How can you Make the Best Use of Videos

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It is no surprise that videos have a resonating ability to grab attention. Videos are a great medium to communicate and engage with the viewers, also resulting in high rates of yield clicks and amplification rates. It has also been observed, time and again, that videos attract as much as 41 percent more traffic than other mediums. There is research that states that by 2019, but 80 percent of the entire internet traffic would be due to videos. Video have strongly designed narrative that is capable of influencing the viewers. To succeed, videos need to have a consistent frequency and a well-crafted narrative.

As we have seen, how popular videos can be as a source of marketing, it will be foolish to not take enough advantage of them.

(1) Besides the usual promotional advertising videos, videos showing reviews and testimonials are also capable of bringing traffic to the website.

(2) There are proves that videos without animation tend to have more impact on the audience. This is what makes live videos a powerful tool of marketing. In a live video you cannot fake anything, you cannot edit anything, and whatever appears on the screen is what is real. The authenticity will always stand out.

(3) Another thing you could try out is Vlogging. Vlogging or Video Blogging is something that has become popular in the last few years. Replacing the traditional blogs, with written content, people tend to watch a 5 minute video, rather than read about a 1000 word article. Vlogs have a higher retention rate as compared to the usual textual blogs. Social media a very powerful tool to promote your Vlogs.

(4) Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc. have opened huge gates to a variety of audience. These platforms help businesses operate with much ease. The viewer engagement is higher on these popular media sites. And videos uploaded on these mediums are easy to watch and share. Social media marketing is whole different stream of media marketing that is taking the entire corporate world by storm.

(5) Videos can also be embedded in the weekly newsletters you send out through email. There are thumbnail features available in popular email clients like Yahoo! and Google. It is suggested that these videos tend to increase the click-through rates by a whopping 200 to 300 percent. In fact videos get downloaded faster than the pdf files that are attached to the mails.

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