How to Get the Best out of the Dollar Stores

In 2020, there are several dollar stores in the United States. Typically these stores have a wide variety of items which they sell for a dollar or less than that. In some countries, this type of store is also known as a variety store. What makes shopping at a dollar store interesting is if you know the right way to shop in here, you could save plenty of money each month.

According to stat by Statista, in 2018, there were a total of 31,620 dollar stores throughout the United States. A thousand more than what it was a year ago. So, there are plenty of stores and you don’t have to worry about traveling far away from your home to find one. I am sure there is a dollar store, within just a few blocks from your home. If there isn’t, then maybe you could try the below-mentioned tricks the next time you visit another city.

How to Get the Best out of Dollar Stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General?

1) Fish For Information on Logistics

There is no point in being a dollar store customer of you are the last one to get to store and there is no stock left for you to take home for cheap. If the items you desire to buy are in demand, there is a possibility that the dollar store orders it every week. Talk to a staff member and find out on what day the delivery vehicles arrive at the store. 

2) Look for Opportunities Online

If you live in a remote location and don’t have access to a dollar tree store, it would be wise to do the shopping online. Stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General have their online stores. The shipping charges are also quite minimal. Just don’t forget to order in bulk. 

3) Make use of Manufacturer Coupons

For each item you purchase from a dollar store like Dollar Tree, you can use a Manufacturer Coupon to get an additional discount. In short, you can get the item even cheaper than a dollar. Dollar tree accepts one Manufacturer Coupon per item. In their terms and conditions (as mentioned on the website), they have made it clear that they do not accept more than 4 coupons a day.

4) Make the Best of the Holidays

Every holiday season, the dollar stores attempt to lure new customers by bringing fresh stock of items that you normally won’t find there. This is the time when you can purchase items worth a lot more than $1 for cheap. From exercise equipment to children’s toys, dollar stores order fresh stock about a month before the holiday season.

5) Have Lunch for Less Than a Dollar


You will be surprised to learn that–like 7Eleven–some dollar stores too have ready-to-eat lunch trays in the store. You can go for anything from a chicken salad to pasta macaroni. Some ready-to-eat meals are available in trays, others you can get them microwaved for free.


These are tips and tricks I have discerned by shopping in dollar stores. I hope they help you get a headstart for your next shopping spree. 

We Buy Any House, No Matter How Much Work Is Needed

Buy house

If you purchased a property that needed a lot of work and now you’re trying to sell, it may be a little more difficult. While it’s challenging to sell a work in progress, it may be easier than you think. You’ve got to focus on finding the right buyer who is not afraid to tackle a big project that has a lot of potential. Here are some ways you can help attract this type of buyer to your project property and sell it quickly.

Advertise It as a Fixer Upper

Start your property sale process by advertising your home as a fixer upper. There is a market for buyers looking for older properties that need some work. Investors, such as those who tout, “We buy any home,” are constantly on the search for properties with amazing potential. When you list your home, make sure you indicate you’re selling it “as is” and that it needs work.

Focus on Unique Details

Another way you can move your fixer upper off the sale market is to spread the hype about your home’s unique details. If your fixer upper home is a historic property, advertise the history behind your home. Find old photographs or illustrations of your home to help buyers see the property in a more positive light. For a newer home, make a list of all of the parts of your home that don’t need work. If you have a new roof, a new HVAC system, or something else that doesn’t need to be updated, mention this in your listing.

Play It Up as a Bargain

The biggest draw of a fixer upper for many buyers is the bargain price. So, if you’re trying to sell a property that needs work, you’ll need to knock down the price a bit to make it seem like a bargain to the average buyer. Do some research on similar properties in your neighborhood that have sold to come up with an appropriate price point. This way, you can give your buyers room in their budget for fixing it up.

Use Nontraditional Home Buyers

Your future buyer for your fixer uppermost likely will be a nontraditional home buyer. In many of these situations, you won’t need to deal with real estate agents or traditional home contracts. To get it sold quickly, consider going with a home buying business that specializes in purchasing fixer upper homes with cash. They may advertise themselves saying, “We buy houses,” and can turn around a fixer upper property quickly.

