The Best Amazon Review Sites to Get Free Products

Do you wish to get free products delivered at your home from Amazon? 

Now it’s possible to do so with Amazing review sites. You don’t have to waste countless hours filling up survey forms or watch commercials online. Surely, you can make a few bucks every day from survey sites but who has the time and patience? What if I told you that there companies that are giving away their products in exchange for a review? Yes! All you have to do is use the product–which you wanted in the first place–and write a few lines of honest review on the Amazon website.


Here Are the Best Amazon Review Sites to Get Free Products

1) IReviewHome

IReviewHome gives you massive discounts and free products in exchange for a well-written and authentic product review. You can join as a reviewer for free. In addition to free products, as a member of IReviewHome, you will also receive the newest product offers and guidelines/ advice to become a better reviewer (this helps attract more manufacturers).

2) HomeProductTesting

With HomeProductTesting, you can help new Amazon seller launch their career in no time. Your reviews and opinions will contribute to their success in the worlds largest and the most profitable eCommerce store. There are plenty of sellers out there who despite having a great product are struggling to sell it. This is where your review will count. It’s a win-win approach for both the seller and you.

3) Amzrc

If you have been trading reviews on Amazon review sites, you must already know how affordable Amzrc is for sellers. Compared to its competitors, Amzrc’s reviews are reasonable and inexpensive. Although, there is no compromise on quality. Likewise, Amzrc is equally profitable for a reviewer. You don’t have to pay a membership fee. Just sign-up and begin trading product reviews.

4) TrustedReviewNetwork

TrustReviewNetwork has a three-step process that transfers your desired product from the seller’s assigned warehouse to your doorstep. The product category includes electronics, self-care, kitchen-ware, toys and much more. You must also know that not all products are 100 percent free. But the least you can expect is a 50 percent discount which in my opinion is a steal. 

So, the next time you wish to buy something like a watch or a mobile phone, just place your review, let the TRN representatives approve of it and get the product delivered at your doorstep.

5) ILoveToReview

Finally, an Amazon review site that successfully beat the new terms and conditions set by the company on October 3, 2016. According to the new terms, an Amazon seller cannot trade products for reviews. To me, this seems fair. Why would a seller trade for reviews even before the buyer has had a chance to try out the product. The team at ILoveToReview made a simple tweak. They now let you use the product first and then review it.


Whether you wish to build a career out trading reviews on Amazon or other similar eCommerce sites or just want to get your favorite product for delivered at your home for free, you can get the best of the above-mentioned sites. 

You should also know that a lot of Amazon reviews sites have either shut down or changed their policy but the above-mentioned sites continue to trade products for well-written reviews.

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