How Green Car Insurance Really Helps the Environment

green car insuranceIf you are like many other drivers in the United Kingdom, you have heard about green car insurance numerous times in recent years. However, you have never taken the time to learn what the cover really provides to you or how it helps the environment.

Many people have heard about green companies in a wide range of industries that take an extra initiative to have sustained facilities through the use of wind or solar energy or that take extra steps to recycle more than other companies do, and you may believe that this is what a green insurance company is about too.

However, there is actually more to green car insurance than that. With a closer look, you may decide that you want to cancel your existing policy and purchase a green policy today.

Carbon Emissions

One of the key benefits that you will enjoy through green car insurance is participation in a carbon emissions program. Carbon emissions from driving your car as well as a host of other activities pollute the atmosphere and are a main cause of global warming. The act of never driving your car again may reduce the carbon emissions that you emit into the atmosphere, but this is not a practical step for most drivers to take.

Driving is almost a necessity for most people as it provides them with a convenient way to drive to work, shuttle the kids to school and run necessary errands on a regular basis. When your green car cover renews after the first year, the insurer will offset your emissions by up to one tonne. This is a considerable benefit to the environment, and the only thing you need to do to take advantage of it is to purchase the policy.

Environmental Projects

Many people just like you are concerned about the environment, and there are dozens of projects and initiatives that are underway currently or that are being planned for, but many of these projects require financial support. A green insurance company promotes these projects by providing them with necessary funding.

These projects may promote the use of solar or wind energy locally, fund urban farm communities or promote other types of projects with financial contributions. By purchasing green insurance, you will enjoy comfort in knowing that your insurance premium is being put to beneficial use.

When you purchase car insurance, you do have the option to buy a green policy or a traditional policy. Many consumers are concerned that an eco-friendly policy would be too expensive for their budget. However, you can easily request a quote for cover online today to discover how inexpensive these policies can be. This is a wonderful and entirely convenient way to make a difference in the world through the purchase of green car insurance.

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  1. This is not something I have heard about, but that is because I live in the States. I think it is a great concept and could work well anywhere. People are concerned about the environment, but don’t really do anything about it.

  2. I’d never heard of green insurance until today. Very interesting. I’ll have to look into this more. If the price is comparable to regular insurance or close, I’d give it a go.

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