Provide Information About Remodeling Options

A buyer without a lot of experience with a project property may be overwhelmed at the thought of all of the work required to get the home looking great. You can help show the possibilities by providing information to buyers about remodeling options, such as renovation loans, pictures of similarly remodeled homes, and tax credit details. If you disclose this information to all buyers and present your property as something with hidden potential, you may have more success with fast offers.

Fix Anything Minor

Finally, even if your home needs a lot of work, you can help move the buying process along by fixing a few minor things. Don’t invest thousands of dollars in any of these updates; instead, focus on small projects that take a few minutes or little cash. Work on fixing broken windows, holes in the walls, or other unsightly blemishes on your fixer upper home. Leave the big projects and pricey remodeling transformations to your buyers.

A fixer upper is not always going to sit on the market for months at a time. Many of these properties can sell quickly if you position your home in the right way and price it accordingly.

5 Ways You Can Save On A Budget

Saving extra cash on a small budget can seem impossible when you’ve never done it before. But like any new skill, all you need is time, patience, and dedication to learn how it’s done. Think of budgeting like riding a bike. At first, you’ll need the support of some training wheels, but once you have some experience behind the handlebars of your budget, saving will become second nature to you.

Start your saving journey with this guide. It outlines five easy ways to save— no matter how small your budget is.

Save on budget

1. Take a second look at your budget

A budget should never be a thing you let rot somewhere in a hidden folder on your desktop. You should check in with it often, and update it as changes to your income or expenses happen.

When you take the time to review your budget often, you’ll become familiar with your spending habits. Regular expenses on things you don’t need drain your bank account of money. Once you eliminate them from your routine, you can put this cash into a savings account.

If you’re having trouble finding these patterns in your spending on your own, you can use a money management app like Mint to help. It keeps track of your cash for you and sends notifications when you’re overspending. After a couple of weeks, it’s able to analyze your spending habits, and it uses its findings to send personalized savings tips.

2. Automate your finances

From the posts you see on your Facebook feed to the Starbucks chatbot that lets you pre-order your latte, so many of the services you use in your daily life are already automated. You might as well embrace what automation can do for your savings.

It can be hard to commit to a regular savings schedule. All that cash sitting in your account calls your name, begging for you to spend it. If you can’t resist the urge to spend money you’ve devoted to savings, automating these contributions can take it out of your hands.

You should try setting up an automatic transfer between your checking to your savings on your payday, or see if your employer’s payroll department can split your paycheck deposit between different accounts. It’s hard to spend cash that was never there to begin with, so this helps prevent overspending.

3. Be goal-minded

Saving without direction is risky. It’s hard to commit to anything if you don’t understand how you stand to benefit, so make sure you attach a goal to any savings. You should choose something that will remind you of why you’re cutting out those fun but ultimately unnecessary purchases from step one above. Whether it’s an emergency fund or new shoes fund, this label can help you keep your focus and avoid spending money on other things.

4. Choose financial services wisely

Traditional banking rarely benefits people on a small budget. Conventional bank accounts come with terms and conditions that include expensive monthly fees, overdraft charges, and minimum balances. A lot of the times, these charges are hidden in complex financial legalese that only serves to confuse the average customer. While the biggest retail banks like Citibank and Bank of America are the most popular ways to save your money, they aren’t the only ways. There are alternatives companies that offer no-fee checking accounts and simple personal loans online.

Mobile banks like Chime don’t have any physical storefront, and the money they’ve saved in overhead means they can offer free accounts with no minimum balance. Likewise, a lender like MoneyKey does their lending online. They offer fast payday loans online that are uncomplicated and easy to understand. Clarity is essential when you’re searching for a personal loan. When you know the full extent of your agreement, you can avoid taking a payday loan that isn’t in your ability to repay.

5. Shop better

Spending your money is a part of being an adult with responsibilities. But just because you need to pay for things like shelter, food, and clothing doesn’t mean you have to pay full price for each item on your list. You can find a deal on almost anything if you’re willing to put a bit of time into it. Here are some ways you can cut down the final price on essential purchases:

  • Comparison shop: Most groceries stores will match the price of their competitors if you can prove they’re selling an item for less. This will take time, as you’ll need to find flyers or print outs as proof.
  • Couponing: You don’t have to spend your Sunday afternoon clipping coupons to find deals. You can find coupons and rebates using the apps on this top 7 list of shopping apps.
  • Timing your purchases: If it’s not a “need right now” item, then waiting to purchase something until it goes on sale can help you save. Keep track of popular sales, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Amazon Prime Day to maximize your dollars.
  • Buy in bulk: Going to Costco could save you some cash if you need a lot of one item. Costco hours are wide and flexible, so you can shop during non-peak hours as well. Non-perishable household items like toothpaste and laundry detergent are great to pick up in bulk. Just keep an eye on its price per unit to make it’s cheaper than at the regular grocery store.

