How to Demonstrate Good Communication Skills at a New Job

Unless you want to be nicknamed as an “office-chatterbox” at your new job, you better learn the right way to communicate in the workplace. Not everyone is born with excellent communication skills. Not everyone can understand when it is appropriate to talk and when it is wise to shut up. If this sounds like you, you need to be careful or else your callousness might cost you your job.

What can I do to demonstrate good communication skills at a new job?

1. Instead of making statements, as questions

It will be easier for your co-workers to deal with your dumb questions than to corrects you every time you wrongly assume something. There is nothing wrong with asking work-related questions. Identify people in your team who are friendly and have a high tolerance level. Make them your mentors until you get a firm grip on your role in the company.

2. It is okay to go out with your co-workers

A workplace has a lot of social limitations and boundaries. It is easy to get caught up in work and other responsibilities. If you are lucky enough to get invited by your co-workers for a drink or an after-work dinner party, do not deny. This is an opportunity to self-promote.

3. Be open to feedback


As a newbie in the company, you are going to be corrected and criticized a lot. Now, the degree of harshness depends on the culture and the background of your co-workers. So, be prepared for some tough days ahead. Besides, you could up your value in the organization by being the first one to enter and the last one to leave. It will be easier for your co-workers to cut you some slack when they see you working hard and showing a willingness to succeed. 

4. Stay away from petty office politics

Being good at communication skills involves a lot more than just having excellent verbal and written skills. You also need to act and react in the right way. Just because some of your co-workers like to gossip and talk trash after work, doesn’t mean you should feel pressured to join them.

5. Remember everyone’s first name

I understand how difficult it is to remember every single person’s name in your workplace. Particularly, if you work with a large team. Plus, it is rare to come across a person who can. So, to demonstrate good communication skills at your new job, make sure to check out the company’s LinkedIn page. Here, you find everyone’s name along with their pictures.

What is the one thing I should never do while starting a new job?

Making fun of or belittling your employer’s way of doing things is the one thing you should never do at your new job. Not every company likes to follow current trends. This can be due to several factors. Your job as a newbie is to listen and understand what your employer wants you to do and deliver it on time.

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