How to Manage your Money with Able2Extract Professional 8

If you are responsible for overseeing the financials of your business or simply trying to keep up with your day-to-day household budget, you probably already have plenty of productivity tools that you use to make the process easier. Various software, pre-made financial spreadsheets, calculators and online tools have made keeping track of your money easier than ever before.

However, there is one aspect that still might be inconvenient when keeping tabs on your finances in the electronic world, and that is dealing with paper receipts. If you want to archive these spreadsheets and receipts, you are most likely scanning them into PDFs. But what if you want to use the data found in the scanned bills and receipts? What if you are constantly receiving scanned bills from co-workers and you need to manipulate the data trapped inside these image PDFs? As most users know, a scanned PDF is almost impossible to edit and it’s very hard to extract this data from a scanned image file.



However, there is software that can aid you in this process. One great example is Investintech’s scanned PDF converter tool- Able2Extract Professional 8.

Besides being world-class PDF conversion software for extracting information from locked PDFs and converting it into a variety of editable formats, Able2Extract Pro also has industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This OCR technology is what enables the software to take PDFs that contain scanned images and extract the data from them in order to convert the information into more usable documents.

It’s perfect for people who regularly work with scanned tabular data when wanting to extract and edit this information for bookkeeping purposes. Of course, Able2Extract Pro can convert such scanned PDFs and regular PDFs into editable Excel files, as well as a large number of other document formats.

Realizing the popularity of Excel when dealing with such data in various business settings, Able2Extract pays special attention to Excel conversions and allows users to create highly customized Excel files from PDFs.

But to get the full scope of what the software can do, here is a list of conversion options that this software offers:

  • PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, Text, AutoCAD, Open Office and various image formats.
  • HTML to MS Excel, Word and Text
  • Text to MS Excel, Word and HTML

As you can see, Able2Extract Pro converts PDFs and other file formats into just about any editable document format you can think of, and on top of that, its OCR technology allows users to convert scanned image PDFs, which most conversion software does not offer. So it’s easy to see why Able2Extract has been called the ultimate data conversion utility by many.

To try out the software, users can download a seven-day free trial. A full, lifetime license costs $129.95, while a monthly subscription goes for $34.95.



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