4 Common Leadership Mistakes You are Probably Making

Team work

Leadership is all about humility, commitment, dedication and being sincere to yourself and your team. Being a leader requires one to have a deep understanding of his team and its working. Good leaders lead by example and are the change makers. But failure as a leader can be depressing and lead to failure of the organization in the long run. Success of an organization strongly relies on its leaders and the workforce. Team members follow leaders and if leadership is not at place then the problem is unavoidable. Here are4 common leadership mistakes you are probably making that is not letting you to achieve your goal.

1) Emotional thinking

Mixing your judgment with your emotions can be detrimental when you work in a team. You need to have a proper rational logic behind whatever decisions you take. It should not be affected by your emotions otherwise it gets difficult for you to explain it to your team members which leads to lack of trust. Keep your emotions aside while taking any decision for the team.

2) Not taking feedbacks

A leader is not at all a good leader unless he is ready to hear from others and open to what they believe or think. Just imposing your decision on your teammates and not taking feedbacks from them or simply ignoring them could lead to you becoming more of a hated personality rather than a likable one. Taking constructive feedbacks from each and every member give them voice and builds their trust on you as they feel more involved and positive about you.

3) Lack of humility

A leader should always be ready to accept his mistake. No one is perfect in this entire world and after all a leader is also a human and every human makes mistake. Accepting your mistake in front of your team does not let you down instead make you more open minded and confident among your team member. A leader cannot always be right and one has to understand this simple fact in order to be a good leader.

4) Not making time to meet your team members

People often neglect this aspect amidst the workload they have and just focus on the deadline to complete every task. Although that is important but amongst all this you may not realize that your team is not working to its full potential due to certain unknown reasons which you are unaware of as you never bothered to meet them and discuss them openly. Being open to your team members and making them feel comfortable around you, is extremely important for proper working of your team. This requires a leader to take out time for his team and make the team members feel warm and happy.

10 Startups of 2017 that Look Promising!


Everyone in the world are educating themselves so that they can earn money in future and help to support their family in future and live a lavish life. In recent times, it has been that nobody waits for completing their study they work simultaneously so that they can spend for their own expenses. Nowadays no one wants to get retired at the age of 60; everyone wants to earn as much as they can follow their passion.

Only for those people here are top 10 startup ideas that will help you earn money efficiently. These have been best startups of 2017.

  • Social media consultant

In today’s time, everyone has their accounts on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. in this you have to help your client to increase their social media engagements and in developing good online media campaigns. It is very simple job and even if you don’t have any knowledge you can do an online course and get certified. You can make your job easy by using online management tools.You can even assist companies to maintain their blogs and their social networking accounts.

  • Affiliated marketing

It is a type of performance based marketing which is very easy to get into. You earn commission for promoting products of other companies. This business is east to start if:

  • There is a blog or website of your own
  • Your success can be proved through visitor statistics
  • Successfully undertake the affiliate marketing and you can even show that to your client.
  • Tester or reviewer

Many individuals or startups need people’s review to encourage other people buy their products. You can get started by having a profile on freelancing websites or else you can even directly approach the companies. You can offer them review in turn of some monetary reward by becoming influencer. You can even write entire posts if you have your own website or blog and can charge even more money in future.

  • Content writer

It is a very easy job. It needs you to be good in vocabulary and language fluency. In this you have to give relevant information about the topics which are provided to you and make sure that it is unique in every way. You get quite a good amount for this. It is similar to the tester or reviewer job.

  • Application or website developer

If you have good skills in making application or websites you should surely do it. Every-day several applications are released and if you have faith in yourself that you will be able to make an app which can be unique, you should surely go head. You need very less investment in it and once your app gets popular you can earn money easily. You can create websites for different companies and charge them for the same.

  • Graphic designer

In this you simply have to design good and amazing logos, and share magazines, information sheets, letters, fliers etc. you only need a computer and applications like Photoshop or illustrator.

  • Blogger or Vlogger

If you are an expert in any specific field you can surely become a blogger or vlogger. For this you only need a computer and a camera of good quality. You can earn money by reviewing and advertising products on your platform.

  • Resume writer

Everyone might have a good qualification but not everyone knows to write resume. You can help people in writing a perfect and effective resume in turn of money. it is a very simple job and only requirement of it is good writing skills and command on languages.

  • Video production

It is a very simple job which you can even do from home. There are many people who want to post their videos on YouTube and become celebrities but they don’t have those skills with which they can upload good high-quality videos. In this you have to edit vlogs, create music videos etc.you can even help them advertise the same.

