Finance and Malware: A Love Hate Relationship!

After nearly 3 days of inactivity on my part on my blog I am ready to hit the ground running.  Wow those last 3 days have been hectic.  I woke up Monday morning to find my site acting a little funny.  I didn’t think anything of it so I went about the day.  Monday night I get home and try to check the site to see some the statistics and how things are going.  I get a redirect that takes me to Adfly.

First thoughts are this could get expensive.  I have only been blogging 2 weeks if this gets to out of control, I wont be able to afford to drop a lot of money into the site especially since I am not making any money from the site at this point. 

Let’s just do a quick analysis – I have been blogging a few years like PDITF – Punch Debt in the Face, he had a post on there the other day that he was Consciously Choosing to Underearn.  He made a whopping $13,000 last year from blogging.  From my point of view there is just an expense at this point that is GREAT!

$13000 a year divided by the 12 months in a year is $1083.33 a month.  All months are created equal in this analysis so we go with the nice round 30 days in the month.   So $36.11 a day I make running this site weekends included.  I was down 3 days, so I lost out on $108.33 in hard earned cash and worse off you didn’t get any great blog posts by ME. 

Sit, relax, I know that was a tough one to swallow but we are back up and running today and everything is hunkey dorey!  I decided to fold my cards and contact to help me out with my malware problem.  They started on the site mid day Wednesday and I had an email 30 minutes before midnight telling me that my site was malware clean. That was the best news I had in days. 

I could have lost 3 days of blogging income and $89 dollars for the year subscription to monitoring.  Thankfully, I write for you and I am not making anything so I only lost $89.  Ahh that makes me feel better!

Lesson learned: Malware is a tough beast to contain and best left up to the professionals.  Throw a few bucks at the problem and let the professionals fix it and you will have much greater piece of mind.

PS: The customer service was so great at Sucuri, I decided to sign up for their affiliate program.  Check it out here!


PHOTO BY: RobynAnderson