The Cheapest College Degree Programs in USA (For an American)

America, being a developed nation, takes pride in its brilliant education system and also puts it on the pedestal. Unlike other developing or third world countries, Americans do not place a monetary value on education. They educate their kids because it is necessary for their growth and development as a citizen. However, not all college degrees are affordable. To find the right college degree program, you do need to take time out and do the required research.


What are the cheapest college degree programs in the United States (for an American)?

1) Bachelor’s in Economics

Economics is one of the cheapest fields to study in the United States. Bachelor’s in Economics is a course offered by almost all major universities in the country. If you are interested in working for a bank or a financial institution in the future, go for this degree. The undergraduate degree will make you eligible to apply for an entry-level position. The entire course will cost you around $15,000. 

2) Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Interested in learning how the human mind works? If you have a knack for knowing what others are thinking based on their actions and responses, you can make a living working in the field of Psychology. 

As a degree holder in this field, you can either work as an independent mental health counselor or work for a corporation like a hospital. A four years degree program in Psychology will cost you around $22,000. The University of Pittsburgh offers one of the cheapest programs in this field.

3) Bachelors in Music

Not interested in working in a 9-5 job after graduation? Want to build a career singing and writing song lyrics? The Bachelor’s in Music might be the right college degree for you. A lot of people interested in this field do not consider getting a degree as it is possible for an individual to learn music on their own. However, a degree in this field guarantees you other jobs related to music (in case you don’t make it as a singer or a songwriter).

Is getting a college degree worth it in 2020? Will it guarantee a high paying and secure job?

Interesting question! Most people these days go for a college degree without even considering the return on investment. Having a college degree does make you stand out from the rest, but with more and more startups accepting candidates based on merit and not on certificates, it is natural for you to question it’s worth. 

To answer your question, a college degree is absolutely essential if you wish to pursue careers like medical science, law, or engineering. You cannot practice medicine, law or build a construction project without having the proper credentials for them. On the other hand, if you wish to work at jobs like retail, manufacturing, or hospitality then you don’t need to go to college. Even owning a business doesn’t require you to have a college degree.

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