Business Lessons to be Learned from Steve Jobs

Business Lessons to be Learned from Steve Jobs

There will never be another Steve Jobs, they say. A college dropout, who turned out to be one the most revolutionary personalities in the history of mankind, is a man who never quit. He believed in his ideas, he had a vision, he trusted himself when he could feel the whole world around him falling down.

A man who founded one of the world’s leading companies, Apple, in his parents’ garage and rescued his entire company out of a near bankruptcy emergency, Steve Jobs is a man of creativity and innovations. If you have an idea that could change how the world is functioning at this very moment, you’ve got to read the following few lines to pump yourself with motivation and zeal.

  • Love what you do, and do what you love
    In just about 10 years, Apple grew from what it was with just 2 people in his parents’ garage to a $2 billion company. Steve Jobs was fired from the company he co-founded in 1985 and just about 20 years ago, he returned Apple to its glory, by saving the company from bankruptcy, making it the greatest corporate comeback ever. As he said, he found what he loved, and never let it go. He was rejected, but always in love. Sometimes life is going to hit you with a brick, but don’t lose faith.
  • Never stop learning
    When Apple was developing its Macintosh, in the early days, the team consisted of people from all backgrounds- art, music, poetry, literature and history who were also the best programmers in the world. You surround yourself with the best of the people, and keep improving. “My job is not to be easy on people,” he once stated. “My job is to make them better.”
  • Think big and be different
    Why is the world always excited about a new Apple product? Because Apple has a history of providing its customers with an experience they’ve never had. Steve Jobs created a product, no one ever even dreamed of. The rule to success is, if you want your customers to buy, you should be able to sell it yourself first. If you haven’t found the best, keep looking and don’t settle for something inferior than what you are actually capable of.
  • Each day he looked into the mirror and asked himself, “If today was my last day on this earth, would I be doing what I have planned for myself?” If the answer was a no for too many days in row, he would say to himself, “CHANGE”.
    He believed that the most valuable resource is time. It is either now or never. Today is the day you influence someone. Today is the day you get up and work.
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