Five for Friday: But I have Been Working Hard and Didn’t Read Any Edition

Well there have been a lot of things going on the website the past few weeks.  My to-do list keeps growing and growing of things that I need to update.  Being a novice at this web design stuff this is taking alooooot longer than I usually anticipate. weekly finance report

I have been burning the midnight oil these past few days trying to get all these enhancements/improvements off the ground.  I am excited as I am a few weeks away from launching another website designed by the same guy that did all this logo and design work on this site.

Here is a quick hitlist of what I have been doing:  This weeks Weekly Finance Report –  Five for Friday is what I’ve done 🙂

-Created a new facebook page

-Installed a few plugins to clean up some things

-Started editing old posts for SEO purposes

-Signed up for Aweber

-Created a very long list of wants and things to do!

I hope you have a great weekend.  It is starting to get very cold here in NY. My wife and my oldest daughter are going to the Nutcracker this weekend so it is just my youngest daughter and I hanging out.  So if you see very little change you will know why.

Stay warm!

Any hot plans for the weekend?

 Photo by: slworking2
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  1. I plan on editing old posts for SEO purposes as well. Oh the joy!

  2. Good luck with the new site! My wife and I are hopefully getting our Christmas tree, and waiting to hear back from a job in Texas so we can move down there (we live in NC), so we have a busy month ahead!

    Good idea to go back to old posts and work on the SEO, I try and go back and interlink newer articles (I heard that helps, maybe…)

  3. Our big plans are to hopefully doing some Christmas decorating. I probably need to look at editing some old posts for SEO as well. I had even LESS of an idea of what I was doing when I started.

  4. I saw the invite to the new Facebook page and I will be liking it here very shortly!

  5. I dread the thought of going back through posts and interlinking them more. That is going to be such a hassle. I’m sure that it will produce many dividends, but I’m still not looking forward to all that meticulous work and time it will take.

  6. Wow! It’s 70 degrees here.

    I’ll link to your Facebook page. It’ll be fun to stay in touch that way.

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