  • Wedding planner

Nowadays everyone wants their wedding to be remembered by everyone and for that they hire wedding planners. This requires less investment and you earn a good amount of money. Creative mind is all you need in this.

Building your Professional Skills

Professional skill

When you’re trying to advance your career, one of the most important things you can do is show that you’re developing your professional skills. Whether you’re in search of promotion or a new job elsewhere, one of the things employers love is evidence that you’re proactive in learning more and keeping up with the cutting edge of your profession.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can do this, and show your employers you’re really giving it your all.

Talk to Your Managers

The news that you want to develop your skills will only come as good news to your managers. Schedule a meeting to discuss your aspirations: you may resources are available to help you when you ask. You can work with your manager to decide what would be most valuable for you to work on the ways you could do it, from bringing in professionals to run training sessions, to scheduling you time off to attend courses.

Take the Initiative

Another way to really stand out at work is to take the initiative and organise training workshops for relevant skills. If you see a need in your department for some additional training and develop, look into getting an expert in to talk to the team. If you need to look into training room hire London has plenty to offer you, so you know you’ll have access to the resources you need.

Join Professional Bodies

Depending on your industry, there are likely one or more professional bodies that govern or support people working in it. Joining can be a gateway to a vast professional network that can really help to build your profile.

Participating in the culture of your profession, rather than merely doing your job is a great way to get additional perspectives on how to develop, not just teaching you new skills but showing the skills you may not even have considered worth looking at!

Seek a Mentor

One outcome of joining the bodies and organisations that surround your profession is that get to meet and form relationships with more experienced people. If you’re able to find one who is able to act as a mentor to you, the benefits can be incredible.

A mentor can guide your development, give you a more mature perspective both on your career and on the industry as a whole. Most importantly, they may be able to guide you away from some of the youthful mistakes they made!

How Your Small Business Can Compete with Online Retailers


Sumup mpos pink credit card

If you run a small, brick-and-mortar business, then you are probably feeling the pressure of the Big Online Store. A remarkable number of customers now prefer to buy online than go to the store. This can be great news for small businesses that do have online stores or buying apps. Unfortunately, the customers want to buy from Amazon or eBay. It’s like Wal-Mart again, but this time it’s online. On the plus side, there are certain techniques small businesses can adapt to remain competitive with giant online retailers. These changes may be a hefty investment, but if done right, your small business just might survive the Amazon craze. Here are several ways your small business can compete with online giants and retain loyal customers:

Focus on Local

An online store can focus on an international customer base. A small, local store should focus on the local customer base. Narrow down your target audience to people who are most likely to purchase from your store. Local outlets can offer customers highly desirable products that they can’t obtain from online retail giants. For example, if a local customer wants to buy a cake, he or she will have to go to a local bakery. Even small businesses that sell non-perishable goods, like clothing, can market directly to a local customer base.

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As a small business with a local address, your company has the advantage on Google local search. If a customer searches for “women’s wear” on a smartphone near your business, the mobile search results would prioritize the store nearby. Therefore, re-focus your marketing strategy and go fully local.

Invest in Mobile POS Systems

Most stores have cash register POS systems. Even small online sites have mobile payments. While both these are essential for having a comprehensive payment system that keeps the queue moving, there’s another way to improve convenience for customers. Instead of having the customers move to your cash register, take the cash register to the customer. This is what a mobile POS system does. It combines regular POS software with card reader processing hardware. When you deliver that cake to the local customer, with a mPOS system, you can get a digital payment without a hassle.

SumUp bamboo stand

Mobile POS systems are convenient for businesses as well as the customer. It eliminates yet another pain point from the transaction process and simplifies it. Your company can offer customer multiple payment options in addition to online payments. These systems are also becoming more affordable for small businesses, as evidenced by SumUp mPOS card readers that charge zero flat rate fees.

Offer Face-to-Face Customer Service

One thing online retailers struggle to provide customers with is face-to-face support. Customer service on sites like Amazon is highly automated. While some aspects of this are convenient for customers, it’s still largely inadequate for complex problems customers may have. This is where local stores can step in. Offer customers long-term support, particularly tech support if applicable, on products they purchase from your business. If a customer buys a smartphone, make it possible to meet up if an employee to discuss a potential issue. This is something extra that online small businesses with physical stores can provide.

SumUpair iPad brickwall

It’s not impossible for small local businesses to compete with retail giants. Follow the above suggestions, and see where it leads your business.

