5 Reasons Why You Should Do A Marketing Job

marketing job

You are planning to switch a job soon. The marketing industry seems very alluring and rapidly growingly field to you. You want a marketing job. Even if you were not planning we will bend your plans (*just kidding*). Well we have compiled a list of 10 reasons to help you know why one should do a marketing job at least once in their life:

1. To make you realize that classroom education is nowhere connected to real world:
Do not even think that your classroom experience mimics an actual job. You can’t practice it either. You have to take the initiate and learn by yourself. Marketing is not something which books or a teacher will tell you. It’s the experience which will turn you into the best. Use internships. Grab as much internships you can grab (one after another, not simultaneously). Use them as an opportunity to learn.

2. Marketing is lucrative:
Well in actual it is not! You cannot spend your marketing career creating humorous videos for the sake of bringing attention to your brand. You need to be a critical thinker to analyze the need of your target audience. How can you best serve them (of course while serving your business and making profit)? You need the catch to become viral.

3. You want to be a Multi-Millionaire:
Sorry to lower down your enthusiasm but you are not going to be multi-millionaire or billionaire overnight just by entering marketing field. If we cut the crap, it is about expanding your brand and making money! This is the ultimate mantra. What makes a brand successful? Think! It’s revenue. So in short, your money invested will regenerate money!

4. To lose your morals:
The negative connotation surrounding a ‘marketer’ or ‘marketing manager’ is pretty pervasive. Bu that does not means to act out these stereotypes. In reality you should uphold your ethics and morality. They need to be omnipresent in your marketing career. And do remember that it is possible to create marketing that people will actually like, even if it has not been yet.

5. You want to see how time and people change:
Everyone remember those annoying teacher’s pet that never stops talking in class next to us and never gets scolding. How much you hate him/her does not matter when in future they land up as your manger and you had to work under them. Or maybe the recruiter who decides whether to hire you or not.

Here is an excerpt to put a smile on your face readers:
“You never know where people may end up. Last year I received a LinkedIn message from a young man who was not at all nice to me in High School. All of a sudden he was a total sweetheart and asking for a job referral. You can imagine my response was, well, nonexistent.”

Marketing Industry along with the IT Field is one of the most rapidly growing sectors. Just like IT sector, Marketing Industry too has a downside which we tried to reflect in our article. Although sarcastically, these points are true enough. If you are still determined to get into marketing industry (which you should be if you have a firm determination) than kudos mate! The success awaits you. The main catch is how much you can hold yourself after spending initial years. As reflected by the above 10 points that holding yourself is not at all easy. That’s why the article has the title ’10 reasons why a job in marketing should be done AT LEAST ONCE in your life time’ (*EVIL LAUGHTER*)!

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