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guerilla marketing tactics

Guerrilla marketing blends creative art and eye-catching branding.


Great marketing is all about ROI. While a carefully planned, scientifically optimized online marketing campaign can earn two, three, or even four times what it costs, it’s rarely as profitable as a quirky and eye-catching guerrilla marketing campaign.

From faux submarines t


o floating lifeboats, we’ve teamed up with Display

Wizard to bring you four guerrilla marketing examples that use props and eye-catching images to spread their message when you’re least expecting it.

1. Milans’ Street Submarine

It’s easy to sell high fashion and luxury, but selling important yet boring services like insurance can be tough. Italian insurance company Europe Assistance IT tried a fresh and creative approach to selling insurance by simulating a bizarre disaster.

A submarine – or at least a full-scale model of a submarine – ‘burst’ through a street in landlocked Milan. World War Three? Not quite – just an eye-catching example of a situation in which insurance is essential.

Check out the video here.

2. Stop Global Warming

Here’s a creative campaign – instead of the traditional billboards highlighting how much carbon dioxide a plane ticket or trip in your car produces, this environmental advertising campaign highlights the possible effects of global warming.

 global warming guerilla marketing tactic

How? By hanging life rafts from buildings and storing emergency life jackets under public seats. Shocking? Of course – but shocking enough to highlight the dangers of forgetting about the environment.

3. Superette’s Skin Imprinted Shorts

unique guerilla marketing tactic
New Zealand fashion brand Superette takes shorts seriously. In order to advertise its latest collection of short shorts, the boutique design house installed special new advertisements on a collection of Auckland bus stops to ‘brand’ any passengers.

The ads are metal, with the brand name and logo engraved so that it’s imprinted on anyone that sits down. Cool, creative, and temporary, the logo’s gone within minutes as passengers stand up and board their bus.

4. Spiderman’s Special Urinal

Advertising in public bathrooms is cheap, simple, and surprisingly effective. For the release of Spiderman 2, the film’s advertising agency took a fun approach to catching the attention of bathroom-goers using a special ‘floating’ urinal.

spiderman guerilla marketing example

The urinal was, of course, located at the top of the wall. When people looked up, they saw a small banner advertising the new Spiderman movie. Smart, simple, and funny – it’s the perfect example of using guerrilla marketing to promote a great movie.

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