Staying in Touch While Studying Abroad – They Grow Up Too Quickly

With the internet and phone now your child is never really far away even while studying abroad.  Sure making a phone call in the middle of the night may not seem too appealing but technology is allowing us to stay in touch more than ever now.  Looking for ways to make cheap international phone calls is essential as the international tolls can rack up quick while passing the phone between parents and the other kids at home.

I have two daughters and this day seems far off now but I am sure that it will be coming up very quick.  OK maybe not that quick they need to learn how to talk first, one is three and the other is 20 months.  But you get what I mean if you have children, the time just flies by.  I can remember when they were first born and my wife and I welcomed them into the world.

Technology has changed for the better in allowing us to stay in touch.  A few years back on the beginning of the technology boom there was Instant Messenger which was one of the primary ways to stay in contact with family and friends.  Does anyone even use that anymore?  This was prior to the days when everyone had a cell phone and long distance calls were expensive if making them from home.  So to stay in touch you would jump online and instant message, this was back in the days of dialup.  Fast forward a few years and social networking is big and letting everyone write on your wall or updating your status so we know what you are doing.

As a parent and knowing how much I love my children I want to ensure that I have a way to contact them if they are off studying abroad.  The internet has allowed for making PC to phone calls possible now and high-speed internet has given us an additional avenue to stay in contact.

Have you had any experience with making calls over the internet?

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  1. I’ve only ever made one phone call over the internet. My friend was studying abroad in Spain!

  2. Nope, no experience there. I don’t really have anyone to call though, most of my family is right here by me! I guess my sister is far away, but we talk on our cells or text. Although she’s not international, so…

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