Finding a Job at an Older Age

It goes without saying that finding a job when you are over 50is a lot harder than finding one when you are younger. While many companies and hiring managers may claim that they do not resort to age discrimination, it still exists. Many employers are biased towards older employees. They believe that workers over 50 will demand higher salaries, have low energy levels, are inflexible and are not comfortable with the latest technology. So, looking for a job under such circumstances is always a challenge.

Companies are often less enthusiastic about hiring people over 50, regardless of the illustriousness of their career or track record. So, rather than getting dejected about it, you should try to disprove the stereotype that exists in people’s mind and also highlight the benefits the company will gain by hiring you.

If you are keen about finding a job after 50, you should definitely find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of going for an interview.


  • Going for an interview when you are over 50 will allow you to highlight your strengths. Be sure to mention during the interview your availability and stability. At your age, your children are independent and you do not need to take time off to attend to sick children or participate in their school activities. This opportunity is perfect to highlight how working for so many years has taught you to get along with people of different kinds and how adept you are at handling stress and critical situations without getting worked up.
  • The interview is the perfect place to back up all your claims. It is the time to give examples of how you resolved conflicts at work or solved work-related issues. Stress on the money and/ or time saved because of your actions. Highlight how you were responsible for bringing in new business or being part of a team that helped build a new product. This will show the interviewer that you are bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that will benefit the company.
  • Be sure to stress on your skills, such as being savvy with computers, email programmes, word processing and using the Internet. If you have just finished training for them, an interview is the perfect place to inform the interview about your training, as it will show that you are open to learning new things and also have the ability to learn new things.


  • The biggest disadvantage of going for an interview when you are 50 is countering the pre-conceived notions that the interviewer may have about older job seekers. It can be stressful to keep reminding the interviewer in subtle ways that you do not conform to the stereotype of an older adult.
  • While an interview is a good way to highlight your skills, it is also a tedious process to prove your worth. Basically, it will be necessary to keep emphasising your strengths throughout the interview, so that the interviewer is constantly reminded of what sets you apart from other job seekers.
  • You may not be taken seriously at the interview, as the interviewer may feel that you just want to test the job market.

Finding a job at an older age is not easy, but if you persevere, you will find a suitable job. If necessary, explore a new career where you can use your skills, abilities and experience.

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