Top 6 Best Jobs in Dallas Texas[2019]

Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about what career to choose once you are done with the final year of secondary school?

The sooner you choose your Minors and Majors, the better are your chances of doing well at college and later, on the job. According to a report by CNBC, Texas stands eight on the list of the states offering America’s highest-paying jobs.

Here is the list of top 6 best jobs in Dallas, Texas in 2019.

1. Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists are medical representatives dealing with the mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. This is one of the best jobs in Dallas Texas. The average base salary of a psychiatrist in Dallas is approximately $222,922. As a psychiatrist, you get to add value and influence people all your life. This is what makes it so rewarding.

2. Human Resources Managers

HR manager

As a Human Resources Manager, you will be planning, directing, and coordinating the administrative functions of an organization. Are you a people person? If the answer is yes, then becoming a Human Resource professional can be a great idea. You do need specific educational qualifications to apply for a job as a Human Resources Manager. Theyearn around $50,597 annually.

3. Art Directors

For people with a creative bone, Art directing can be a lucrative career choice. You get to work on visual styling in magazines and television shows. Anaverage annual salary of an Art director in Dallas, Texas is $54,200. And they also can earn a lot as a freelancer($15.17).

4. Sales Engineers

Sales Engineering is one of the most underrated career choices of modern times. Some companies also advertise sales engineering position as “Techno-Commercial Executive”. This is the right job for you if you are someone with an engineering background but wish to work in sales and marketing. Onaverage Sales Engineers in Dallas Texas earn $101,951 per annum.

5. Physical Therapists

Are you someone who has a natural ability to heal and revive a person? Becoming a Physical Therapist will allow you to do just that. Andalso earn a handsome $75,718 per year. Mostly, you will be working in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The future is amazingly bright as you can also start your own business.

6. Petroleum Engineers

Love to spend time at sea? Petroleum engineers help find oil and gas for the country’s energy needs. You will be working with a team of engineers to on the rig. Extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface is the main goal of a Petroleum engineer.Average base salary of a Petroleum Engineer in Dallas, Texas is $121,047 per year. And you are required to spend more than 3 months in the middle of the ocean.


If you are born and raised in big cities like Manhattan and Los Angeles, Dallas will appear like a small town to you.

Dallas might not have to glimmer and shine like that of a big city like Manhattan or Los Angeles, but it is a hub for technology. Big tech like Texas Instruments and AT&T were created from the ground up in this state. Moreover, people here are incredibly friendly and warm.

5 Things To Do Before An Interview To Impress A Hiring Manager

I am guessing you are a fresh graduate trying to get some interview calls to finally land your first job. Or you have been to a few interviews but are unable to impress the hiring manager. Whatever your situation may be, the points discussed further in this post will help you land your first job within a few weeks.

Here are 5 things to do before an interview to impress a hiring manager. Few of the points below may cliched, but trust me, these are the only things a hiring manager looks for before hiring an employee.

1) Have a strong online presence

Online presence

Websites like LinkedIn and AngelList provide an amazing platform for both the candidate and the hiring manager to test each other before deciding to invest further. This saves time, energy and money. In fact, I know plenty of people who got an interview via their LinkedIn profile. You don’t need to go overboard with your profile. List the attributes and professional skills that you own. Hiring managers love to visit the candidate’s social media profile and make a judgment of the kind of person they are.

2) Be punctual

By being late for the interview, you have already lost half of the battle. After that, every decision the hiring manager makes will be influenced by you being late for the interview. This is the worst way to approach an interview. To impress your hiring manager, reach the interview location at least 15 minutes before the actual interview time. You don’t know what might come up on your way to the interview.

3) Think about all the reasons why you want to join

“Why would you like to join our organization?” is one of the interview questions that you are going to be asked no matter what industry you are planning to work in. A hiring manager wants to make sure you are joining their organization for the right reasons. Your reason could be anything. Wanting more money, a new challenge, change of career, etc are all good reasons to join a new company. By being honest and proving a prepared answer to this question, you will impress your hiring manager.

