Overdraft Fees: What Are They and How Can You Avoid Them?

Have you ever been hit with an overdraft fee? That could be one of the most infuriating things to happen to you on a given day. It’s led many to start questioning the point and even the morality of charging someone money for not having enough money. Where is the sense in that? But it is currently a fact of life, so we must learn what they are exactly and how we can avoid them whenever we possibly can.

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What are Overdraft Fees?

According to Credit Karma, an overdraft fee is an expense charged when a withdrawal from your bank account exceeds the amount of money available in it. Your bank covers the extra cost through an overdraft protection service, and the fee is charged in exchange for the banks covering costs. This overdraft protection prevents you from having your card declined when you attempt transactions past your balance.

How to Avoid Overdraft Fees

  • Get Alerts for a Low Balance

You can automate your balance check ins by asking your bank to set up email and/or text message alerts for when your account balance is low. This way you can transfer some money straight into your account to avoid overdrafting or getting declined.

  • Track your Spending through Mint

If you struggle to watch your spending, then you likely need to improve upon that, not only for the sake of overdrafts. Unchecked spending can lead you to great financial anxiety and increase your likelihood to keep living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Opt Out of the Overdraft Coverage

This is the easiest solution to the problem of overdraft fees. Just simply opt out of the overdraft coverage program with your bank. After doing this, you may have to deal with the embarrassment of getting declined, but if you save a significant amount of money by doing so then it will likely be worth it.

Getting Out of the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

People who suffer most from overdraft fees tend to be those individuals living paycheck to paycheck. A surprising number of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck and it is very stressful. A large overdraft fee would not make that situation any better. So, if your overdraft fees are a result of too little funds altogether rather than an oversight, here are a few ideas for getting out of that horrible paycheck to paycheck cycle:

  • Get Some Temporary Funding

Some individuals find getting some temporary funding helps them get back on their feet so they can make a budget or get a higher paying job. You can look into a home equity loan, personal loan, or a registration loan. Always be sure that you will be able to repay the loan in a timely manner, so you don’t end up defaulting, making your financial situation worse.

  • Get a Side Hustle

Think about getting a side hustle to lift yourself out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Increasing your monthly income could allow you to start putting money aside for the future and give you a little extra cushion to see where you might be able to alter your budget. You could drive for Uber or Lyft, be a dogwalker with Rover or Wag, and any other number of great side jobs.

Places to Make Copies Near Me For Cheap

Not everyone has a printer at their home. Even if you have one, there is no point in buying a new cartridge for the sake of printing out a handful of copies. Depending on the make and model of your printer, a cartridge will cost you anywhere between $40-$100.

Besides, you will only be needing to make copies once or twice a year. Particularly, during the tax filing season or exam period(if you are a student). Why waste a hundred bucks when you can make copies near your home or workplace for free?

Here are a few places near your house or workplace to make copies for cheap or free.

1. Your apartment complex

Every apartment complex has a maintenance office where things like a copy machine, stationery, spare copies, printer, etc are present. Ask your apartment maintenance guy to use the copy machine for a few minutes. You can also use the paper and the stapler available there. This is free of cost way of making copies.

2. Ask your neighbor

Not every neighbor gets creeped out with the thought of interacting with other people in the apartment complex. Make friends with a sociable neighbor and use his/her printer for making free copies. You can return the favors by buying them a coffee or a doughnut sometime in the future.

3. At your school or college

Most schools or colleges let their students use the copy machine for free. Generally, there is a copy machine somewhere around the student section where you can ask the person in charge to make some copies for you. This free of cost way of making copies will save you a lot of money.

The amount you save depends on how much study material you need to be copied. Law students use a ton of study material. So do engineering students.

4. At your workplace

Making copies at your workplace without permission from your employer can get you in some trouble. But it is fine if your company allows it’s employees to use the copy machine for free. You can also take your seniors permission, in case you need something urgently printed.

