6 Common Home Accidents (and How to Prevent Them)

prevent home injuries

Your home is a sanctuary—at least, it should be. Alarmingly,over 18,000 people die each year in the U.S. from injuries in the home. Unintentional injuries tend to be stressful, sad and costly for everyone involved, often requiring a trip to urgent care or an emergency room. Furthermore, if a guest sustains an injury at your home, you could be liable for their medical bills and suffering! Reducing the possibility of such incidents is beneficial for everyone involved.

Be aware of these six common home accidents and learn more about how to prevent them.

Slip/Trip ‘n’ Falls

Most of us have taken a tumble at some point in our lives. But falling the wrong way—or down a flight of stairs, onto a sharp corner or against a hard surface—can have serious consequences. Children and elderly family members are especially vulnerable to this type of injury. Stanford Children’s Health names falls as the leading cause of nonfatal injuries in children. There are approximately 8,000 fall-related emergency room visits for children under the age of 19 daily.

The key to minimizing slipping and tripping risks in the home is to make sure walkways are clear. Something as simple as tucking away a cord can help, as can straightening up disorder. Avoid shadowy or dim lighting, and try to utilize non-slip surfaces around your house (especially when it comes to rugs and shower mats). Install handrails wherever needed for extra safety.

Dog Bites

Fluffy wouldn’t hurt a fly, right? A whopping 4.5 million dog bites occur every year in the U.S., and almost one-fifth of those become infected. Furthermore, dog-related injuries account for over one-third of homeowner’s insurance liability claims paid out last year. As a result, insurance carriers often charge more to insure certain breeds or blacklist them altogether.

Let’s say a friend comes over for lunch and you both mistake your dog’s barking for an excited greeting. The next thing you know, your pooch has lunged at your friend and left a mark. This will likely be a major strain on the friendship, and your friend could sue you for the prices of a doctor visit, antibiotics and more. If you compared homeowner’s insurance quotes and enrolled in a policy before an accident like this, your policy will cover the damages. If you didn’t, be prepared to reach into your own pocket for liability-related expenses.


The keys to minimizing the chance of someone getting burned in your home are two-fold: practice active fire safety and stay vigilant while cooking. Whether you’re boiling a tea kettle or preparing a five-course meal, make sure you’re attentive when it comes to the range and oven. Have at least one working fire extinguisher on hand and know how to use it. Brush up on your “stop, drop, roll and cool” reflexes at least once per year. And always keep everything flammable out of the reach of children.


Paper cuts may be a part of life, but serious wounds shouldn’t be. No one ever starts chopping an onion assuming they’ll soon be holding their bleeding hand in a towel, but it happens in a flash. Therefore, it’s so important to stay alert while you’re chopping. To be on the safe side, always utilize sharp knives and store them safely, like in a designated knife block.


Drowning can occur in pools, bathtubs and more. According to the National Safety Council, it’s theleading cause of death for children ages 1 to 2, and the second leading cause of death for children ages 3 to 6. Parents should close and lock toilets, fence in pools and monitor children closely. Certification in CPR can help save a life in home drowning incidents.


In cartoons, bottles of poison are usually labeled with a huge skull-and-crossbones motif. In real life, it’s not so simple. Poisoning can occur from mixing medications, accidently ingesting household products and more. Make sure bottles are clearly labeled and stored in a safe place. Post the Poison Control hotline number, 1-800-222-1222, prominently around your home.

That covers six common home accidents and how to prevent them. Keep your family, friends and house guests safe whenever they’re on your property.

3 Things Debt-Free People Do That You Don’t

Things Debt-Free People Do That You Don't

Being financially independent and completely debt-free may be just a dream for a very large population of people. These dreamers are usually the ones who are giving chunks of interest money to the bank on a monthly basis.

But you don’t have to be jealous of the smart savers. Why don’t we go ahead and look into some simple habits they have and other people don’t. We might just find out the secret that is helping these savers keep a ton and break away from the bank’s jaws.

Every penny counts mentality

If you ever went shopping with one of these smart savers or you just had an opportunity to follow him on one of his shopping ventures, you know what I mean by this subheading.

People who are truly fighting for their money will know how to respect it and will not waste it buying stuff they don’t need. It is not unusual to see them following a shopping list while buying food and groceries either.

Why do you think it is important to sit down and make list before you actually go shopping?

Do a simple test.

Try going shopping without a list like you always do and save your receipt from the supermarket.

