Are Online MBAs Respected?


Pursuing higher levels of education opens up new and better job opportunities for employees. Continuing with your education may be the difference between staying at your current level and getting a promotion at your place of work. The current communication technologies enable students to learn at the most convenient time. Many people happily take short online courses, but are skeptical about online bachelor and master’s degrees. One of the greatest fears among online students is that potential employers will not respect their online degrees. You need the right information and attitude before registering for an online degree.

Employers’ View of Online MBAs

In the past, employers were skeptical about online degrees. Most of them were unsure about the quality of education that students get online. However, employers have changed their attitude towards online MBA programs and other degrees over the years. The results that students achieve at work after pursuing their studies online has contributed to the change in attitude. Employers lay more emphasis on performance than on how and where their employees obtained their degrees. Some employees attain their master’s degree through traditional learning and produce poor results at work.

What you Need to do

Although employers respect online degrees, you have a role to play in ensuring that your online master’s degree is marketable.

1. Consult your employer

If you want to work for your current employer after completing your online MBA degree, ask about the company’s position on online studies. Consult your immediate supervisor or the human resource manager before registering for the program. Remember that you may require some hours off to complete your exams depending on your schedule. Hence, it is advisable to inform your employer about your plan.

2. Enroll in a reputable institution

Your choice of school plays a critical role in ensuring that your current or potential employer values your online degree. Enroll in a certified and reputable school. Most of the top universities have recognized the need to offer online MBA programs. These institutions charge higher tuition fees than other institutions, but offer the same quality of education in their traditional and online programs. Ensure that the institution grants you a certificate as proof that you completed your degree program.

3. Achieve Good Grades

Create a study timetable for your online studies and follow it. Achieving the best grades in all subjects will improve the credibility of your online degree. If you want your employer to value your degree, you must also value it and allocate enough time for your studies. Eliminate distractions and interact with your teachers as much as possible to achieve top grades in your online MBA degree.

4. Improve your Work Performance

Your employer is likely to respect your online degree if you apply the knowledge and skills acquired in your job. Your performance should improve as you pursue your degree, and after your graduation. If your performance remains the same, you may not get the promotion you desire.

Employers recognize and respect online degrees. Most students who pursue online MBAs perform at the same and sometimes higher level with those who pursue traditional MBAs. However, students should enroll in reputable schools, achieve good grades, and improve their work performance to ensure that their employers to value their online MBAs

How to Make a Good First Impression on your Interviewer


So you go out for shopping a week before, to get yourselves the perfect clothes and shoes. You revise all your concepts and put down all your documents in a very expensive folder, very neatly. But a night before you’re all nervous and on the interview day, you’re sweaty and scared about making any awkward or embarrassing mistake inside the interview room. You have all these negative thoughts running up and down your mind. Yeah, leave all that behind, and read the following article to make a really great first impression that may help you cover up for some silly little act.

  • First of all, get your clothes right. Dress according to company you are interviewing for, a suit or a simple pair of formal button downs and pants. Don’t put on glittering accessories or a really strong perfume. Make sure your clothes are washed clean and properly ironed. If you are sloppily dressed, your interviewer would be instantly turned off. “Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character of the person before he opens his mouth.”
  • When you enter the room, keep your head up and appear confident. Smile and greet properly, with a hello or maybe a Good-morning. Check your smile and avoid eating before you go for interview. You don’t want food sticking in between your teeth or a bad breath.
  • When you greet your interviewer make sure you have a proper eye contact with him/her. Be the first to make a polite introduction by extending your hand for a hand-shake and mentioning your name. A firm handshake, not too tight and not at all limp, demonstrates confidence. With these little gestures you are conveying that you are ready, excited and confident.
  • Keep your phone away. Not only when you’re inside the interview hall, but also when you are waiting for your chance. If you are waiting in the lobby or the reception, don’t just pull out your smart-phone and start reading your Facebook newsfeeds, instead go through your resume and other documents. Because your interviewer plans to make a sudden appearance at the lobby or reception, you won’t be embarrassing yourself by hiding your phone somewhere behind the sofa or stuffing it into your pocket.
  • Make sure you have a proper resume prepared, and printed in color, and obviously with multiple copies. Also make sure your documents are neatly arranged in the folder, easily accessible to your interviewer. You should be able to pull out your resume, documents or even a pen on command, because you’re your interviewer has probably made a decision while you are ruffling through your bag to find yourself a piece of paper. Be quick, be efficient, be sharp.
  • And the most important part, BE ON TIME. Infact be early. Make yourself comfortable with the surrounding, talk to the receptionists or other interview candidates. The interviewer is the last person who would like to wait for you.

