Is Investing in Tech and Software Companies the Right Step


With what seems like an ever-expanding list of technology and software companies gaining ground in the finance market, much in due to our increasing habit of online and software-based entertainment, one might start wondering if it might be worth investing some funds within this specific market. Especially worth considering is how the gambling and gaming industries are experiencing high growth with increased tenacity in the market.


What can be said for sure is that the statistics and research on time spent online, and consumer behaviour is conclusive. It is a distinct, almost exponential potential for growth in this area, as reported by TechCrunch, and an analysis from Seeing that there is no sign in a slowing down from the consumer, and that the market continuously receive input from various sources that cultivate necessary fertile ground for start-ups and tech companies, it seems that it is still the right time to invest in technology and software. A great area to look towards could be the Australian market as the Australian government provided an ambitious $1.1 billion AUD for innovation and science giving the Aussie technology market an early Christmas present.

Then, seeing as the available growth is there and is unlikely to fade any time soon, the question you need to ask yourself is what your objective for investing is. If we stay in the entertainment industry and the technology market, a real buzz word of late is esports and gaming. The figures in respect to investment, how many who stream the events, the number of events, and everything that follows, have exploded over the last few years. In terms of what type of investment you should consider to give yourself a financial boost could be to invest in companies hosting events such as League of Legends as it is reported to have a tremendous growth in 2016. This has would be a moderate risk investment with a good application for potential monetary increase for your personal finance.


Potentially, it might be worth considering different investment strategies as well. For example, if you are looking for more aggressive risks with higher gains, then specific events might be something to look into. Another investment group that is easy to forget, is that gambling is following suit with the gaming market, as they expand their services. Much in the same manner as they offer 5 reel pokies too be played, the Lucky Nugget Casino company’s growth in the market offers chances of potential gain were you to invest with an aggressive strategy as they look for a bright start to the second quarter.


Essentially, when it comes to investing you need to realise what your objective with the investment is. If you wish for low risk turn-over, the biggest companies with the most sustainable growth is what you should consider. However, if you wish for a higher turn-over, with some more risk, following our earlier pokies analogy, chosing a 5 reel with more potential combinations for a return ony our investment as opposed to the traditional 3 reel pokies is definitely worth considering as the second quarter takes pace.

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