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The harsh realities of the job market can halt anyone in their tracks.  We never want to receive that dreaded rejection letter but in reality they just didn’t feel that you were a fit for their organization.  Good or bad try to make the best out of it, there are other jobs out there that may better suited to your talents.

The long and short of it from this post is because recently I applied to a position that I did not receive the job.  Some could say that it bruised the ego a bit, but it is a business decision and I understand that.  I guess it was not meant to be 🙂  It was a position that I felt I was qualified for, could do and do very well.  Have you ever been rejected from a job?  How did you handle this rejection, feel free to drop a line in my email if you wish to share that way rather than in the comments section!  🙂

It would have been nice to work in the same organization as my wife and a few family friends.  Where do we go from here, well the great news is that I have a few other things in the pipeline that might rear its head soon.  I will share with you once I have more information on it, it just might be a game changer!

Now to get back to the topic of finance!!!! Working in finance you learn that many paths that organizations decide to pursue are linked to some type of financial implication.  There was a time yesteryear when the employers took care of their employees and weren’t so bottom line oriented.  This was back in the day of the generous pensions and excellent benefits packages with nominal premiums.

Since the end of July I have made $580.00 posting sponsored posts, side bar ads and various editorials on other sites.  I cannot believe how much money can be made online.  I read a post today about side hustles are they worth it.  Blogging….ehhh it has its potential but it does take a lot of time to become reputable and have some kind of following. You will know you have made it when you have haters out there!!!!  I’m waiting for mine 🙂

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  1. Well the upside is that you got a rejection letter at all! Some places you just never hear from at all! So at least you have yoru answer and you can move on and find something better for you. Sorry though for the temporary setback, it sucks.

    • @ TB- that is the worst not hearing anything. I have great respect for an employer that treats you with dignity and provides a rejection letter. It is nice knowing now so that I can move on. I know someone who was just contacted the other day after taking a civil service test 4 years ago to complete the next stages of their training to become a State Trooper. I know its a process but come on 4 years!!!

  2. Thanks for the mention Chris. Hopefully I can rank well for ‘haters out there’ lol. I agree with TB about how you at least got a rejection letter. With my last job rejection, I was told I would hear back within a few days either way. Instead I had to eventually call them to get the bad news. While I know I would’ve done an awesome job there, that lack of respect makes me glad I didn’t get the job.

    • @ Modest – It was nice to receive the letter. Too bad it was after we just got back from vacation so it put a little damper on the mood. They got my respect with the letter and it makes me want to continue to try and find a job with them. I agree with what you said that not hearing back shows a lack of respect, I know they receive alot of people applying to jobs but just a quick email to say you didn’t get it or something is all that is needed.

  3. When I’ve been rejected for job I try to use that as fuel for the fire to develop my own businesses, apart from the 9-5 business world.

    It sounds like you’re on the same track with your sponsored posts, side bar ads and editorials on other sites.

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