What Makes a Resume Stick Out in 2018?


You’re confident you’ve got what it takes to score the right position to further your career growth, but you also want your resume to stick out from all the others. As one of the top Los Angeles staffing companies, the recruitment specialists at Beacon Resources understand the dynamics behind a persuasive and attention-grabbing resume. There are some steps you can take to help get your resume to the top of the pile.

Getting Your Resume Into the Must-See List

Hiring managers can’t interview every candidate who submits a resume. You can, however, take advantage of resume construction and formatting to help demonstrate you’re an applicant that should move to the interview stage.

  • Use metrics – especially if you can show before-and-after figures. Numbers speak volumes and they stand out even during a quick skim-through. Demonstrate your accomplishments with dollar figures, staff numbers, or improvement percentages.
  • Stick to facts, words and phrases that are most relevant to the type of position you’re aiming for. Irrelevant information can waste space. Strive to leave out or minimize information that does not specifically demonstrate why you are best suited for the position.
  • Give your resume breathing space – format it to so that it’s easy to read and use bullet lists to guide the reader. Rely upon formatting that opens up your resume – use white space and stay away from font sizes less than 11 point.
  • Keep it short. Ideally, your resume should be one page in length, while conveying the important details and making readers want to learn more about you in an interview.
  • Be sure of correct spellings. You should also remain mindful of how an embarrassing typo could slip past a spell checker.

Get Your Resume Into the Right Hands

If you’re deciding which staffing company will provide you with your best career moves in the world of accounting, Beacon Resources is your optimal choice. Accounting recruiters will work with you and find the position that best matches your skills, personality and career goals. Contact one of our recruiters to learn what types of opportunities await you.

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