Then, on another occasion, take a minute of your time to write down everything you need to fill your refrigerator.

Don’t buy anything else than what was written down! Hold on to that receipt also and take your time to analyze how much money you spent on both occasions and how important were the items you bought.

Surprised? Don’t be! It’s those small things that can make a huge difference at the end of the day. Learn and practice to save your money and use it more efficiently.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to get money

Saving is just one side of the coin. Stashing your money infinitely and for no obvious reason won’t get you far either. Inflation will literally eat up all your money’s value in no time if you hold on to it for long enough.

Instead, pay closer attention to what’s happening everyday around you. Get familiar with financial instruments, ways of investing money, follow fluctuations of exchange rates.

Possibilities are almost infinite. Make sure to use that little extra you saved to invest it wisely and multiply it. This will significantly speed up the process of repaying your debt.

Try to negotiate

Negotiation is one of critical skills that debt-free people possess and are not embarrassed to resort to. It’s really a shame for some reason not to negotiate in the first place. It just shows you don’t respect your money enough.

If you look at financially independent people that are always negotiating. Whether they are buying groceries at the local market, searching for a better car deal or negotiating a perk they need associated with their credit card. Always negotiating…

Taken into perspective of a person who is repaying a debt and putting loads of money in the bank every month, negotiating might just mean getting better terms of debt repayment. For example, do you know what is a debt agreement? If you haven’t heard of it yet, make sure to explore that option instead of giving so much more money every month than you should.

Of course, even if you follow in all these steps nobody’s saying that you will succeed to repay all your debts in a jiffy. But if you succeed to change your mentality and set your mindset differently, you are much much closer to reaching financial freedom.

Hellen McAdams

Hellen McAdams is the chief strategist at Marketee.rs. She loves a good digital marketing strategy and isn’t afraid to ask questions everyday to keep up with the industry’s trends. If you have any comments or questions, shoot her a question at @hellen_mcadams.

How Do I Know I Need a TIN?

As a business owner or a person in charge of running an estate, you may be asking yourself, do I need a TIN? As you startup a business or you’re considering starting up, there are a lot of things that go into that planning and getting the business running. Determining whether a TIN is a necessary item is just one of those. Here are a few tips to know if you need to apply for federal tax id number before you get other aspects of your business running.

Will You Have Employees?

If you plan on ever having employees for your business or even if you have staff at your home, you’re going to need a TIN. This will alleviate potential tax filing issues later on and makes it easier for your staff members as well when they file taxes.

Business Banking

Whether you need to open up a business line of credit or you need a banking account with your business name on it, you’re going to need a tax id number as part of your paperwork. This is a crucial piece of paperwork you will need before opening up accounts in your businesses name so you can keep the business assets separate from your personal ones.

Change Business Types

If you decide to incorporate or form an S-corporation, it is important to have an IRS EIN tax id number as well. This is needed any time you change the type of business entity you have as well.

Obtaining a TIN is easier than you might think. With the online application at IRS-EIN, you can have your tax id number the same day you apply. It’s an easy process and the government assistants are standing by to help you along the way to make sure everything is in order.

Whether you’re a small business owner or you run an estate, you need to look into getting a TIN for your tax purposes.

Mistakes of salespeople: what are we doing wrong?

Even though the scope of IT-products should be promoted through the advertisement in the same way as any other goods, its specifics is a bit different. As the area of informational technologies is new, market analysts sometimes notice mistakes that are typical for salespeople in IT-company.

Mistake 1: The channel of sales is chosen in a wrong way

IT-scope is successfully developing if it is relies upon such channels of sales as:

– tender stock exchange,

– web-portals of potential customers where industrial espionage could be committed;

– work with social media,

– mass mailing,

– and cold calls.

Al these channels have to be investigated for a certain period of time so as to estimate the competence of sales, size of target audience and possibilities for further promotion.

Just take into consideration that NetSuite’s Sales Force Automation software powers organizations with integrated processes and gives them energy to continue functioning.

Mistake 2: Study of sales channels is underestimated

Each channel of sales requires certain amount of efforts put in its activity.

However, it often happens that a salesperson sends one hundred letters and gets upset if does not receive any answers. Surely, if he had asked his colleagues, he would have found out that appropriate number of letters could be nearly one thousand.

The same is about the calls. It is not enough to phone to several companies and then be frustrated because nobody has wanted to purchase a product. In the strategy of cold calls one conversation from one hundred is likely to work it out.

