8 Tips to Help you Become a Smarter Investor

smart investor

You might’ve heard people say invest in gold, invest in property and a lot of different things. Now days earning money isn’t as big of an issue as investing it is. Making good investments is the key to ensuring a secure future. With the ever-changing trends in the market it can be quite confusing to decide where you want to invest your hard- earned money. That’s where we come in, we’ll give you 10 tips to help you make smarter investments.

1.Understand what Investing is

To be a good investor you need to know what investing clearly is. It is commonly confused with saving. While the two go hand in hand they’re two very different concepts. Saving is for smaller, short- term goals such as buying a car. Whereas investing is for long term goals such as retirement. Investing carries high risks but also has great benefits if done wisely.


Before you make an investment, deal with all the financial issues at home and put them in order. Prepare a plan of the expenses, and free up a fixed amount of money for investing on a regular basis. Create an emergency fund that covers living expenses for a certain period, also buy the right insurances to cover any financial damage that may occur in the future. This helps protect your investments.

3.Have clear Goals

For maintaining the drive to do anything you need to have a fixed goal. In this case you need to be clear on why you’re investing the money. It could be for a luxurious life post retirement or covering your children’s tuition fees. Once you know why you’re investing the process becomes much easier. It is essential to prioritize your goals and discuss them with the people who matter to you.

4.Measure risks

Along with understanding the risks of investments and each asset you also need to be sure of how much of a risk you’re willing to take on them. You need to identify your risk tolerance as it affects your investment goals, the amount of time you must invest and various other factors. Many a times investments keep you up all night and you need to be sure you’re up for it.

5.Check your History

To be a smart investor you need to hold realistic market expectations. It is important that you know the history of the stocks you’re investing in and understand how they fluctuate. The average returns are not indicative of a fixed performance per year as they can fluctuate. These fluctuations can be kept in your perspective by knowing the history of the average returns.

6.Note it down

Having a written plan is always beneficial. It is formally known as an investment policy statement. It keeps track of the times both good and bad and helps in discarding ideas that don’t agree with your circumstances. It also keeps check on the performance of the investments you’ve made.

7.Stay Calm

Being nervous really doesn’t work in this scenario. To ensure market gains it is essential to stay in the market during its bottom time see more gains. Investors who are nervous usually stay on the side lines while the market is down or till they feel it is rebounding and miss out on major market gains.

8.Invest Regularly

A smart investor always invests regularly. The risks of the market often compel investors to judge when to be in and when to be out during up and down markets respectively. But it is almost impossible to time the ever-fluctuating market. Hence, it is suggested that you invest regularly and not depending on the markets situation.

5 Companies that You could’ve Invested in to be Rich Today


Stock investment is probably the riskiest business for the general public. Figuring out which stock to buy is no easy task. Monitoring the growth of companies and the rise and fall of stocks requires high market research. Investing in stocks sure is risky, but the returns are high and you might end up getting super-duper rich.

Let us look at 5 companies which, you could have invested in 10 years ago to become super rich today.

  1. Bitcoin

This cryptocurrency went public in 2009 when its points cost about 5 to 10 cents which is roughly 3 to 6 rupees. So, one bitcoin would have cost you 6 rupees back then. If you would’ve sold that Bitcoin for the current price, you would’ve received 280660.87 Rupees for one bitcoin. This insane growth would’ve made you a millionaire if you would’ve invested a few thousand rupees back in 2009. Bitcoin has seen a tremendous growth in 2017 and it is expected to further increase. Don’t you wish that you or your parents should’ve invested in bitcoins and now you would be sipping smoothies from coconut shells in your private island?

  1. Apple

Apple products are getting extremely popular in India. iPhones have become a status symbol amongst the middle-class families. But did you know that Apple stocks were trading around $10 per share in 2007? Now the share prices have hit $154.12. A $5000 investment in 2007, you have gotten you 500 shares in Apple. Selling this stock now, you would have made 77 thousand dollars in 10 years. Of course, these gains look nothing compared to those of bitcoins, but are still significant. And we all know that the Apple market will grow further as it is the most iconic and well-known brand.

