Where are you going…with the long face

databack up faceSorry I am a huge DMB fan and I get carried away at times.  When I started my site, I was not doing any of the necessary backups to protect the integrity should the bad guys get in there and hack the site. Well come to find out, shortly on my journey into blogging, my site was hacked and malware was inserted.  Sifting through lines of code that I do not understand was just the beginning.  I had built up a decent amount of traffic who now had the potential to have their computers infected.  Needless to say it was a very important lesson for me and now I make sure that I have backup as an added layer of security.

Backup on the website is very easy as there are quite a few free plugins and some premium ones that make it a breeze.  Take the 5-10 minutes now and you will save a headache down the road should your site ever become compromised!  Have you ever had your site compromised?  What did you do? I know one blogger who just went out and started another site because it was cheaper and easier for her to do that.

Doomsday preppers?  That could be said about how I protect everything now.  From backing up my computer at home to backing up my Google Apps.  You need to be certain that you have then necessary protections in place.  These steps help me sleep at night knowing that I can rest in comfort that should anything be compromised it could be recreated without too much difficulty.

Imagine sitting there knowing your emails from 5 different email accounts have been hacked, definitely not a good feeling.  Well its good that Google will help you recover this, but what if you are the one that accidentally created the situation.  Companies like Spanning.com (http://spanning.com) help protect against issues like this should they arise out of your own doing.

Do me a favor and take a few minutes to back up everything, you will be glad you did!

Photo by: hans kainz
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