5 Reasons Why Working In A Company You Believe In Is Important


A company is an organization or an enterprise, where a person puts in physical or mental effort in order to achieve a result.The person is expected to give his best to the company which in turn is expected to support him financially. He is supposed to be working with the firm firmly till retirement.

I am expected to work and earn in an organization since the age of twenty up to sixty years, that is a solid forty years of my life, it is therefore important that I believe in the company I work for.

  1. What is happening inside the organization?

I expect any change in the organization head or my immediate superior, the financial growth of my company whether good or bad to reach me from sources inside the organization than from any external media. The company I work with gives me this information. I must also be treated as one of the important contributors to the company’s growth. Sharing this information raises my self esteem in the organization and helps me to contribute better.

  1. Trust leadership team character.

I need to have confidence in my superiors. Their knowledge, experience, risk management approaches and decision making strategies must be one that I can understand and appreciate. The workload must be evenly distributed. The leader must not show any leniency or partiality towards any fellow employee. The leaders must appreciate and reward positive ideas coming from their juniors. If these qualities are not found, the motivation to work will be lost. Hence, the contribution will reduce leading to non – performance.

  1. Work atmosphere:

The work atmosphere at the workplace should be safe, hygienic and environment friendly. The safety of employees must be a priority.

I believe the company I work for keeps fire extinguishers, first aid kit and such essential items to meet emergency situations. They also provide for medical assistance during emergency. The safety guidelines at the place of work will be seriously followed without any neglect and negligence.

  1. Rules and policies:

The company rules,regulations and policies should be clear and unambiguous. It should not be individual centric but employee upliftment oriented. I believe their policies will be towards employee improvement and motivation. The promotion policies must be well specified and purely performance oriented. Being a relative of a higher official or carrying recommendation does not qualify an employment in the company.

  1. Compensation benefits:

I believe the company I work in has best compensational benefits. They support the family of employees through leave travel packages, gifts and other allowances. In case of any unprecedented happenings the company shall support the family by providing jobs to the heir. More than anything else the company shares its profits with all its employees.This brings in an attitude to put in extra working hours if need be without complaints.

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  1. This post lays out a good deal of reasons why somebody would want to work for a specific company, but the type of person who can choose the kind of workplace they enter is usually somebody who is already highly skilled. The prerequisite for that is human capital, and it needs to be grown and invested in throughout a lifetime. Once you get there though, having a workplace that delivers benefits and comfort to the worker is a very nice advantage, and it’s good to know what you want before you go after it.

  2. I work at a place that puts a high value on worker safety. It’s great to feel valued and that the company actually cares about me.

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