Discover a Career As a Remote Database Administrator


One of the main professions that have emerged due to the advent of computers is the database administrator. This is a computer specialist who ensures that the database systems of an organization can perform searches and are returning the data that users desire.

A database administrator (DBA) makes use of purpose-built software to create databases for the purpose of storing data and information.  After establishing these databases, the administrators make sure that it is available to the users on request. Also, the DBA ensures that he data in the database is backed up regularly to prevent any loss.

Education required for a database administrator

To perform this job, you must attain a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a field elated with computers. This is a 4 year degree.  DBAs that are in higher positions must get a master’s degree in his field. This is a 2-year degree.

There are a number of skills that a database administrator should have. They include;

  1. Concepts of computer science
  2. Skills in mathematics
  3. Skills in statistics
  4. Ability to program computers
  5. Ability to administer a business
  6. Know how to work with a variety of computer systems

Duties of a database administrator

A DBA has many responsibilities that they must accomplish in their profession. They must store, organize, present and analyze data in the database. They should also write programs that assist with using the database. Click here to know more about remote DBA services.

Businesses often have different requirements for data storage. The DBA analyzes these needs and creates databases that satisfy these needs. In addition to creating them, the DBA is also able to maintain he databases.

Modern businesses and organizations are networked. This means that have more than one database can be connected in the same organization. The DBA works to ensure that these databases are able to interact effectively. In addition to that, the DBA is able to ensure users can get information from any database on request.

Sometimes databases can develop glitches. These can be as a result of bugs in the application or even improper entering of data. The DBA is tasked with investigating and solving any malfunctions. The DBA also conducts routine checks on the state of the database. This ensures they all work effectively across the organization.

One of the qualities that must be maintained is the security of business information. The database administrator liaises with the security technicians in the company or organization to ensure that the databases are secured properly. This protects the integrity of the organization.

The job of a DBA is quite labor intensive. They are on call all day and night every day of the week. This is because organizations rely heavily on the information in the databases so as to keep going. The DBA can be requested to visit many different sites where there are malfunctions in the database. This means that they work 40 hours every week.


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