Before you go on to answer the question, “Why should we hire you?”, get these little things right, and the man behind the desk would be willing to listen to what you are about to tell him. If you get even one of these wrong, you lose the opportunity of convincing him why you need the job. After all, first impression is the last impression, and you never have second chance to make the first impression.

5 Strategies to Improve Writing Skills for Students


Good writing skills are indispensable in learning. Students need it right from elementary school to college as assignments, letters, examinations and academic papers like essays are always presented in written form. Successful students worldwide are honing their writing skills on a daily basis while they study. Most students have a love-hate relationship with writing and it shouldn’t be so. Here are 5 ways to help students improve their writing skills.

1.Use digital writing tools

The internet has made writing quite easy to master. Digital writing tools are free to download and use, at least a greater percentage of them are. These tools help with the process of writing and editing effectively. There are some that enable you to dictate words and it will type them, while others offer tips on how a piece of writing can be improved on and why a sentence or word is wrong. Popular writing tools include Grammarly, Hemingway App and Dragon Dictation.

2. Enroll in a writing class

There are some colleges with writing centers that are functional, but you may be combining studying with a part-time job and you have a really tight schedule. You don’t have to worry because you can always sign up for an online writing course from your laptop or mobile devices. They are affordable with a flexible timetable and questions are always welcome.

3. Be passionate about reading

The number one writing secret of most successful writers lies in reading. In fact, it is one of the way that writing skills can be improved on an individual basis. Reading varieties like blog posts, academic materials, magazines, short stories, poetry and novels is an effective way to build your vocabulary and knowledge base. These things are not taught in school and reading materials are readily available both online and offline, so it’s better to make use of that opportunity. With reading, you will also be familiar with different sentence structures and writing styles.

4. Join or establish a writing group

Remember that there are others like you that are keen on honing their writing skills as well. A group can be formed or you can make use of the already existing study groups. Members may see that they are accountable to each other or give feedback and suggestions related to writing.

5. Write constantly

The more an activity is engaged in, the more one gets better at it, this also applies to writing. Although English may be a second language for you, there is no reason to panic. The bottom line is to find the time to write every day depending on the amount of time that you can spare. It can be as short as 10 minutes or up to an hour. Journaling is a good place to start if there is difficulty in getting a topic to write about, likewise you can rewrite your course materials in your own words or delve into fiction or non-fiction. Once it becomes a habit, you will be looking forward to your personal writing time. You can order assignment online from

You may even start considering a writing related career as you write more and get better at it. Whatever you do with it at the end of the day largely depends on personal choice. All the same, possessing strong writing skills is invaluable, no matter what your career choice is. Even after graduating from college, these skills will also be needed for creating CVs, Resumes and part of the requirements of some companies are basic writing skills before a job seeker can be hired.

Post Graduate Degrees for High Paying Jobs


Most of us do not to obtain the sense of contentment until and unless a master’s degree is bagged. Of course it adds to the number studying years, but the increment in salary along with a feeling of overwhelming accomplishment lies always on the top of our priority list. Some of us do the masters due to the undying pressure from our parents while the others to grasp the highest paying jobs. Who doesn’t want higher paying jobs? According to a survey conducted, it was found that the salaries of the post graduates are 25% higher than the people with just graduate degrees. So, here comes the list of top five higher paying jobs for the post graduate degrees are:

Post Graduate Degrees

  1. MBA: Currently rated as the highest paying post graduate degree. It is the most lucrative for of degree which offers courses on business, finance and accounting. Management operations attain the higher posts in any organisation and this degree also offers a higher costs reward ratio. MBA has become a trend nowadays. Various MBA courses are available basis on the enrolment time. They can be either part time or full time. There are even Executive MBA courses which are for those who have worked for 5 years in any executive post. However, the average salary lies between 8-10 Lakes per annum.
  2. Medical profession: The medical field has always been in demand since time immemorial. There lies a greater scope in any field of medical courses. The more you go up with the courses, the more will be the increment in your pay scale. Endless opportunities and areas in developing and practicing your theories boost the interest in opting for master’s degree in medical profession. The average package of the medical post graduates are 6-8 lakhs per annum.
  3. Law: Pursuing a post graduate law degree allows bagging a chair of one of the most prestigious posts of the country. You have to absolutely passionate and patient if you are opting for such a degree in law. The most attractive part is you don’t have to be pay scale specific professional. However, the average salary of the law post graduates lies between 5-6 lakhs per annum.
  4. Engineering: The B. Tech, being itself a professional degree, is now lacking it’s warmth due to the endless number of the pursuers. Taking time to get a graduate degree such as a Master of Engineering Management online will let you stand out to land a job in software engineering with a much higher pay. The highest package that has been recorded is in the department of petroleum engineering. The average salary of the post graduate engineers has been recorded between 4-5 lake per annum.
  5. Education: One of the most under rated professions of the country are the teachers and professors. The fellows with a PhD degree are way more ahead of any other post graduates but the masters of educations is also a better way of getting higher packages with comparatively lesser working hours. The average salary lies between 2-4 lakhs per annum.