  1. Netflix

Netflix isn’t just famous for Netflix and chill, but this giant entertainment package has been a favourite in the business market as well. With an increase in the video streaming industry, Netflix has seen a soaring rise in their stock values. With $3 a share in 2007, in ten years the shares have reached a whopping $181.35. With an investment on $5000 ten years ago, you could’ve easily earned 302 thousand dollars. The growth in the stock price makes Netflix the best stock you could have purchased in 2007. Netflix has seen a few ups and downs, with a 300 percent increase in 2013 and a 400 percent increase in 2003. But in 2011, Netflix suffered a 60 percent fall in its share prices.

  1. Priceline

This travel company with shares traded at $44 ten years ago, now trades shares at $1830.82. By investing in this giant travel agency, you could’ve made 200 thousand dollars. Priceline has been a king in the stock department. It has seen a rapid growth in its prices and currently, without a significant investment, you won’t receive a high profit.

  1. Amazon

Amazon has come a long way from its initial share pricing of $18 in 1997. The shares have skyrocketed 48,197% from their initial pricing. Before you would buy literally anything from this store, Amazon was just an average online bookstore. Investing in Amazon in its early days would’ve made you a millionaire today. During the last ten years, Amazon has gained 1405% in its share prices which is a tremendous growth. Currently, the Amazon share price stands at $961.35 per share. Amazon being a leader in the e-commerce business, constantly adds new products and services, making it the one stock you will want to hold on to for a long time.

This list certainly makes you regret your choices over the last decade. But now, you can try to make wise decisions regarding stock investments. Instead of buying a new iPhone which you probably don’t need, you can use that money to buy some stocks in a growing company, and no one knows you might hit a jackpot. But, always make informed decisions when it comes to stock market. Research the business scenario well and then wade into this risky territory.

What Are The Requirements To Obtain An EIN?

employment identification number

To start your business, you will want to complete your EIN application. The EIN application can be done online, and you will be able to use this number immediately. To apply for an EIN, make sure you know your entity as well as other information that can make the process go smoother.

When is it Time to Complete an EIN Application?

The EIN application needs to be completed when you are starting your business. This number is going to be helpful not only when you are trying to gain capitol, but help when you need to hire employees. This number will also be used when you are trying to file your taxes each year.

You only need one EIN for your business, and it can be used if you are trying to change the legal status or ownership of your business. An EIN will also help you if you are trying to represent an estate that operates a business after the owner’s death.

Knowing Your Entity Will Help Your Business Get Started Quicker

To complete the EIN application, you will want to have your entity selected. The simplest form of entity is the sole proprietorship. The sole proprietorship has few formal accounting requirements, and you can file your own taxes on your personal return.

The Limited Liability Corporation, or LLC, is the best known corporate entity. This allows for plenty of flexibility, including unlimited members. An LLC is attractive to freelancers because it allows for unlimited franchise opportunities. An LLC is governed by an operating agreement, which outlines plans for management.

Obtaining an EIN will be an outstanding way for you to get your business established, and make it immediately competitive. Getting an EIN can be done quickly, and you can use your number right away. If you need any help, work with a document filing service.

Why is MacBook Pro a Great Choice for Work Purposes?

macbook pro

After a lot of waiting around, Apple has finally revamped the MacBook Pro and this refreshed monster machine has been through a series of improvements. Apple products are known to shake things up in the tech world. And this 2017 model is the latest addition to this high-end laptop line up.

The thin and light model, built with faster SSDs and a fast disk speed gives an exceptionally amazing performance. The high-speed clock processor makes it a perfect machine to use in offices. For a demanding office use, MacBook pro is the way to go. MacBook for office use will help to deal with work that require a lot of processing power. With the large touchpad and the new touch ID, MacBook Pro is the ticket. The advanced and faster graphics makes it easier to load software requiring high graphics, making MacBook extremely useful for office work. The 2017 model is 7% faster than the 2015 model in the multi-core model range, while the MacBook Pro 2017 is about 4% faster than the 2015 model in the single-core benchmarks. The impressive 2560×1600 Retina display makes the new model compelling. If your job deals with graphics and design, this bright display is the key. With better and brighter backlighting and the increased contrast, MacBook Pro ensures that you are provided with vivid and realistic images.

