What to look for in an online trading platform

Now days when you go to start doing something new that you do not have real any knowledge doing you sometimes resort to Google searches.  Don’t worry we have all done it and it is the beauty of the technology age.  Having technology at our finger tips is something that you need to get used to because it is not going away, so the only thing we can do is to harness it.

You think it is a great idea to start trading and you have heard from a neighbor that their company may be involved in exchange traded commodities and futures.  Sure Google it or go here for a quick snapshot of what they are.  Well did you know that there are many online forex trading systems?   I personally have never traded futures because A) I do not have adequate reserves of cash laying around that I wouldn’t mind taking risks with, and B) I prefer less risky means of investments.

If you were going to look into this type of investment what would you look for in an online trading platform?  I would look for one that had a mobile app so that I could take it and be able to check it wherever I was, as with my investments I tend to over check it and get excited with nominal fluctuations.  I want the platform to have state of the art charting and analysis features so that I can spot any trends or any variables that I wish to look at.

Additionally, in a world where we are moving online and outsourcing jobs, I would want a dedicated customer support so that if I had a problem trying to execute a trade.  I would be able to access someone relatively quickly to help resolve my issue.

As part of some of the MBA program I focused on the globalization of companies and with an online presence there is no reason your company cannot be global.  I know someone is reading this many thousands of miles away from where I sit typing this.  I want a company that has a global footprint and has the capacity to handle the various languages and also the trading market in my own back yard and also those abroad.

Here is one that I found that has all of that, Alpari.

Have you ever traded online and if so what broker/platform did you use?  Would you recommend it?

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