Optimise Your Office Space with Partitioning

CG9552For some, office partitioning is simply about creating divisions within an office space, but there is much more to it than that. Used properly, partitioning can really work to maximise the space and, in turn, allow staff to work to the best of their abilities. Optimising the available space you have in the workplace should always be at the forefront of the mind of business owners and office managers because – in the end – it boils down to costs. Some expenditure on high-quality partitioning units can really pay for itself in a surprisingly short space of time.

Maximising Space Usage

Partitioning allows more efficient use of space. Desks can be placed closer together and in configurations that suit the layout of the building better. Even meeting rooms can be created by the judicious use of partitions, something that can really help the smooth working of busy offices. Ultimately, by maximising the use of space, less expenditure is required for additional office space whether it is rented or bought outright.

Office Partitioning and Productivity

In large buildings, where office space is shared with work that is not of a clerical nature, partitions create a divide between the two. Not only does this have a health and safety implication, for example by closing a warehouse operation off from an office one, but it means that the two groups of workers can get on with their allotted tasks separately. With the simple division, that partitioning affords, staff can focus more easily and this leads to greater productivity. In order to efficiently utilize your office space, you can choose Office partitioning by WSSL. In offices which have clusters of desks, staff members who happen to sit at the end next to a corridor tend to be less productive simply because they are walked past regularly. A simple partition at the end of each cluster helps improves this situation no end.

Wall Partition

Customer Service Optimisation

In busy offices, where lots of people are on the phone at the same time, partitioning can improve the sound of phone calls. Far from customers being able to hear a noisy environment, their call handler simply ends up sounding more focussed on them, improving customer satisfaction no end. This goal of enriching customer experience can be achieved by opting for glass partitioning by Vetroco, while creating a modern look. Not all partitions have the same acoustic performance, however, so this should be checked out before it is installed. Good acoustic control will add to customer retention figures and should help to ensure that dissatisfied customers are more easily brought back on side by staff members, too.

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