5. Costco

Everyone knows how unusual Costco is. Now they also have made it possible for you to upload your material(that needs to be printed) on their website and pick the copies the next day. You can do all this for $0.17 per print(4×6 prints).

If the Costco Photo Centre is far away from your home or you don’t have to the time to visit them, you can also order the copies directly at your doorstep(in 5-7 business days).

Costco is cheap to get regular A4 size copies(needed in tax filing, exam preparations, school assignment submission). It is a bit expensive for posters and collages.

6. A local store near you

local store

This should the obvious choice for most of you, but it will cost you a few cents per copy. If spending a few bucks is not a big deal, head straight to your local copy store and get your copies in minutes.

Usually, these stores are run by local businessmen. And they are located near a University, school, a busy area, business street, or near a court.

According to a report by OfficeLink, a black and white copy can cost an average of $0.05 to $0.08, and a page with color costs around $0.12 to $0.15.


This post may seem unnecessary for some people as no one wants to fuss about making free copies. But for those who are learning the ways of frugal living, it can be a great lesson to learn. By successfully getting free copies, you can break the spending pattern and learn how to communicate with people in your vicinity and get things done without paying for it.

How to Deal with Outstanding Student Loans

Student loan debt is so bad that it’s now considered a crisis, with over $1.5 trillion owed among 44 million borrowers in the U.S. alone. These astronomical numbers are second only to mortgage debt and a number of students are suffering with the burden of paying off student loans well into adulthood.

People who graduate with student loans are often trapped in a vicious cycle of constantly being in debt because of an inability to keep up with payments. Even if a student manages to find a job right after graduating, the income alone is often not enough to keep up with student debt as well as the standard cost of living (especially when rent is high). In turn, young adults resort to relying on credit cards to pay for basic things like food, transportation, internet, etc., pushing them even further into debt.

Student loan

So what can be done to offset the burden of student loans? While there are options out there, you’re going to have to do a little leg work to find them.

Debt Consolidation

Instead of paying off all of your loans from multiple creditors and at different interest rates, you can consolidate your debt into one single monthly payment. The Credit Canada debt consolidation program is a great option for people who need a helping hand when it comes to managing their bills and money.

You’ll work with a certified Credit Counsellor who can combine all of your unsecured debt into one monthly payment. They will also negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to either stop or lower the  interest on your debt. From there, they will work with you to create a plan with a specific end date as to when you will pay off everything you owe. To achieve this quickly complete a student loan consolidation form and compares rates to find reduced interest plans.

The goal is to create a repayment plan where you pay off your debt rather than just paying the interest on your debt. With a lower or zero-percent interest rate on your debt moving forward, every payment you make goes towards paying down the principle rather than just covering the interest. This is extremely helpful for people who have more than just student loans to deal with because managing other debts can make paying off your student loan much easier and more manageable.


A number of students are familiar with living on a budget, and it’s something that many adults are going to have to keep up with if they want to pay off their debts. There are a number of useful tools out there for building a budget that works for you, but the most important factor is that you stick with it. Easier said than done, but a budget is the number one way to pay off your debt and secure money for yourself in the future.

Hold off On Major Life Changes

While it’s not something anyone wants to hear, a number of young adults are holding off on major life events like getting married or buying a home in order to save money. With the average cost of getting married sitting at over $30,000, it’s no wonder that couples hold off from tying the knot. Buying a home and settling down to have children is even more expensive, so it’s best that you have your debts in order before even thinking about making these huge financial commitments.

Despite the grim picture, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Keep working towards your goals and you’ll eventually get there.

3 Best Debt Consolidation Loans of 2019

Debt consolidation means to pay off your existing loans by taking one single loan which suits your requirements. It is the best way to streamline the entire repayment process.

