Post Graduate Degrees for High Paying Jobs


Most of us do not to obtain the sense of contentment until and unless a master’s degree is bagged. Of course it adds to the number studying years, but the increment in salary along with a feeling of overwhelming accomplishment lies always on the top of our priority list. Some of us do the masters due to the undying pressure from our parents while the others to grasp the highest paying jobs. Who doesn’t want higher paying jobs? According to a survey conducted, it was found that the salaries of the post graduates are 25% higher than the people with just graduate degrees. So, here comes the list of top five higher paying jobs for the post graduate degrees are:

Post Graduate Degrees

  1. MBA: Currently rated as the highest paying post graduate degree. It is the most lucrative for of degree which offers courses on business, finance and accounting. Management operations attain the higher posts in any organisation and this degree also offers a higher costs reward ratio. MBA has become a trend nowadays. Various MBA courses are available basis on the enrolment time. They can be either part time or full time. There are even Executive MBA courses which are for those who have worked for 5 years in any executive post. However, the average salary lies between 8-10 Lakes per annum.
  2. Medical profession: The medical field has always been in demand since time immemorial. There lies a greater scope in any field of medical courses. The more you go up with the courses, the more will be the increment in your pay scale. Endless opportunities and areas in developing and practicing your theories boost the interest in opting for master’s degree in medical profession. The average package of the medical post graduates are 6-8 lakhs per annum.
  3. Law: Pursuing a post graduate law degree allows bagging a chair of one of the most prestigious posts of the country. You have to absolutely passionate and patient if you are opting for such a degree in law. The most attractive part is you don’t have to be pay scale specific professional. However, the average salary of the law post graduates lies between 5-6 lakhs per annum.
  4. Engineering: The B. Tech, being itself a professional degree, is now lacking it’s warmth due to the endless number of the pursuers. Taking time to get a graduate degree such as a Master of Engineering Management online will let you stand out to land a job in software engineering with a much higher pay. The highest package that has been recorded is in the department of petroleum engineering. The average salary of the post graduate engineers has been recorded between 4-5 lake per annum.
  5. Education: One of the most under rated professions of the country are the teachers and professors. The fellows with a PhD degree are way more ahead of any other post graduates but the masters of educations is also a better way of getting higher packages with comparatively lesser working hours. The average salary lies between 2-4 lakhs per annum.

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