Holy Cow What A Month

girls playingFirst I want to thank Sean at One Smart Dollar and the fine folks from Ready For Zero for putting on a fabulous competition for Top Personal Finance Blog of 2012.  The one thing that I am very happy that came out of this competition is, my traffic stats have been through the ROOF.  I am super pumped about that.  My newsletter, my feed count, my page views there is not one aspect that has not seen improvement.

We were running up against some of the bigger sites and I know they didn’t publicize it much, because if they did they would have knocked lil me on my rear.  I am humbled to have been part of it.  So where do we go from here, hopefully we have cemented our place and you can count on us to be around for a while.

This week has been an eye opening week for myself, my daughters are doing ballet and tap and before I had kids I was just thinking how am I ever going to sit through a dance recital or ballet; Being a guy that is heavily into sports and watching NCAA basketball!  Well having kids is completely different, you are so engulfed in what they are doing and you are the proudest parent seeing them out there perform.  I love watching my girls and I couldn’t be happier sitting there watching a ballet or tap.  In fact, I am the only father that shows up to watch every practice. 

This weekend sit back and think about an enjoyable moment you had with your parents or you are having with your kids.  Oh and one more thing, It is almost March Madness time!!! Make sure to catch all the great basketball going on tomorrow. 

I go the idea of starting my own site from J$ at Budgets Are Sexy and coincidentally MMM who we were competing against yesterday.  I know I could never rock a stache like that but maybe I will get a chance to see it in person at Fincon.

Have a nice weekend!


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  1. You’re rocking that contest! Have a great weekend.

  2. You definitely are rocking the contest. I knew I had no chance, so I really did not promote it at all. Have a great weekend!

  3. Christopher, you did fantastic! I second the opinion about promotion, etc., but MMM came up through the ranks as well! It is an honor to be mentioned with all the other sites. I have learned so much from everyone.

    I’m enjoying time with my kids as well (piano recital yesterday), but I look forward to some March Madness too!

    Have an incredible weekend, and congrats!!

    • @ Tony – It was becoming an obsession I was checking every few hours!!! Syracuse has lost 3 straight now…and they have a few tough ones coming up..actually they are all tough come march!

  4. Congratulations on the win! I am slowly learning of new PF blogs and found yours through this contest. I’m looking forward to reading your posts in the future (and will backtrack and read some from the past as well).

  5. As a ballet parent of 11 years, yes I can appreciate watching classes and attending recitals. I am the first to admit that extra curricular activities can get expensive, especially much further up the ranks, but there does come a time when one has to compromise between saving money and investing in a young human being. My hubby grumbles at the cost but then I remind him that he has too teenage daughters who are both too busy to have boyfriends……and suddenly he is very ok with handing over the money!

    • @ Moni – Thank you for the support that is definitely something that I have had to get used to. It has gotten very expensive so far, my wife has been doing the shopping without me knowing. 🙂 buying a little at a time so that I haven’t noticed!

  6. Congratulations!! Glad to hear your stats are up and rising. Here’s to another Year of Awesomeness. 🙂

  7. My oldest daughter started gymnastics last week. She was so excited and so proud of herself it was beautiful. There’s not better feeling than seeing your kids truly happy!

    • @ Alexa – that is so true. Seeing them so excited, it is contagious being a parent it gets you excited. It is getting nicer out finally, they were out this weekend playing in the puddles from the snow run off so they had a blast. Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  8. Hi Christopher,
    First of all, congratulations with your milestones on your stats! I envy you…

    I could appreciate you more when you said “Well having kids is completely different, you are so engulfed in what they are doing and you are the proudest parent seeing them out there perform. ” I myself is a “soon to be dad”, and I can’t wait to experience that you just did to you girls.

    More power to you,
    Louie Sison

    • @ Louie – Thank you. Louie, you will have experiences that you never knew possible. Seeing your child happy is the ultimate gratification. Last night I had a bed full, both my kids woke up and thankfully we have a king bed so sleeping 4 wide wasn’t too bad. But it won’t last forever so i just smile and enjoy my little girls now…

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