Is Your Dream Profession in Demand?

dream job

We all have set goals in life from a very young age. And depending on the seeming practicability of those goals, we keep them or we shed them like skin as we grow older. Ask any six year old around you what they wish to be when they grow and they’ll confidently proclaim that they’ll be either a doctor, astronaut, fireman, actor or princess when they grow up. Of course, over the years they’ll realize that only four out of the five are valid career choices these days, three of them are practically achievable and only three out of five actually pay well. It’s these realizations that morph our dream professions.

But the touch of wonderment in the idea of dream professions is never truly lost for most people even though our goals are revised and revisited.

However, before pursuing your dream job you must ask yourself whether it will actually be good for you. In this current job market, unemployment is rampant and one bad decision can prove to be grave indeed. The competition is extreme and before you start out in pursuit you must cover all the bases to make sure that the profession you want to be in isn’t devoid of opportunities.

The most important question to ask would be – is your dream profession in demand? You can look for the answer by finding out whether or not said professionals have any desirability. Start looking for best companies to work for in New York City. Look at the employment rates, pay rates and number of positions available. If there is little or no demand, it’s probably a good idea to abandon that particular dream as it will only prove to be disastrous for you. It’s not always possible to determine all these things alone. If you remain confused after conducting your own research, you should turn to an employment expert for the correct answers to help you make up your mind.

But it’s important to remember that just because a job is not in demand now, it will always be that way. The market goes through drastic changes from time to time depending on various factors like the state of the economy, international relations and political stability or its lack thereof. So while we’ll always advice you to exercise caution, it’s essential that the profession you pick with gives you personal satisfaction as well.

Setting Goals and Why It’s Important for Your Career

career goals

Many say that setting goals is the first step to a successful career. It’s also one of the most important steps in setting out to achieve your dream job. When you set goals for what you wish to obtain, you’re effectively motivating yourself to work harder and do better in life. Nothing works as well as self motivation does and putting down goals for yourself is just the way to do it.

You should be able to clearly envision exactly what you want from your life. It’s okay to be confused sometimes, but if the big picture gets muddled up you’ll lose the will to fight for your career and end up losing hold of it. You must not just look at what is available or in demand. You should also take into consideration your interests and strongest skills. If you love everything about software development and programming, a software engineering job is the best fit for you. On the other hand, if cooking is not what interests you, then, you shouldn’t be attending a culinary class. Without having set goals, all the things you’re doing are just random activities with nothing to thread them together. It’s easy to get sidetracked if you don’t have a solid plan to abide by. Remember that nobody benefits more from your successes more than you do. Your career should be the most important thing in your life, and you must do everything you can to achieve it. Setting goals for yourself is just the beginning of the race.

Without goals to bind you, you don’t have a clear point to focus on. Goals are what drive people forward. All your attention, energy and effort need a focal point and setting goals is how you get it. Doing things for fun is important – even necessary, at times. But without goals, it’s possible that you might stray from the right path. Obtaining a successful and fulfilling career by pursuing your master’s degree online requires a lot of hard work and rarely can you afford to waste time on things that are unimportant. When you set goals for yourself, you are effectively articulating exactly what you want in your future. Keeping that in mind would drive you to work as hard as you need to.

Goals are essential for improvement. Whatever you do and no matter how good you are at doing it, you can always do better. Whether its academics or professional work, you can always improve if you work hard. By setting goals, you give yourself a time frame within which you can strive to develop all the skills you’ll need for a good career.

Lastly, goals make sure you’re always the best version of yourself. Goals drive you forward and help give you a sense of direction in your life. Career goals ensure you’re always working hard and concentrating on doing as much as you can to get what you want.