Growing Your Business

grow your business

When you run your own business, you always need to keep one eye on the future. Standing still just means you fall behind, and you always have to run to keep up.

Let’s take a look at different ways you can grow your business, and what that might mean depending on your situation.

Opening a New Branch

This is the most direct way to grow your business: find a new location and expand your business into it. This doesn’t just provide more income, it makes your business more resilient: if demographics shift in your original home, meaning your business is no longer a good fit for the market, you’ll already have a new base of operations prepared and can shift your focus there.

It’s important to do your research properly before you commit to this. It takes time for a new branch to start paying its way and if you don’t have a waiting market in your new location who will become your new loyal customers you may find you’ve overstretched yourself, leading to the collapse of your new venture.

Grow Your Team

Expanding physically isn’t always appropriate: if you’re not a physical retail business and offer services and consultation rather than goods, simply opening a new office won’t have the same effect.

The most effect form of growth for businesses like this is to take on more staff. Judicious hiring doesn’t just increase your capacity to work more but also brings vital new skills into your team that allows you to expand your service and innovate to ensure that you’re keeping pace with developments in your field. This is the key to your success when you’re positioned in a service based niche like marketing: you need to ensure you regularly have new, effective offers for your clients to prove to them you’re relevant to the changing marketplace.

It may also be worth speaking to Executive Recruitment firm and bringing in some higher level staff. While it’s important to develop your own executives from within your business, as this motivates staff and ensures you have high level decision makers who know your business from top to bottom, bringing in people from outside also brings their experience and contacts with them, which give you fresh ideas to work with, and the potential of lucrative new clients.

Remember, however you’re trying to grow your business to never spend money you can’t afford to lose. There are risks to expanding as well as benefits and you need to ensure you have resources to fall back on if one effort fails.

Reasons Dallas Is Perfect For Young Business People

Dallas city for business people

There are many great places throughout the country and the world which are perfect for young business people to start their new careers. Recently, Dallas was rated one of the world’s best cities for young people to move and begin looking for employment. This rating was compiled through a Toronto-based group of “think-tank” members which ranked Dallas, Texas as the fourth most attractive city for young people on a list of the top 25 cities around the world. While Dallas ranked less than desirable behind Toronto, New York and Berlin, it stayed ahead of places such as London, Los Angeles, Chicago and even Paris.

According to the group in the think-tank, this was a very surprising finding. Most people think of places like Los Angeles and New York as places for young people to begin their careers because they are the places that have all of the shine and glory. Things are beginning to change, however. These findings were presented during an open session in Dallas. The session is called Purpose City. It’s a one-day workshop which talks about urban issues and was followed by the meeting of New Cities Summit members the same week and was held in the Arts District of Dallas.

The index was compiled by YouthfulCities by creating a selection of cities from all of the five major continents. The index used all available statistics in order to judge how each of these cities fared in different categories. The group then judged the most appealing cities for people between the ages of 15 and 29 who were categorized as young business people. Dallas did very well in the areas of music, sports, restaurants, movies and even nightlife. It also did poorly in some areas such as in environmental sustainability and civic participation. Another area to consider when choosing a good city for young business people is what their loan options are. Title loans in Dallas are great for when young business people need to come up with collateral for opportunities which may arise.

The ranking that Dallas received is a little less surprising because of the competition it was stacked against. Because of the index choosing different cities that represent different continents, it necessarily decided to include certain cities such as Lima, Lagos and Johannesburg. All of these areas have high poverty rates. Because of this, it wasn’t surprising that they didn’t do well in categories such as lifestyle, nightlife and restaurants. This wasn’t for each of them, however. Johannesburg did fare well in certain categories such as a second place in the category of fashion and art. This was just behind Paris in the first spot.

The co-founder of YouthfulCities had stated that comparing such dissimilar cities had required making certain judgement calls when selecting statistics to be used in the comparisons. Dallas ended up being chosen because it was a top city and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. However, much of the statistics reflected the conditions inside of Dallas City limits as opposed to the conditions within the entire region. In many cases, areas concerning air transportation receive statistics gathered from areas between Dallas and other counties nearby.

The way in which all of the statistics were gathered began to draw criticism with the results. An urban planner named Patrick Kennedy was very skeptical because he questioned that some of the statistics, such as the area of job growth, would reflect the entire metropolitan area instead of just the city alone. Kennedy is best known for his advocating of the demolition of the elevated highway that is east of downtown Dallas.