4) Dress appropriately

There is no fixed dress code when it comes to dressing for a job interview. The type of clothes you wear for a job interview should be based on what you know about the company and its employees. For instance, wearing a suit for an interview in a startup company won’t be appropriate. You can get away with it but if you want to impress a hiring manager in a startup company, you better wear something like a semi-formal shirt and trousers.

6 Morbid Careers with Devilish Incomes


Many people end up re-evaluating their job choices. It may be due to the less pay or it may be due to no enthusiasm because of no interest in the field. But what people usually ignore is the jobs with a little or a lot of darkness. But you may be interested to at least give them a chance once you get to know how much they pay. While these jobs not be for the faint-hearted, their financial rewards more than cover up on the deeds of the job.

  • Grave Digger

This job may sound too morbid, but it comes with its fair share of benefits. If you’re a hands-on working person who is fit enough for digging holes on the ground and maintaining those grounds, this might be the job for you. The job pays an average salary of $25,000 that can go up to $40,000 depending on your experience or seniority. The working hours are usually 9 AM to 5 PM, with a chance to work during the weekends too.

  • Coroner

If you have an encyclopaedia knowledge about the human body and don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty, this is the job for you. A coroner usually coordinates with or carries out autopsied on dead bodies, and suggests if the cause of death requires an investigation or not. They are called to the crime scenes and carry out the dead body/bodies to perform an autopsy on and move the investigation forward. The average salary of a coroner is about $65,000.

  • Cremation Technician

Cremation is becoming a more opted for option nowadays. If you don’t mind working in the heat, this may be the job for you. A cremation technician’s job is to cremate the correct body and preserve its ashes to be passed on to the family members. The job on an average pays the worker $30,000.

  • Forensic Pathologist

If you have a knack for examining weird human anatomy and finding mysteries hidden in them, this is a perfect job for you. Forensic pathologists are usually called to investigate and examine bodily fluids, bodies, tissues and other body samples to find out the cause of death. They’re even called by the coroners if they’re not able to identify a certain aspect of the autopsy. The salary for this job begins at $100,000 and only goes up with experience.

  • Funeral Service

This is a job for someone who has good people skills and can handle rough environments with people around. Running your own funeral service or being a manager is a tough job, as you’d have to manage many aspects like embalming the body before it arrives, organizing the funeral, filing for and obtaining death certificates and getting the required permits for having the burial. This line of work can pay as much as $75,000.

  • Embalmer

This one is a bit of a doozy. If you don’t mind cleaning up a dead body and dressing it up for a funeral, you may want to consider this job, especially because of the money it pays. The job also requires you to do many other things like draining the blood and replacing it with embalming fluid. The pay for this job starts at $40,000.

Now that you know some of the horrid jobs that may give people nightmares, you also know how much they pay. So, if you can handle it and have the proper education or experience required for them, you know what to do.

What Are the Top 3 Resume Formats and When Should You Use Each One of Them?


Even with the current use of social media for job searching, resumes are still very essential when it comes to job hunting. But you’ll agree with me that not just any resume format is the best to land you the chance in the business even if you meet the minimum qualification. And, of course, I bet you won’t want your resume to be disqualified by the HR or management, right? Different situations call for a different format to be used. The following are the top three formats and when you should use each of them. Please read on.

  1. Chronological Resume

This format of a resume is the most widely applied. In this format, you’re required to list your work history information in reverse chronological order. This means that you should start with your most recent job all the way to your first job. Most employers would prefer this format owing to its ability to provide a quick snapshot of work history. Your employer will, therefore, easily identify your most recent positions up front. Sounds great, right? But when should you use this resume format? Well, you should apply this format if you’re having a solid work history with no lapses between jobs and your main aim is to boost your career. The format is also a perfect fit for you if your work experience is aligned with the job you’re interested in applying. Perhaps, you’ll need to submit a well-written resume to increase your chances. And using reputable and professional resume templates can greatly save you the hassle. For instance, you can use these resume templates for your next job hunt.

