5 Unique and Smart Ways to Promote Your Blog

Promoting a blog can be one of the most daunting tasks that may fall in the path of a blog writer. A blogger can surely provide good content but what’s the point if there are no readers? To attract more readers, one needs to make the readers notice the existence of the blog. With millions of blogs available on the internet, how will a reader come to know about your blog without promotional activity? Promoting a blog is no rocket science! Listed below are five simple, unique and smart ways that will assist you in promotion of the blog—

Social media- The most effective tool of promotion is social media. It is pervasive, omnipresent and doesn’t cost a single penny. Facebook pages and Twitter accounts can be used effectively to redirect the blog or even to discuss about its content that eventually promotes the blog. There are many online platforms and social networking pages that can be very useful for blog promotion.

Fresh Content- If the content in the blog is relevant to current or latest or hot topics, it’s certain that the blog page will appear more frequently in search engine results. This will increase the popularity of the blog and get more and more readers. This does not require any specific act of promotion; but merely an awareness and attempt to deliver fresh content may work wonders at the root level of blogging.

Link sharing- If your blog link is shared by another blogger, visitors click on the link and are redirected to your page. Having numerous blogs sharing your links will increase the visitors to your page. Other bloggers will voluntarily share your links only if your blog content is relevant and unique, so creating good content is essential. You may also request others to share your links and you may return the favor by doing the same.

Guest participation- Participating in other blogs can be an effective tool of promotion. Commenting on other blog pages will make people aware of your existence. You also get the opportunity to share your blog links on blog pages where the blogger hasn’t voluntarily shared your links. Your participation will invite other bloggers who may share your links later on.

Write useful content- All the doors of promotion should be kept open! Writing useful content is an indirect way of promotion and probably the most dependable option. You may have your opinion on ‘sleepless nights’ but why will a person read your opinion? Your writing may be of high caliber but it’s of no use for your blog visitor. The reader might certainly be interested in reading ‘Causes and remedies of sleeplessness’, this will benefit or be of some use to the blog reader. Your blog will be visited more often in this way.

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