Lower interest rates and a low monthly installment are two of the biggest why people opt for a debt consolidation loan. You have a higher chance of getting your debt consolidation loan approved if you have sufficient assets that you can let the lender use as collateral against the loan. This is known as a Secured Loan as the lender has an option to recover money if you fail to repay.

consolidation loan

But with Unsecured debt consolidation loan, the lender has to take a risk by lending you money. If you fail to repay, suing you is the only option the lender is left with. Hence, this loan has a high-interest rate and are difficult to get approved unless you demonstrate a steady flow of income.

Here are the 3 best debt consolidation loans 2019

1. Lending Club

Get your life back on track by applying for a debt consolidation loan online with Lending Club. Lending Club is known for it’d credit card debt consolidation plans which allow users to clear their debt by paying a fixed monthly rate.

Applying for a debt consolidation loan with Lending Club is easy and hassle-free. Apply for a loan online by giving some basic information like the amount you are looking to borrow, your name, address, etc. Once you are done with this, you will get plenty of plans to choose from. Your money gets deposited in your bank account without having to do anything else.

2. Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Debt consolidation loan by Marcus might be the best option for you have a good credit score(above 660) and want a flexible loan term. Marcus is a brand of Goldman Sachs which is headquartered in Salt Lake City.

They lend anything between $3,500 – $40,000 with an APR of 5.99% – 28.99%. Similar to Lending Club, Marcus also deposits the money in your bank account within 1-4 business days(from approval date). They do conduct a soft credit check with credit bureaus like TransUnion to verify your credit score and check your credit history. 

3. OneMain financial

OneMain Financial is a lender headquartered in Pennsylvania. Like Lending Club, OneMain Financial also provides a fixed interest rate, one monthly payment and an option to roll all the debts into one single unit.

To get approved for a debt consolidation loan with OneMain Financial, you need a copy of a valid, government-issued ID, proof of residency and proof of income. You can also ask for a lower monthly payment which they will approve after careful evaluation of your credit score, credit history, income details, etc.


To reiterate, a lowered interest rate and one fixed monthly payment(which does not change with time) are two of the biggest benefits of applying for a debt consolidation loan. “No matter how small or large the principal loan amount is, you are expected to pay off the entire debt within 3-4 years,” says Harrine Freeman, best-selling author of How to Get out of Debt: Get An “A” Credit Rating for Free.

How to Repay a Debt on your Own?

In order to repay a debt, one needs to make an arrangement, and that has to be executed as planned. It is essential you’ll have to make every single vital adjustment to your financial plan so you don’t overspend. An emergency fund account has to be created and the amount has to be transferred to that account every now and then.

Make it your objective to make a checklist and mark an assignment of the rundown every day (or every week), contingent upon how rapidly you need to progress toward becoming debt free. On the off chance that you need to do this perfectly, you need to ensure that you know where you spend every penny.

repay a debt on your own

Always keep an expense sheet, when you can update the expenditure. Make a list of all the debts, the details of the creditor, amount of the Debt, and due date, etc. Always confirm the debts with a credit report. Keeping track of all these details will keep you alert and help you in working out with clearing the debts. Make sure that all the debts are paid off on time. Because if the payment is done after the due date, there would be another additional expense, the Late fee, which would be another burden. Also if you keep missing the due dates consistently, interest rates and finance charges will increase.

Always use a calendaring system on your computer or smartphone, enter your payments there and set reminders several days before your payment is due and also on the date it is due. Never miss a payment, but if you do, don’t wait until the next due date, make the payment as soon as you remember or otherwise it will be reported to the credit bureau.

repay a debt on your own

Don’t just create your list and forget about it. Refer to your debt list periodically, especially as you pay bills. Update your list every few months as the number of your debt changes.  Keep checking them regularly and make sure no amount is spent unnecessarily. Get your free yearly credit reports to check them for exactness and to distinguish all debts.

