Importance and Need of Project Management


Among the hustle and bustles of our daily lives, we often come across the term “project management”. To understand the concept and identify its significance, we need to know about the two halves namely, project and management. A project is an endeavor designed to produce products or services and is undertaken to meet the goals and objectives; whereas, management refers to the strategies and process plans opted for the fluent ongoing of the work processes inside an organization. Hence, project management is the backbone of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing of a work aimed to achieve certain goals. The entire operation and fluidity of an organization or company solely depends on the type of project management it possesses.
Good Project Management – Benefits
Since a good project management is the key to success, an organization should be well aware of the type of project being undertaken, the group members and the project manager. The first step involves the detailed identification of the project objective, resource requirements, revenue generation and the short comings.
Second, you need to identify and organize the people depending on the extent of their enthusiasm towards the project. Transparency and fluency in their communication is factor to be kept in mind. The project manager, that you choose, should have the characteristics of a leader rather than a manager. He should focus more on coordinating and motivating the employees prior to expressing their work loads.
Third, you should ensure that you have enough funding options as initial investments tend to be quite bulky at times.
Fourth, market scenarios and other competing factors should be well plotted so that the products and services outcomes the environmental challenges. Technological advancements are a boon to the project processes. This reduces the project’s mean flow time and also increases the efficiency of the organization.
Fifth, you should be organized your team in various groups and sub groups in order to improve the quality of the product and better management plans.
Sixth, each level should get enough freedom of speech so as to opine their strategies and you should also make sure of providing them with proper feedback options.
Seventh, do not hesitate to replace any project member if you witness their any kind of ignorance and unwillingness towards the project. Plan alternatives simultaneously for each plan for a better grasp of the unexpected situations. And last but not the least, celebrate and dedicate the achievements and victories to the all the project members equivalently. This helps to keep the morale of the organization high.
Thus, you can well establish the fact that the primary challenge of project management is to achieve all the pre-process goals and objectives within the desired constraints. The constraints include time, quality and budget. Along with optimization of the resources, integrating the scattered tasks to one, is what we know project management.


  1. Good project management can provide innumerable benefits for a company or even an individual. Knowing every step of the process and the resources it will take to get there is important. After the completion of the project, you should be able to look back and know you left no stone unturned and no dollar unallocated. Thanks for sharing.

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