Male Grooming and the Essentials – A Modern Man’s Guide

straight razor, straight razor shaveAs a modern man who really cares about his hygiene and physical appearance, you should have a collection of relevant grooming essentials at your disposal. Grooming essentials not only allow you to take good care of yourself, but they also allow you to create a good impression, hence enhancing your personality.

Some of the most recommended grooming essentials that you should have include:

1. Skin Care Products
Skin care products are not only meant to improve the texture of your skin, but they also make your make you look younger and youthful by giving you a toned and moisturized skin. However, not all skin care products are good for your skin. You need to be careful before buying one from the stores. You should always look for affordable skin care products with natural soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil, ascorbic acid, aloe vera, honey, almond oil, biotin, carotene, and alfalfa extract.

For a perfect skin, you should ensure that you have a variety of male skin care products including a shower gel, antiperspirant, cleanser, sunscreen, lip balm, skin moisturizers  and a blemish gel. You should also get an exfoliation cream for scrubbing off dead skin cells.

2. Hair Care Products
A healthy and well-groomed hair not only improves your appearance, but also boosts your confidence. Before you even think of buying a hair care product from the stores, you should first of all know and understand the type of hair that you have. Check if your hair is curly, oily, dry, long, short, thin, or straight. After knowing your hair type, you should look for a hair product that works well with it rather than against it. This allows your hair look smart, vibrant, and healthy. If you are not sure about your hair, you should ask your hair stylist for advice before using a hair product. Among the hair products that you should have include a hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair relaxer, and hair gels.

To keep your hair in perfect shape while using hair care products, you should avoid wearing hats. Hats usually suffocate the hair follicles, leading to premature wear and tear.

3. Shaving Products
Long and unkempt hair makes you look untidy and careless. Therefore, you should always get rid of long hair by shaving or trimming it. Your shaving accessories should include a shaving razor, shaving stand, shaving brush, a mirror, and an aftershave. Instead of using an aftershave lotion or gel, you can also use an aftershave balm.

Before shaving your hair, you should first of all wash it with clean water and then apply a generous amount of shave gel or cream. Avoid using soaps as they only dry the skin. Shave toward your hair’s growth and then rinse using cold water. After that you can apply an aftershave.

4. Nail Care Products
Nail care products such as stainless steel clippers, nail files, nail polish, nail brush, and a nail care lotion help you in keeping your nails short, clean, beautiful, and healthy.

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