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More and more people are moving from traditional marketing to internet marketing. Toronto small business owners are going for internet marketing because the results are measurable. Several online tools will tell you how your marketing campaign is doing. Having this information is important because you will be able to change your strategy, to change or improve your product, or to target a different demographic group. With traditional marketing such as newspaper classified ads and television and radio adverts, there is no way of knowing how the audience is influenced by the adverts.

There are many marketing options available with internet marketing. This increases your chances of success because you can choose the option that best suits your small business. Available options include email marketing, article marketing, Google Ad Words, and many others. With internet marketing, you are able to advertise continuously. With some advertising options such as article marketing, you are able to advertise 24/7, all year round. Traditional marketing is very expensive because of logistical costs, mailing costs, printing costs, and several other costs. With internet marketing, you save a lot of money that you would have used on personnel.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy

Traditional Marketing

Internet marketing is advantageous over traditional marketing in that it is cheaper. With internet marketing, you will be able to reach a targeted audience. This means you will only target a demographic that is likely to buy what you have on offer. With traditional marketing, adverts are made for the masses. For this reason, internet marketing brings down advertising costs. Some internet marketing options such as article marketing are free of charge.

The response rate with internet marketing is better. This is because you are able to target a particular demographic and because of the fact that it is possible to produce personalized adverts such as emails with potential clients’ names. It is easier to communicate with potential clients. This makes it possible for you to get feedback, suggestions and complaints about the product or service so that you can improve it. Communication is easier because it can be a simple question on your FAQ section, a comment, or an email. With traditional marketing, clients have to call or write and this is inconveniencing.


Internet marketing Strategy

With internet marketing, you reach a greater number of potential clients. This increases the probability of making a sale. The large numbers are because the internet has a global reach since it has no national or geographic boarders. If you do search engine optimization, you will rank highly and this increases hits. This allows you to compete effectively with large competitors. Traditional marketing is confined to regional or national boarders since television, radio, and print media are not global.

Internet marketing is more convenient than traditional marketing. The main reason for the convenience is the fact that you can advertise whenever you want. You can also advertise in the comfort of your home. Internet marketing saves time because with a click of a button, the message reaches the intended audience. With traditional marketing, it takes time for information to reach the intended audience.

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