7 Tips That Will Help You Get More Readers for Your Blog

Interestingly enough, an average blogger spends around an hour and a half to come up with a 500 word blog or article. And honestly, this is a lot of time for short blog and all this goes waste if the post doesn’t receive any traffic. So what is point of spending 90 minutes on something people don’t even read? If you are spending some valuable time on writing a blog post, you can have a look at these posts that will help you get more people into reading it:

  • It is advisable to use loads of interesting graphics, GIFs or even videos that go with your post. But you need to make sure they go with your writings, because content is much more than mere words. Visuals can raise your Returns on Investment to another level altogether.
  • When you are expressing you opinion on some issue, it is important for you to validate it with suitable examples or statistics. You could quote experts, give suggestions, scenarios, cite sources, etc.
  • It is important to have a writing style that reflects in each of your posts. That can make your content much appealing and valuable to your audiences.
  • It is also crucial to make sure all your words fit into proper headings and are organized in proper paragraphs. All your points should be presented in proper flow, so that people don’t just graze through your post and actually spend some time reading it. Therefore, your headings and titles have to be interesting and accurate, nothing vague or out of context.
  • Make sure the grammar is point and you are using the punctuation’s correctly. It is important to read trough your text before you post it online. Incorrect grammar, improper punctuation marks and wrongly spelt words reflect carelessness and ignorance on the writer’s behalf.
  • Employ proper means of sharing your writing. You can try out email newsletters or link it with any of your social media pages. You may also want to try of Search Engine Optimization, or syndicate your posts to other websites.
  • It is important to write regularly and not repeat your content. Make sure you come up with fresh and interesting content for every post. You should also keep your reader updated with news regarding your blogs and not keep them waiting for new content for weeks or m
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