Car Gadgets that are Worth the Cost

car gadgetsThere are thousands of gadgets you can buy for your vehicle, but it’s hard to know which will be worth the money. Some car gadgets claim to improve fuel efficiency, while others make the undercarriage of your vehicle glow neon purple. If you’re looking for a car gadget that’s both practical and worth the cost, consider one of these car devices.

GPS – No device has changed the way we drive in recent years quite like the GPS navigation system. Whether you use GPS navigation on your mobile phone, or as a stand-alone unit, this device can help you find the shortest route to your destination. Most GPS navigation devices have a turn-by-turn feature that speaks each direction as you drive, so you never have to take your eyes off the road. And since you’re following the shortest route to your destination, you’ll ultimately save money on gas over time.

Battery jumper – It doesn’t happen often, but when your car battery dies, finding a jump can be a challenge. To make sure you’re prepared if the headlights or dome light are accidently left on and drain the battery, keep a car battery jumper in the trunk. Just make sure it stays charged, and you’ll avoid having to find a helpful stranger, or waiting for a tow truck to come give you a jump.

Reverse camera–Many luxury vehicles come pre-equipped with a back-up camera that allows the driver to see behind the vehicle while the car is in reverse. But even if your car didn’t come with a built-in camera, you can add one for less than $300. The reverse camera is especially helpful if you have to maneuver in reverse on a regular basis, as you might if your home has a long, winding driveway. The reverse camera is also useful for larger cars, trucks and SUVs whose mirrors don’t show everything behind the vehicle.

Stereo – Americans spend hundreds of hours behind the wheel each year driving to work, the grocery store and to the kids’ soccer games. And although it won’t improve your vehicle’s safety or fuel efficiency, a stereo system can make that time more enjoyable. Every new car comes with a factory-supplied stereo, but if you’re a music lover, a high fidelity stereo system can make your favorite music come to life. Prices vary drastically on stereo equipment, which makes it easy to find something in your price range.

There are a lot of car gadgets that claim to save you money by improving fuel efficiency, or by making car components last longer. And while some may be effective, a sure way to save money on vehicle expenses is to compare new and used car loan rates before you buy your vehicle. If you’re already making payments on a car, truck or SUV, it’s not too late to get a better rate. An auto refinance loan can reduce your monthly payments and save you money without dumping chemicals into your fuel tank.

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  1. I’ve never had a car with a reverse camera, but I want my next one to have that!

  2. I agree with these. I have gone without a backup camera for years. My wife has one and now she can’t backup without it.

  3. Yes…those are great gadgets to have in the car for sure. I have gone bare bones with my cars for awhile now…but I really miss my seat warmers!!!

    • I know, I don’t know what part of the country you live but here in NY I love my heated seats…I just wish there was a button on my remote starter to have the seats warm as well.

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