Things To Do Before Taking a New Job

new jobThe search has come to end, you’ve finally been offered a new job, after months of hunting, interviews and waiting for call-backs. Getting that job offer rightly feels like a cause for celebration, a personal success, whether you take it or not. Herein likes the key point; you may be tempted to accept right away, but it’s often more sensible to take a step back and to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

The main things you should confirm are the terms of the offer. Points such as weekly hours, how often you will be paid and annual leave should all be checked against what was agreed verbally. Think practically about the location and how you’ll commute there, if relevant.  It’s also a good idea to research salary figures in your profession and make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

Approach the job description from a different angle than when you were emphasizing your abilities in the application stages. Now, you need to really ask yourself why you want the new job. If you’re looking for career fulfillment and/or progression, does the new job allow you to play to your strengths? Consider whether the day-to-day tasks will keep you challenged and happy in the long-term.

People are usually one of the last things you consider when going for a job, but a pleasant working environment and job satisfaction greatly depends on being around those you get along with. Try to meet as many people on the team as you can before deciding. This will also help to determine the overall ethos of the company and whether it’s what you’re looking for. Will the organisation and its employees be supportive and share a similar work ethic to you?

The final decision is a big one; this is something which will occupy the majority of your day, five days out of seven. Take some time to think it over, discuss with peers or family members and research the company’s history and finances via web tools like Companies House. It’s worth putting in the same amount of time and effort for the new job offer as you did for the interview itself.

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  1. Always great to get interest from a company, and especially a job offer. However, the fit has to be mutual. Best to ask questions and do research to determine whether or not the job is one at which you can succeed, and help your long-term goals.

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