MBA Application Essay Writing: 8 Key Points to Mind


In 2018 MBA essays can be looked upon as a variation of the elevator pitch. Why? The student has two objectives when preparing an MBA essay as part of the admission. Which are; One, it a way of persuading the admission officer that you are worthy of joining the institution. Two, you need to bring your MBA application to life by making the admission officer aware you aren’t just another “standard student.” It’s a way of sharing your credential using words with an officer whose decision may be a turning point of your life.

Writing an MBA application essay is easier when said than done. Every student looking to enroll in an MBA program is expected to be able to write an essay proving to the admission officers they are worthy of the slot. The essay should clearly show how your application is unique and what differentiates your form another applicant.

The institution is looking for the best, as they want to see how the program will add value to you and the MBA class as well. Below are key points to remember when writing an MBA application essay.

#1 Start Early to Familiarize Yourself with The MBA Essay Writing Process

The MBA essay writing is a gradual and progressive process that provides sufficient time to refine and fine-tune the essay. You are advised to start early. This allows enough time for introspection. The list down the ideas as and when they come up. You will be in the right state of mind, and you can choose the best time to be creative, focus and concentration. This would help generate the maximum output.

Take time to brainstorm on specific areas of your profile that can help you bring additional thoughts.

Once you got the basic idea on paper, give it a structure. This can be achieved by preparing an outline.

Next, organize and manage the idea flow. Always be genuine and base the essay on facts with supporting evidence where appropriate. Let the essay reflect your enthusiasm, passion, and excitement for joining the MBA program. Lastly, the essay should be in line with your resume and recommendations by completing the bigger picture not repetitive.

If you are sending the application to more than one institution, the essay should be different. And customize each application.

#2 Common MBA mistakes to avoid

An essay is supposed to introduce the applicant as an individual by showing their uniqueness when compared to the rest. Quite some applicants have been seen to apply full of typos and grammar errors.

#3 Avoid plagiarisms

Although this not a big issue at this level, if the essay looks like its copied, the individual receives an automatic rejection.

#4 Use essay writing tips

Take the time I think of the fundamental questions. Self-evaluation to find your professional strengths and weakness. What is the MBA helping you achieve? What are your plans after graduation? A clear plan shows a compelling picture of where you are, where you have come from and where you’re headed.

#5 What admission officer looks on an essay?

An MBA essay should be authentic. The applicant must stress what makes them unique. The essay also evaluates if the applicant communicates specific reason why they are fit for the institution.

MBA red flags

  • Plagiarism-part or entire essay copied.
  • Many typos and grammatical errors
  • An applicant forgets to change the school name after using the one essay for several applications. Understand the essay prompts.

MBA application essay may need for a long essay or multiple shorter essays. Each institution has its requirements, so read and understand their essay prompt carefully. In the essay focus on the primary question. Instead of listing down your ideas, be more descriptive and get into specifics. Dig deeper in various occasions and difficult situations you have displayed unique traits showed motivations and leadership qualities.

Include all your extracurricular involvements and aspects such as volunteering for a non-profit. Some of the question the essay prompts ask:

  • the ‘why MBA now’ question.
  • ‘why this school.’
  • Long-term and short-term career goals.
  • Career failure essay.

#6 Evaluate and demonstrate your fit with an MBA program

What does ‘Being fit for an MBA program’ mean? The who MBA exercise would prove to be a colossal waste of time if after a cough out around $200,000 on the MBA program end up being a cultural eccentric or realizing that the institution wasn’t the right one to help you attain yours after MBA goals.

It’s essential you undertake extensive research about the school, read about how to fit an MBA program will benefit you.

The ‘right fit’ institution is different for each based on various considerations including your academic profile, recent career profile, your GMAT score as well as the extracurricular involvement.

#7 Respect the word count

It’s severe to consider the essay word counts as you are expected to respect the word, but some school allows for a slight variation. When writing your MBA application essay don’t under-utilized the word count as the reviewer m fee you don’t have enough to talk about.

In the essay avoid repeating any fat that you have already written in your resume or recommendations. The essay should be as concise as possible. Also, edit for grammar and eliminate excessive usage to shorten the length of the essay.

#8 Get your essays reviewed and edited

To review and revise the essay, ready it as many times as possible. Even so, it’s not unusual to develop blind spots. Let somebody else read your essay, as that helps in a review of your work. You will also gain a fresh perspective while identifying gaps or missing elements in your story. At this level put your right foot forward and hope for the best with the MBA application. If the process seems too complex to manage, you can quickly get some help by finding the best MBA essay editing services. Among them is Here, you can find professional MBA essay writers who are at your disposal 24/7. At a reasonable price, they will offer you the needed help in a timely manner. Whenever you face difficulties, contact them to support you.

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