Additionally, if the sales channels are monitored constantly, it is easier to figure out if all of them are suitable. In case you see that despite all the efforts the channel does not provide you with the dignified feedback, it would rather be cancelled.

Mistake 3: wrong choice of target audience

Let’s predict that you are a young company that is developing software applications for business projects. Perhaps, the potential client should be regarded as the middle and large enterprises whose executives are interested in digital technologies.

In this case we have to aim promotional campaigns at the various travel agencies, huge Internet-shops, private medical clinics, financial institutes, etc.

Here, everything is clear, but let’s look at another option.

Suppose we represent a new company that is monetized mainly on reverse outsourcing of PHP developers. In this case the target audience is bound to be represented by Western IT companies (it is better if we work with start-ups) while the main task is to provide the clients with the additional people. One more variant is studios of design that would need IT-specialists.

It could be a wrong option to mix these two categories of clients. We have to offer what is important for the client.

By the way, one more mistake that quite common is to choose the region which everyone wants to collaborate with. You should remember that the bigger region is, the higher the rivalry becomes.

Mistake 4: Lack of time for presentation materials preparation

Sometimes salespeople in IT companies do not think they need to prepare the presentations materials. However, nice and clear commercial proposal is what your client always wants from you. The same should be said about the service offer and portfolio of IT-company.

Visualization is the key to success.

If you are not sure that you have prepared everything that could serve you good, compare your business documents with the following list:

  • General description of company and services;
  • Service offer for B2B clients;
  • Service offer for B2C clients;
  • Service proposals for all the niches which the company covers;
  • Sample of commercial proposal;
  • Estimate document;
  • Portfolio and feedbacks.

The Common-Sense Approach to Slimming Down

The Common-Sense Approach to Slimming Down

Just like there’s a right and a wrong way to approach finances, this also rings true for losing weight. Sure, there are a range of different diets, methodologies, programs, and “gurus”, but the goal stays the same and most of the basics are consistent, especially if it’s a sustainable and healthy take on weight loss.

It’s true that everybody is different and we are genetically predisposed to have a certain build or store fat in various places. However, it’s important to also see our bodies as smart and efficient machines that work in a logical manner to keep you alive and well, powering all your day-to-day actions and activities.

With that in mind, there are some universal truths, that if kept in mind, should help even the most stubborn fat reserves melt away with hard work and dedication.

Truth #1:  When You Don’t Burn Calories, You Store Them

Calories have been getting some bad rap over the years, but the truth is, we can’t survive without them. Calories fuel our bodies!

However, when we eat more of them than our body needs, we store them as fat for a time of scarcity – which we rarely experience these days in the developed world. When we restrict the number of calories we consume, or else burn them with additional physical activity, we make our bodies use these fat reserves to power through this “time of scarcity”. A word of warning, however- a low calorie diet is not recommended for extended periods of time, something to be discussed with your doctor or medical advisor.

Truth #2: Moving Around Helps

There are a couple of ways in which regular exercise and physical activity can aid in slimming down. For one, it immediately burns calories. Your body burns fuel, also known as calories, in eliciting the responses you are looking for, whether that’s running 5 kilometers or lifting weights. Secondly, as you work out, you build muscle. Muscles require more calories to maintain at their state, meaning that even if you didn’t move all day and your body was just “vegetating” a muscular person would burn more calories than a person with small or underdeveloped muscles.

Truth #3: A Healthy Diet Plan is Key

A person who eats 1500 calories a day in KitKat bars will look vastly different than one who eats a varied menu of healthy food like lean proteins, leafy greens, and fiber-rich carbohydrates, even if the total number of calories is the same. And though calories are a good guide to start with, you will need to develop a menu that will address any of your current health concerns like high cholesterol, low iron, etc., while serving up delicious and nutritious options you will grow to appreciate. There are also many interesting and useful products on the market, formulated to help you achieve your goals with minimal effort.

A popular aid in weight loss are protein powder and supplements which can be incorporated into your food or else into smoothies or shakes. The best meal replacement shakes include fat burning supplements, which can help you slim down quickly, at maximum convenience.

As a final word, the best approach to slimming down is a consistent one. It might take a while to see the results that you want, especially if you are taking a sustainable approach, however, it’s worth sticking to.

Dedication and consistency are the magic sauce which activates this common-sense approach to losing a few pounds and slimming down. If you are doubtful that your “set up” is correct, don’t hesitate in reaching out to a professional with experience who will be able to tailor an optimal plan for you.

