Bananatic App Review: Get Paid to Play Games

These days, it has become so easy to earn money online by filling up survey forms or taking your phone out on a walk. But now, it is also possible to do the same by playing free mobile games on your mobile phone. Whether you are bored at school or have a long commute to and from work, with Bananatic app, you can spend your time having fun and also get paid for doing so.


Bananatic app is developed and maintained by a game development firm known as Sedoc, LLC. Games hosted by Bananatic may or may not be developed by their in-house developers. The company earns a profit by letting users trying out new games. Basically, you are working as a mobile game beta tester. The points you earn from Bananatic are prized as Bananas and for every 2,500 bananas you collect, you get $5. Not bad!

How does the Bananatic App work?

Once you install the app on your phone, you can directly jump into collecting bananas or explore other options in the app. By the way, Bananatic offers you free 50 bananas just for signing up with them.

bananatic work

There are a total of 11 ways to earn Bananas. As shown in the picture above, you can complete game quests, share app download link on social media sites like Facebook, complete tasks set by advertisers, and many more. Once you collect enough Bananas, you can either spend it on your purchases from one of the online stores listed in the app or request for the money to get transferred directly to your bank account. The minimum withdrawal limit is $5.

In case you are wondering how long it will take to earn 3000-5000 Bananas. It just takes a few minutes of work to earn enough Bananas to buy yourself an Amazon gift card. As I mentioned earlier, there are a total of 11 ways to earn Bananas. Filling up survey forms, playing games, signing up to websites and inviting your friends to the app are some of the easiest way to earn Bananas.

What I like about Bananatic App

Bananatic app works great for young gamers out there who cannot afford to purchase gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. This app works in collaboration with popular online stores like Amazon and Gift Card House. You can spend your earned Bananas to purchase these game consoles for a fraction of their original price.

What I don’t like about Bananatic App

Bananatic app does work as well in some parts of the world. Particularly, Africa and Asia. You can download and install the app from anywhere in the world but receiving payments can be a headache. Apart from this part of the world, the payment process is flawless. 

My recommendation

I recommend the Bananatic app to anyone interested in making some money playing games on mobile. Or if you wish to buy a game console using the points earned by doing what you love to do. Moreover, earning points is that difficult with Bananatic. You won’t have to fill up hundreds of survey forms to earn just a dollar–like other “make money online” apps ask you to do.


Bananatic app is free of cost and is available for both Android and iOS devices. Click here to download the mobile app. In addition, you can use the web versions of the same app.

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