  1. Functional Resume

This format frames you in terms of the skills and abilities that you believe mostly relate to the job opening you want to apply. The format, unlike chronological format, does not emphasize on when and where you acquired or put your skills into practice. It rather focuses on putting the skills in order of the most relevant to the least relevant at the top of your resume. And by “least relevant,” it doesn’t mean the skills are irrelevant to the job opening, but just the least relevant of the relevant skills. Such a format is relevant if you’re having unusually large employment gaps and are interested in promoting a specific set of skill. You can also use this format if you’re interested in changing your career into a new industry.

  1. Combination Resume

As the name suggests, this format combines both the chronological and functional resume formats. In this format, you’ll start with the functional part where you normally state your qualifications summary or professional profile by highlighting your skills, achievements, and abilities that are relevant to the job you’re interested in applying. The chronological part then follows. Here, you state your reverse-chronological experience, education background, and other relevant sections. You should use this particular format when you’re a master in what you do and are interested in showcasing a specific and well-developed skill set. You should use the format also when you’re transferring to a different industry.


Whatever the format you’ll be using, you should ensure that your resume is brief and easy to read to increase the chances of acquiring yourself the job opening in a certain business. In this case, using the professional templates can be a good way to accomplish this. Also, look out for other relevant blogs to learn more about job hunting resumes and the best format for specific options. Good luck!

Are Online Careers as Feasible as they Sound?

Online career

You may hear a lot of people say these days that they have an online job. What does this mean? This means that they do not need to over to a formal office from 9-5. They need to work over the internet. In the sense, work is send over mail or post and submissions need to be made by the prescribed deadline. This help them to work from anywhere, at any time and function according to their convenience. Now, are you confused if online careers as feasible as they sound? Read ahead now to understand why you may take up an online job and excel.

Unlike the past days, the online world has now rapidly gained popularity. You may give this credit to addictive social media or the excellence of search engines. But, that doesn’t change the fact that everyone is hooked onto their phone, tablets, or laptops all day. The internet is where everything is available, be it from shopping, to news, to jobs. Thus, online careers are indeed as feasible as they sound. This is so because you get to pick from a wide variety of profession options.

Several websites provide secure jobs. However, like every coin has a flip side to it, there also exist scams. Thus, it is advised to always ask for a formal appointment letter before beginning work which specifies the name of the company, your terms or service, the salary to be paid and also the registration mark of the company with the official stamp and signature. On receiving this, you can be assured that this is a genuine company and you have successfully landed your job in this age of rising unemployment.

Online careers are also sought these days because they allow ease of operations. You can take your own time to work as per your convenience. This allows scope for recreation and the time to follow hobbies and other passion. In fact, online careers are also extremely helpful for those who need to look after children at home, cannot go to office because of other constraints or cannot move to other cities for better paying jobs. In such cases, online jobs prove to be a boon. Not to forget, it also cuts down on travelling cost. All that is needed is an interconnection and the relevant skill.

Lastly, online careers are also very feasible because you can opt for more than one options. This means that you can make time to work for two or more companies (if their policies allow) and make more money. This is bound to help you to utilize yours day better and also lead a better standard of living. And, do not worry if you feel that you do not have the required skills. Online training on Skype and TeamViewer is also very common these days. Thus, let go of your inhibitions and start and online career today. It is only likely to gain more fame as days advance.

Excellent Part-Time Jobs to Make Your Way Through College

Working part-time is part of the college experience. Depending on what you do, you can make between several hundred to several thousand dollars. For many students, part-time jobs offer a much needed monthly stipend to buy books, for transportation, and for compensating for rent when living off campus. For others, part-time jobs are necessary to pay tuition.

Most universities offer on-campus part-time jobs. However, these jobs are few and the demand is immense. If you plan on finding work, it will be necessary to look outside the campus too. You might have to travel a bit, but if the money is good, then it will be worth it.

If you are thinking about making some cash while studying for your degree, here is a list of the best part-time jobs for college students:

1.  Freelance Writer

If you have decent writing skills, you can work as a freelancer for magazines, blogs, and digital marketing campaigns. Pay will vary depending on the type of writing you do and the employer. As the writer, you will have to produce written content as specified by the employer. This is a good job you can do without traveling that will also complement your studies. As writers, the more experience you have, the more money you will be able to earn in the future doing similar jobs.