You aren’t destined to live without savings just because you have a small budget. You can find ways to set aside cash no matter how tight your finances are, as long as you’re willing to put in the time. Once you get used to these strategies, start looking for more ways to save. You can transform yourself into a saver faster than you think.

5 Tips to Help You Start Your Own Business with only $250

5 Tips to Help You Start Your Own Business with only $250

“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

Are you perhaps considering the option of launching your own start-up? Does the thought of working in a 9-5 job make you want to stay in bed and not get up in the morning? You might be in a position where you cannot find a full-time position, or you might be a stay-at-home parent with a couple of hours per day free each day.

It doesn’t matter what your reasons for opening your own business, what is important is that you would like to start your own business. Apropos to this, the rise of the world wide web as well as the ease in which the global denizen is now able to access the internet, has and continues to make a case for pursuing an online career.

5 Tips to Help You Start Your Own Business with only $250

Launching your startup

Once you have decided to open your own business, the next important step is to decide how you are going to earn an income, and where you are going to operate your business from. Because the assumption is that you only have limited startup funding,  I believe it makes sound financial sense to start an online business of sorts from your home office. Furthermore, in my opinion, the best business to start is a company that invests in one or more of the global financial markets.

How do you go about launching a stock market investment company? As with all startups, it is important to plan your business in intimate detail; consequently, here are several tips to help you launch your financial market investment startup:

Don’t overthink thing; just start

It’s important not to spend a long time pondering about whether you should start your own business. In my opinion, you should find a starting point and just start. You can think your ideas to death and nothing will ever happen; therefore, the idea is to begin working on your startup as soon as possible.

Business plans and business models

As part of the start-up process, it’s vital to draw up a sound business plan as well as a working business model. These documents cannot be static in nature; however, they need to provide a strong foundation for your business. In other words, they are designed to guide you in the face of changing economic and market conditions.

Depending on the type of business you will be venturing into, a sound business plan would include information and basic understanding of your supply chains and your proposed funding options. Typically, businesses that make use of large quantities of materials opt for purchase order financing so as to not harm their cash flows. This might come in handy if your business involves large transactions and orders.

There are many reasons why every business plan and model needs to keep on changing as time goes by; however, one of the most important grounds for a financial market investment startup business model to change is every-changing, volatile geopolitical and socio-economic conditions under which we currently reside.

Education and Research

In order to invest successfully in the global financial markets, it’s vital to find the right online trading broker to partner with. As with all niches, the rise of the information age and the ease with which people can now access the internet, have allowed for many fly-by-night brokers to open their doors for business. Thus, it is critical that you conduct a comprehensive review of all of the current online trading brokerage firms before you decide which online trading broker you are going to sign up with.

Once you have decided on a trading partner, the next step is to open an account, pay the minimum deposit, and then to work through the broker’s education center to ensure that you understand fully how to go about placing successful trades. Your broker should have a demo trading platform that will allow you to practice investing in your chosen financial markets before you progress to the live trading platform.

Trading strategies

Much is being made of the current financial market volatility; as a result, one of the most important ways of overcoming the instability in the market is to stick to your trading strategy no matter what happens to the global financial markets. Don’t change your mind halfway through a trade; otherwise, you risk losing your entire investment.

Final words

Starting an online options trading business has never been easier. You don’t even need large sums of money to start trading on the global financial markets. Conversely, you need the following: a solid understanding of how to invest in options successfully, a trading strategy which suits the current, volatile market conditions, and finally, an investment partner (broker) who you can trust to give you sound trading and financial advice.

Is a College Education Unaffordable for Most People?

 College Education Unaffordable

A great deal of media coverage has been given to the idea that higher education is now unaffordable to anyone without rich parents or a trust fund. With millions of students graduating tens of thousands of dollars in debt, it is not hard to see why people are turning their back on college and electing to get a job instead.