Signs That You Need to Quit Your Job

Quit Your Job

Not everyone is lucky enough to find their dream job in the first shot. Not everyone is genius enough to combine their work and passion early in life. Not everyone is opportune enough to do what they want to do in life, some have their own limitations.

Many people have to take retakes before finding the picture perfect job that they imagined for themselves. We take up many wrong jobs in this process. But there are always signs that people might not notice. These are those signs.

  • Zero job satisfaction

Satisfaction is very essential in anything that we do, especially a job in which we are putting our efforts day in and day out. If your job doesn’t? give you satisfaction then it is not the right job for you. You should feel happy and proud each time you succeed in any work at the office. There should be a sense of accomplishment.

  • No time for personal life

Good work life balance is important for the well-being of yourself and the people around you. Because you not only have to manage your professional life but also give time to your social sphere of life. Just slogging your days and nights in office will only lead to depression and loneliness. Your health will deteriorate. Balance ?is key.

  • Ideas not being heard

Start searching for new jobs if your ideas no longer matter to the corporation you are working for.

  • Odd one out

If you feel like you are the odd one out in your workplace, it is a good sign that you need to start looking for other jobs. If you can’t fit in the work culture of corporates then it is absolutely fine. Not everyone is designed to do the same kind of job. There is no need to stress about this. Your skill sets may match some other job profile. Do self-introspection. Find out your skills. Apply for the appropriate job. You shouldn’t work in an atmosphere where there is a clash between your beliefs and those of the employer’s. Same level of understanding is essential for bringing out the best possible outcome.

  • Abuse at workplace

People have experiences of verbal or sexual abuse in workplace. They generally ignore it and do not report because of the social stigma attached to it. Even if it is reported there is no guarantee of it being resolved. Working back in that atmosphere is not an easy feat. But people do not quit jobs become of this reason alone. Due to personal or professional reasons they keep on working in the same place, torturing themselves.

  • No increment

Now increment is very necessary. Every individual needs an incentive to keep working hard. Monetary increase is the best one, because after all financial good health is important for survival and it is the major driving force for working in the first place (after following your passion, if you are!) If your workload has increased and yet your pay hasn’t then you need to start thinking twice about continuing in the same position or not.

  • Boredom

If you have reached a level of stagnation in your job and your office is not providing you any options of professional growth then it is time to move on. Start finding new jobs that match your job profile.

  • Unhappiness

If you are worried about your job at all times and even discuss only the stress related to your employment condition with your colleagues, friends and family, then you are clearly unhappy with your job. If your thoughts are filled with negativity with regard to your job then you are not content with job itself.

  • Poor workplace relations

Having no understanding? friends and colleagues in the workplace is a worrisome situation. If you avoid resolving issues with the boss or coworkers because you know that it can’t be is a sign that you need to quit that job. You start avoiding people because you dislike them. Humans are social animals. Our happiness, to a large extent depends on our social circle. Imagine the situation where it doesn’t even exist! Now if your workplace is like that then you won’t be able to give your full to the job.

  • Underutilized skills

A job is perfect only if it utilises the skills of the worker to the full potential and also adds to the skills sets. Every new day should be a learning experience in the office. Only then will it remain exciting. If your promotions are being pushed aside, or you have been receiving simple assignments, then either you don’t have the skills for the job or your skills are being unnoticed. Your growth is hampering. No one requires such a job.

  • Lack passion

If you are daily getting up sad and unhappy and force yourself to go to office then the job is not working for you. If there is no passion, no excitement in doing the work eight hours a day, five days a week then what is the point in putting your  efforts in such a job. You won’t ever give your 100% in such a job. Neither the company will grow nor your personality.

  • Low performance

If you aren’t giving your one hundred percent at the job then it is time to leave. Or if your performance has started dipping lately then maybe you need to change your job.

Sometimes it is obvious and sometimes it isn’t. If yours is the second case, then you probably don’t know yet that you need to quit your job. Just check for the aforementioned signs and if they tally with your situation, then, my dear friend, it is time  to say bye bye to your job this instant!

There are times when you what next needs to be done but taking that next step is the difficult part. Change is difficult but only at first if it is for the good. Before taking any rash decision about your job we the pros and cons about you, your job and workplace environment.

Don’t let emotions get in your way of judging any situation. Keep the personal grudges aside and try to take the high road. Before deciding to quit your job consider your options. Don’t leave the job in haste.

Think calmly and then make the next move after going through all the situation thoroughly.