How to Sell a Car over the Internet

sell a car over the internet
If a person owns a car, there is likely to come a time when they wish to sell it. This is usually an inescapable element of motoring. Now we are well into the 21st century, most things can be accomplished while sitting comfortably in an armchair, and selling a car is one. Legions of websites sell cars, although larger ones ask for a fee.

Vast numbers of people pass through and Craigslist, and the latter is free. EBay is sometimes used to sell objects as expensive as a Holden Captivia, and as you would discover from reading a Holden Captivia review at, these vehicles are valuable. Since sales on eBay are by bidding, a car might sell for more than was expected. It could be better to employ a professional online buyer in the event that a car has seen many miles or is otherwise in a less-than-perfect state, because they are not as deterred by these as private buyers.

Before selling a car, it is necessary to decide upon a price. Advertisements by private owners will be excessively optimistic with regards to the price of a car, and vehicles from dealers include a guaranteed title and warranty, rendering them incomparable. Car comparison websites provide the best guide to a realistic sale price. The price should take account of mileage, condition and any special features possessed by a car.

Any advertisement should tell the truth and include the make, model and year of a car, its body type and number of doors, whether transmission is automatic, the exact colour and extra features along the lines of air conditioning, a CD player or leather upholstery. The price can be greater if the car has been improved in such a manner as high quality tyres, a rebuilt engine, a new transmission that remains under warranty, or a top-of-the-line paint job. The position of a seller is stronger if they have documents proving that the car was serviced, or a report from a mechanic.

Photographs allow buyers to have a clearer idea of just what is being sold to them. Dealers say that an advertisement including a photograph is twentyfold as likely to evoke buyer interest. A photograph should be taken in even light: sunlight causes glare and shadows. If people are to see what a car really looks like, pictures are best taken from a ¾ angle, ideally from the front. There is no need to take photographs with a top quality, megapixel camera.

Websites sometimes provide a page of statistics. If an advertisement has attracted many views but few enquiries, it might be advisable to replace the photograph or reduce the price.

The only drawback to selling a car online is that an email address that has been made public can look forward to spam, although some websites do not disclose email addresses. If the make and model of a car are popular, sale is likely to be quick. Even if a car is an old banger, the reach of the internet is great enough to possibly reach some mad collector. Collector’s car clubs could be interested in decrepit vehicles.

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  1. I have successfully sold three vehicles online and are about to list the fourth. Hopefully my next once will go smoothly.

  2. I am in the process of just starting to sell a car online..We are getting rid of our jeep grand cherokee. My mom gave us another car and I am trying to rid ourselves of some debt. Wow you are quite active selling cars online.

  3. We’ve never sold a car online, but have bought one (well found the car online then checked it out in person). Bf found the car on autotrader and we bought it last week.

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