2.  Social Media Assistant

This is a rather easy job to find where college students are actually preferred by employees. Job duties will entail updating and managing social media channels for marketing purposes. Some companies expect social media assistants to help with digital content production as well. If you like writing and communications, this will be a job title that will help you find a proper job in the future. For students who hope to work in sales or marketing in the future, a part-time job like this would be just what’s necessary for gaining professional experience.

3.  Non-Profit Charity Fundraiser

This is actually one of the best paid part-time jobs a college student can have, according to Business Insider. You can get paid up to $30 an hour.  What a charity fundraiser does is network and advocate to raise money for the causes the charity is supporting. This is an excellent job for communication, politics, public relations, or similar majors. It’s definitely a part-time job you can put on a resume without feeling shame.

4.  Cafeteria Worker

This is a widely sought-after part-time job on campuses. Work is on campus, so you don’t have to travel far. Also, the work schedule is flexible. The boss will definitely understand if you need time off for finals week. Students are also paid minimum wage in the state or in some cases even more. If you can find a 20 hour work week, you will be able to earn thousands of dollars per semester. While the money and the hours can be good, being a cafeteria worker is a tough and dirty job. You will have to put up with a lot, and later maybe even use it in a graduate school application.

5.  Grant Analyst

This is a skilled job that is best suited for seniors and graduate students. Grant analysts review and sometimes approve paperwork submitted for obtaining grants and funding. The part-timer will be expected to help out with these analyses. Employers typically seek experienced part-timers, and those majoring in fields like finance will definitely be preferred.

6.  Online Researcher

This is an easy and educational part-time job that can earn up to $40 an hour. Online researchers are sought after by business and other professionals who seek factual information that they are too lazy to Google. Part-timers will be expected to dig beyond Google however and present answers in an easily understandable and relevant manner. You may be required show top-notch research skills for seeking out high-quality content. Some may be required to be experts in a certain area. It’s best if you try to do research within the field of your major.

7.  Content Editor

This is the idea job for English or journalism majors. Content editors go through loads of articles and check them for grammar, spelling, and style problems. The job is easy enough if you know how to use a style guide properly. However, pay per article is low, so you will have to go through high volumes of articles to earn a decent monthly pay. Still, the perks are many. No traveling is needed and you can work from your dorm room. Plus, for English and journalism majors a job like this would provide illuminating experiences that will help future careers.

8.  Assistant Librarian

If you want to make money at a pleasant work environment, then there’s nothing better than working part-time at the school library. You can also try looking for positions at nearby community or public school libraries. As an assistant librarian, you will be expected to help out keeping shelves in order, updating digital databases, assist visitors, and help at the checkout desk. It’s largely a stress-free job. When work slows down, you will have plenty of time to get homework done too.

9.  Night Auditor

This is a skilled job best suited for math, computer, finance, or accounting majors. Night auditors pull overnight shifts at places like hotels to assist with paperwork and bookkeeping. There will be a lot of number crunching. Pay is relatively good. Working night shifts will not disturb your class timetable either. Plus, this job will look wonderful on a resume.

10.  Photographer

If you have a DSLR camera and an eye for capturing scenes and portraits, you can earn a decent living as a part-time student photographer. Campuses and school newspapers often employ student photographers. If there are events on campus, there could be work. Off campus, there will be businesses, local papers, photography studios and the like willing to employ you. If you like photography as a hobby, there’s no better way to get practice.

11. Lifeguard

You need to be a good swimmer, undergo training and become certified to become a lifeguard. Once you go through this, the work can be rewarding financially and emotionally. Lifeguard jobs are aplenty during the warmer seasons, and the supply is low. This job is well paid and is a cool thing to list on a resume.

It’s best to pick a part-time job based on your resume and with future career ambitions in mind. Remember, you are not just working for money. Gain professional experience so you will be highly employable by the time you graduate.