President Elect Donald Trump put student debt on his presidential campaign agenda, so there is a chance that he will do something to help graduates struggling with huge debt, but in the meantime, that leaves us with the question of how to pay for a college education. Can it be done in an affordable fashion?

Investing in a Future Career

There is no doubt that going to college is expensive on many levels, but if you see a college degree as an investment in your future, it should help make things easier. The more educated you are, the easier your pathway through life will be.

People with a degree are eligible for better-paid jobs and are less likely to be out of work. In an increasingly competitive jobs market, the more qualified you are, the better, which is why an MBA in healthcare management is a sure-fire way to ensure you are promoted swiftly through the ranks if you elect to go into the healthcare sector.

Once you have gotten your head around the idea of investing in a future career, your next task is to look at how you can make a college education affordable. Luckily, there are several ways to do this.

Online Degrees

Studying online will significantly reduce the cost of obtaining a college degree. By enrolling on an online degree or MBA course, you can save up to 30% on your tuition fees.

There was a time when an online degree was considered a second-class qualification, but not anymore. Reputable institutions such as The George Washington University now offer online versions of their most popular degree courses.

Instead of attending campus to study for an MBA healthcare, you can enroll on a healthcare management degree online. It’s a flexible and affordable way to get a degree education, and perfect for students who prefer living at home, or who need to continue working while they study.

Study Part-Time

Holding down a full-time job while you study for a degree is a useful way of minimizing the cost of a college degree. Part-time or online courses make it easy for students to carry on working, so if you can’t afford to be a full-time student, look at online or part-time courses instead.

Ask Your Employer to Pay

Another option worth considering if you would like to get a college degree but you have no means to pay for it is ask your employer to cover the cost. Many employers are happy to do this, as it makes for a more loyal and productive employee.

In conclusion, it is clear that a college education is affordable if you think a degree will help your future prospects, so don’t let the cost put you off applying.

How to Simplify Your Money Setup and Enjoy Financial Freedom


Good financial management is one of the toughest things a lot of people try to learn and master. But with a little effort and commitment, it shouldn’t be that complicated.

Essentially, you must understand and practice how to be a minimalist without necessarily having to become a recluse or depriving yourself of the good things of life. It’s more about how you’re able to simply and set up a smart and stress-free financial structure that helps you focus on what is important and secure your future.

Below are guidelines that set you on the path of this objective.

Focus on your need, not wants

By nature, we want more and too often get into a habit of splurging on impulse buys, shopping for pleasure, and looking to purchase items that boost our status or ego. This can lead to living in a house full of things that aren’t essential, and that we’ll eventually have to learn organize or get rid of.

This is a mindset that evolves from years of constant exposure to advertising; and it isn’t a habit that’s easy to stop. To work yourself out of this financial-limiting attitude, make a conscious effort to always differentiate between what you need and what you want or that’s more of a money-guzzling luxury. Focus your spending budget on your need.

Save for an emergency fun

Setting aside an emergency fund will give you a peace of mind, otherwise you’ll live constantly live on the edge, from income to income and month to month.

As the name implies, an emergency fund takes care of unexpected expenses (and they’ll come every now and then) and ensures your financial goals are not derailed.

So, start today setting aside a substantial buffer fund and slowly build it until you’re able to double or triple the sum. To achieve this objective, you’ll have to cut out unnecessary spending and periodic payments that’s become a routine but falls into your ‘want’ category. This list could include anything from magazine subscription, to cable TV, buying books that are readily available in the library, a bigger car, a bigger home et cetera.

Track your spending

if you can, carry a notebook or use a phone app that helps you track your spending.

One smart mobile tool is the B money-saving app, which helps you with great budgeting functions and lets you know when it’s a good time to spend or save money. The B app helps you see where your money goes, stay on your financial target, makes savings look less than a chore.

With limited practice, tracking your spending helps you develop a positive money attitude and avoid impulse spending.

Ditch the credit card, use cash instead

Credit cards are good, but only when you have financial discipline. More often, credit cards create a dent on people’s finances because they spur a habit of spending money that technically doesn’t belong to the holder and therefore keep them in debt.

It’s possible to use credit cards responsibly, but in most cases, they’re a huge temptation. It’s easier to have spending control with physical cash or debit cards, which represent money you actually own and don’t have to pay or accumulate interest on.