5 Things You Wish Your Car Insurance Was Before the Accident


It often takes a personal experience to best understand the pros and cons of a certain service. However, when it comes to something like a car accident, you’re going to be hoping that your insurance company is everything that it should be at that point in time. This isn’t a convenient moment in which to discover that your current service leaves much to be desired. Also, if you’re living in a busy city like Sacramento auto insurance costs will be more expensive since the risk of an accident is higher. So shop around using a for a good policy will ensure you’re protected at the lowest cost.

Ok then, but how do we choose the best service without being able to try them out first hand?

Learn from the experiences of others who either found much value (or at times grief) with their car insurance companies. This way you get insight into which services are important, when to look into the fine print, and what’s a good price. Ask your friends if you want a more personal pool of people to ask, but these are some common car insurance factors that the majority of the population can agree on:

1-     Courteous Customer Service

If you’ve recently been in a car accident or even have some damage due to a parking issue, chances are that you wouldn’t consider that a good day. The last thing you want to hear is a sassy, judging voice on the other side of the line. There are limitations to what the insurance people can do on their end, however, they don’t have to make matters worse by being rude. Good customer service goes a long way.

2-     Quick Acting

Timing is everything, especially when your car is out of order and you have a million things to get done. If getting all the paperwork in order and having you behind the steering wheel of a car takes longer than a couple of days, you’re with the wrong people. A good insurance company values the fact that you have a vehicle because it is of use to you and not having one to drive can be a huge hindrance on your life.

3-     Replacement Car Rental

Though you may just want to rent a car on your own terms if it comes to it, knowing that your policy has a rental car included while yours is in the shop is a weight off your shoulders. Today it’s a pretty standard clause, however, not every plan has it.

4-     First Time Forgiveness

You’re a very careful driver, but unfortunately the day will come when you will need to call the insurance company due to some damage to your car. When you do, you’ll love knowing that you get a “first time forgiveness” from the company and that you won’t see your rates go up due to this accident. Remember, they happen to everyone. Some companies will even reset this clause if you have no subsequent accidents in the next few years.

5-     Someone to do the Research For You

How much does the average person know about car insurance? Honestly, not much. If you want someone experienced to do the grunt work for you, it’s time to reach out to an insurance broker. There are many reasons you will love their service, including affordable and competitive car insurance rates and be able to directly contact car insurance brokers for a quote instead of doing all the research yourself online.

Though learning through your own experience is arguably the best way, no one want to suffer through dealing with a terrible insurance plan or company. Set yourself up for a graceful and pain-free experience in case you will need to make that phone call. Know that you have a solid policy and stand-up company on your side.

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