supposed to be in the upper 60’s so that is making me feel anxious to get outside and do some yard work!

So here they are in no particular order, the Five For Friday! 

J  Money on how far would you go to pick up a penny?  So how far would you go?

How far would you let your family go?  Take a look at the article that Michelle at Making Sense of Cents wrote this week.  I really do not know what I would do.     

I was dying when I saw this one, look what some people will buy and sell.  AstroGremlin provides us this great one.   

This was a guest post on Modest Money but take a look it is a great article on Modesty in clothing.  I know after I leave work after wearing dress clothes all day, it is jeans and tshirt for me!

Short Road To Retirement gives us 9 stocks for the long term.  I like the theory of buying in companies that you know.   

 I will see you all bright and early Monday morning, enjoy your weekend and be safe!

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  1. Awesome my guest post on Modest Money made it! I’m liking the new logo 🙂

    Also, congrats on getting below 200k!!!!! You put in a lot of hard work and it really shows.

    • @ Shopping to Saving – I really enjoyed the article. Thanks glad you like it…Enjoy your weekend and congrats on joining Yakezie…better late than never!

  2. Have a great weekend Christopher!

  3. 176,223! Yay, congrats! Waiting for the sub 100K post 🙂

  4. right on! think you’ll get under 100k next week? week after? 😉

  5. Nice job with the alexa ranking Chris! And thanks for including the post from my blog. Enjoy the weekend man.

  6. Congrats again on the below 200k for Alexa!

  7. Spring has sprung. Have an awesome weekend. Thanks for including my article.

  8. I like the new logo! Very sleek and simple. Congrats on the dwindling Alexa! Have a good weekend :))

  9. Ooh! Logo looks mighty professional! Nice! Gonna check out the posts in your roundup, too, bc this week I’m tragically behind on making the blog rounds and I want to see what everyone’s up to! Take care!

  10. Congrats, congrats, congrats! Thanks for all the reading material, too! 🙂

  11. Congratulations again on breaking the 200k barrier!

  12. Christopher, Congratulations on breaking 200K barrier. I love your new logo. It looks amazing. I think you are going to smash 100K barrier sooner than you think.

    • @ Shilpan – Thank you, I love the logo as well. I just need to find time to organize the top bar now. Shrink it down a little. I hope to smash the 100k soon!! You will be there soon!!!

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