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structured settlement instituteThe goal of the Structured Settlement Institute is to provide knowledge to people about the Structured Settlement Industry, and how to conduct business with the competing firms. A major goal is to provide resources to everybody on the legal points that go along with the buying or selling of annuities and settlements. A visitor to the site can get a recommendation as to which firm will best suit their needs.

Anyone that is going to be involved with structured-settlements should visit the Institute’s site and gain some knowledge on which option is best for them. The Institute knows full well how critical their role can be in the planning of lives.

(Make sure to check out the amount of money you can receive for selling off a structured settlement today by either calling 1-888-497-0724 or by going to to use their structured settlement calculator.)

The Structured Settlement Explained

The function of the Institute is not to “Steer” people, but to present a clear picture of all relevant points to consider. The understanding is that each case presents its own individual scenarios that apply solely to the claimant.

An individual could have been injured in a number of ways, such as: Workplace Injury, Auto Accident, Medical Negligence, Slip & Fall or some other personal injury, or even Lottery Payments.

Most of the time, the case is settled out-of-court, but still must be approved by a Judge. The court’s are very tuned-in to the fact that these settlement cases involve seriously injured people, and that they must be the safeguard of their future.

At some point you will have to make a decision. Will you accept a lump-sum of cash, or will you choose the structured-settlement and receive a future income-stream? The lump-sum can be very appealing, but should be seriously weighed against the fixed-payment option.

The Lure of The Lump Sum Payment  

As the economy worsens, more and more people find themselves in financial straights. They simply cannot keep up with the demands of their financial obligations. It happens, things change, and if you happen to be one of the people that own an annuity that you can sell, you can change your life around.

Several of my clients have approached me in the past looking for advice. Should they sell their annuity for a lump-sum payment, and they could then invest the money in a friend’s business, or start their own business. Of course I can’t tell anyone what to do, and I don’t want the responsibility of their success or failure on my conscious, but if everything sounds in order, I would go for the investment opportunity. The reason I feel that way is because with the investment in a business, there is the opportunity to reach for the sky.

If I think one of my clients is considering selling out their future income-stream, I always recommend them getting in touch with a professional in this field that buys annuities, and let them give you a quote. It will be a company, like Einstein Structured Settlements.  You will be advised that you will be giving-up all rights to future payments, in order to attract an investor to purchase the settlement, which will be offered at a discount.

I counsel my clients about the fact that if they want, they can sell only a portion of their settlement for a lump sum, and keep the rest as an income-stream. Whatever is in the best interests of the injured-party or investor, will be presented by the Structured Settlement Institute.

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  1. It should also be weighed whether or not the company paying you the income stream is reliable. What happens if they belly up?

  2. The payments purchased our guaranteed and secured by A+ rated life insurance companies that have strong financial histories. Its extremely unlikely but if one of the insurance companies were to go under there are state required guarantees that would secure the payments. To date there havent been any annuities that have defaulted.

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