The larger trackpad and a better keyboard, along with built-in speakers makes it a must-have for offices. The addition of a touch bar replaces the traditional function key buttons, even our dear Escape button which saved everyone from unresponsive programs. The new touch strip has shortcuts which change depending on the app you are using. This convenient newly added feature makes MacBook Pro perfect for office use. This touch bar lets you control the video and audio playback, along with other things like screen brightness and volume. On a lighter note, the touch bar gives you access to all the emojis, making life simpler.

Use MacBook for office use to get faster than ever processing speeds, shooting up your work efficiency exponentially. The paper-thin screen makes it lighter and sleeker, hence a good choice for office use. The OS X El Capitan is a clean and easy to use interface which is quite UI friendly. Macs are also less susceptible to virus attacks, making it ideal of your office use. For the time being Mac is the safest platform and will ensure that your work life isn’t hampered at all. The Mac AppStore has a variety of free apps that you can install to make your work more effective. You also have the ability to run the mainstream apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your Mac device, making it ideal as your work PC. Not only does MacBook Pro provide an excellent platform, but if things go wrong, Apple provides good technical support and service options.

MacBook Pro isn’t just perfect for office use, but when you want to chill on the weekend, the device will promise to make you movie watching experience as good as the theatre. With 58 percent more volume and a stronger bass for the maximum boom, MacBook Pro makes sure that your Netflix experience is right.

But, the new model has no memory card slot and the only available ports are the USB-C ports which might lead to a few problems, but using an adapter would help to counter all these issues.

Get this coolest gadget on the block, which is sure to attract all Mac enthusiasts, and get ready to flash your fancy monster machines with pride while your co-workers give you the jealous looks.

Does Andrew Argue Offer Consulting?

If you are looking to expand your accounting business, you can probably learn a thing or two from Andrew Argue. While Argue is a well-rounded, and busy consultant, he does offer consulting services for new business owners and small businesses that are looking to grow. Here’s a close look at Argue’s experience and why you should want to learn from this entrepreneur.

Experience: Argue has worked at two separate firms and was able to build his own CPA business. During his Andrew Argue training, you will learn just what worked and did not work for Argue when starting out on his own. Understanding that he had little traditional experience, Argue also committed to working with senior level officials to promote his first project, The Bean Counter.

Consulting Types: While Andrew Argue has built his own firm that can put his keen CPA skills to work for clients, he has also created resources for other accountants who are looking to either start out on their own, or who want to have something on the side. Unlike some university professors, or top of the line work shop giving entrepreneurs, Argue is open about his past mistakes and turns these into valuable lessons.

Reviews: When you read an Andrew Argue review, you will see a lot of positives. Argue has a lot to offer for not just accountants, but any young entrepreneur who wants to start out on their own. A lot of great advice can be found on the Andrew Argue Twitter page where you can get an idea of what Argue offers and how it has worked for others.

In today’s economy, everyone needs a good accountant. Whether you are looking to grow your CPA firm or are yourself an accountant who is looking to start their own business, working with Andrew Argue will definitely be worth your time and effort.

How Do I Know I Need a TIN?

As a business owner or a person in charge of running an estate, you may be asking yourself, do I need a TIN? As you startup a business or you’re considering starting up, there are a lot of things that go into that planning and getting the business running. Determining whether a TIN is a necessary item is just one of those. Here are a few tips to know if you need to apply for federal tax id number before you get other aspects of your business running.

Will You Have Employees?

If you plan on ever having employees for your business or even if you have staff at your home, you’re going to need a TIN. This will alleviate potential tax filing issues later on and makes it easier for your staff members as well when they file taxes.

Business Banking

Whether you need to open up a business line of credit or you need a banking account with your business name on it, you’re going to need a tax id number as part of your paperwork. This is a crucial piece of paperwork you will need before opening up accounts in your businesses name so you can keep the business assets separate from your personal ones.

Change Business Types

If you decide to incorporate or form an S-corporation, it is important to have an IRS EIN tax id number as well. This is needed any time you change the type of business entity you have as well.

Obtaining a TIN is easier than you might think. With the online application at IRS-EIN, you can have your tax id number the same day you apply. It’s an easy process and the government assistants are standing by to help you along the way to make sure everything is in order.

Whether you’re a small business owner or you run an estate, you need to look into getting a TIN for your tax purposes.