I got 999.99 problems and money is the majority of them – $999.99 Giveaway

Today’s post is about having problems and it seems as though many of them stem from money or the lack there of.  Lately it seems as though every time my wife goes to the store her grocery bill is bigger than the last one.  Not only does it create friction between us because I am always asking what she is buying but it is friction in the wallet seeing the balance get depleted quickly just from a food purchase.  Do you have similar situations that go on at your house that cause friction like this?  Between our student loan payments, car payment, housing payment, and the ever increasing insurance rates sometimes I sit there and wonder where all this money is going to come from.  My salary certainly isn’t increasing as quickly as rates are for everything else.

This isn’t a sob story looking for sympathy but more of a wake up call to take a step back and look at you and your significant other.  Do you fight a lot?  Is it related to money?  Is there a common ground that you both could come to and work from so that money isn’t a constant riff in your life?

You will hear all about setting a budget, but if one of you is not on board what does setting a budget do if the other isn’t going to follow it.  What I have used is setting far in the future goals and trying to reinforce cutting spending now will allow us to have that bigger house and nice pool in the future.

Whatever you come up with you need to make sure both of you are on board, once you are on board let nothing get in your way of cutting back!!!

That said if you can eliminate money problems you probably won’t have many problems…


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