The Millennial Problem of Stress


We cannot simply deny that the world only remembers the winner. But, cannot we simple ignore the fact that it is takes immense pressure to reach the top and maintain that claim? When do the signs of stress start to show, and when does the pressure ceases to be healthy? Stress can strike anyone, from the one on top to all the way down the pyramid, which can leave people shattered and scattered.

While it is often told that a certain level of pressure is needed to get work done effectively, since after all diamonds are a result of pressure. But there is a very thin line between pressure and stress, and this thin line is an individual limit. Some take competition in a healthy, positive manner, while some just collapse when they see someone doing better than them.

What is stress then? Well, stress is your body’s reaction to any demand in the external or internal environment – from changing weather to excessive workload, anything out of ordinary can lead to stress. In this competitive world, each individual is constantly fighting to be on the top, leading to an imbalance between demands and resources. This imbalance is what causes psycho-social stress. Don’t get taken aback by the technical term, this condition way more common than you think. From a student who is struggling to achieve better grades, to an employee who has been trying extremely hard so that his boss notices his work and offers him a better paycheck to a leader who desperately trying to keep his team from breaking apart. Everyone is dealing with stress.

What are the symptoms of stress? Stress shows a sign of change in behavior pattern and the overall attitude of the person on the whole. Other than these signs, there is muscle tension in different parts of the body, along with palpitation, high blood pressure, improper digestion and a condition of hyperacidity.

What are the consequences of stress? In the end, the person might start eating too much or too less or start drinking or smoking or rely or tablets to control his condition.

When stress surpasses a certain level, it lowers the individual’s performance productivity and leaves him feeling lethargic, disinterested and confused. The motivation to life is lost, and the person no longer believes in his goal, that once drove him.

How can you control this stress?

Eat well, go out for a run every day, dance, and get involved in activities that make you happy – music, art, reading, poetry, anything that can take your mind off work.


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