Having everything worked out before you are extremely the way to progress here. Besides, when you’ve worked it full scale, and it’s in that spot in highly contrasting, it may not appear as outlandish as it did previously. Make a rundown of the details of your debts name of leaser, loan cost, balance, etc. Paying high financing costs on existing loans makes your debt truly mount, and makes paying it off considerably more troublesome. In order to bring down the loan charges. This is what to do:

  • In view of your credit, you may meet all requirements for much better loan costs on Mastercards.
  • Open a free record with Credit.com and see what sort of low rate balance exchange Visas you can get.
  • Call your card guarantors to request lower rates on Visas.

Make a minimum payment, if you can’t pay the whole amount. This way, you can keep your debt from growing and your account will in good standing. Credit Card debts should be paid off first. This is the best kind of strategy as the other debt may not have an interest as higher as a credit card.

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See which costs can be removed from your financial plan. In the event that you eat out various times each week, check whether you can chop it down to just once per week. Mechanize your investment funds. Check whether your boss will give you a chance to contribute some portion of your check to a bank account. The perfect sum is 10% to 20%, however, in case you’re endeavoring to escape debt, this probably won’t be conceivable. Check whether you can begin with 5% every check.

In the event that you can’t mechanize your reserve funds from your check, have your investment funds computerized from your financial records every payday. That way, you don’t coincidentally spend this cash and you won’t miss it. On the off chance that you get a reward or a salary increase, check whether you can stand to contribute a portion of that cash to other accounts.

As you work this framework, remember that it is going to be difficult. Getting rid of the debt takes a lot of work, yet in the event that you really need to clear all of it, it should be your diligence that can get it going. Furthermore, don’t worry about the modifications you might make in your framework. There is never a fixed solution, it’s always tied in with changing your propensities and practices so you can accomplish your financial objectives.

Handling the Dilemma of Repaying your College Debt – Tips & Advices for Students

Student debt

It is rather tough to deal with student loan debt, given the way it is ballooning out of control. Being a student, you must have been acclimatised with the student loan debt crisis that the nation is going through. Americans are recorded to owe a staggering $1.4 trillion in the form of student loan debt and this debt is more than all the car loan and credit card debt combined. 8 among 10 college students left colleges in 2017 with an average of $38,176 as student loan debt. In fact, as per reports from Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances, around 20% borrowers owe more than $50,000.

There are many students for whom it is necessary to take out student loans as they don’t have the financial capability of funding their college and high school life. Whichever may be the cause, student loan debt is leaving the graduates in a state of mess and are forcing them drown in debt. What are the solutions? Is it possible to seek help of Northcash loans or other companies and trigger off your debt? Here are few suggestions from the experts.

Advice #1: Leverage the grace period of your loan

Based on the type of loan you have, your lender might offer you a grace period post graduation where you don’t require making any kinds of payments for the loan. During this time, avert the option of ignoring your debt. In case you’re blessed with the grace period, this is the right time to get a clear comprehension of the loans, set a definite game plan and then begin making payments.

Advice #2: Get to know your loans better

Even though you have crossed your grace period long back, the first step in dealing with student loans is to understand what kind of a loan you’re dealing with. You will find it easier to turn off your brain, continue with the minimum monthly installments and not give it any second thought. However, if you wish to make an impact, you should know the way in which the loan works.

Advice #3: Select the best plan for repayment

You could always have the option of selecting a better plan for payment like the Income Based Repayment Plan or the Pay as you Earn repayment plan. Such plans give you the discretion of making affordable monthly payments based on the income that you make in a month. You can also seek help of student loan consolidation in case you have difficulty in tracking your multiple loans.

Advice #4: Stick to a strict budget

Once you’re sure about the monthly payments that you have to make, you should instantly create a budget for the entire month. While devising the budget, trim anything that you can so that you could put more money towards the debt. Find out new ways of saving money.

So, if you don’t want to be caught within the trap of student loan debt which keeps soaring out of control with every passing day, make sure you follow the above mentioned advices shared by financial experts.