How to Meet Your Financial Goals in Times of Uncertainty

Financial Goals

When it comes to setting financial goals, it’s never too late to get started.  Entrepreneurs and the self-employed typically have a greater responsibility to prioritise financial planning, especially as this type of work can involve a fluctuating monthly income.  Whether you’re an employer or employee, knowing how to go about setting and meeting your financial […]

dollar stores

How to Get the Best out of the Dollar Stores

In 2020, there are several dollar stores in the United States. Typically these stores have a wide variety of items which they sell for a dollar or less than that. In some countries, this type of store is also known as a variety store. What makes shopping at a dollar store interesting is if you know the right way to shop in here, you could save plenty of money each month. According to stat by Statista, in 2018, there were a total of 31,620 dollar stores throughout the United States. A thousand more than what it was a year ago. So, there are plenty of stores and you don't have to worry about traveling far away from your home to find one. I am sure there is a dollar store, within just a few … [Read More...]


The Best Jobs You Can Apply for in 2020

A stat by MRI says that by the end of 2020, 50 percent of the workforce in the United States will be millennials. This prediction was made a few years ago and I can't stress how accurate it has turned out to be. We are already seeing a major shift in the way both small and large corporations are hiring people. The value of traditional education is diminishing day after day, month after month and year after year. Moreover, recruiters aren't as shrewd and stubborn about the candidate's ability to communicate as they were a few years before. According to a report by JobVite, "the need for strong conversational skills and enthusiasm decreased among recruiters by more than 20% across the … [Read More...]


The Cheapest College Degree Programs in USA (For an American)

America, being a developed nation, takes pride in its brilliant education system and also puts it on the pedestal. Unlike other developing or third world countries, Americans do not place a monetary value on education. They educate their kids because it is necessary for their growth and development as a citizen. However, not all college degrees are affordable. To find the right college degree program, you do need to take time out and do the required research. What are the cheapest college degree programs in the United States (for an American)? 1) Bachelor’s in Economics Economics is one of the cheapest fields to study in the United States. Bachelor’s in Economics is a course … [Read More...]

productive people

The Daily Rituals of Highly Productive People

Whether you are self-employed or do a 9-5, you can boost your productivity by practicing rituals or routines that have worked for thousands of successful people. I agree that a self-employed person gets to set their own schedule, but a 9-5 worker too can make the most by practicing some powerful ritual during morning and dusk. This post is all about the daily rituals of highly productive people. Here Are the 5 Daily Rituals of Highly Productive People 1) Take short naps during the day This may seem strange at first but the most productive people understand that a human being cannot go on working hard without rest and some revivification. This is why highly productive people are … [Read More...]


Bananatic App Review: Get Paid to Play Games

These days, it has become so easy to earn money online by filling up survey forms or taking your phone out on a walk. But now, it is also possible to do the same by playing free mobile games on your mobile phone. Whether you are bored at school or have a long commute to and from work, with Bananatic app, you can spend your time having fun and also get paid for doing so. Bananatic app is developed and maintained by a game development firm known as Sedoc, LLC. Games hosted by Bananatic may or may not be developed by their in-house developers. The company earns a profit by letting users trying out new games. Basically, you are working as a mobile game beta tester. The points you earn … [Read More...]


5 Best Cash Back Apps for Online Shopping

Cashback is indeed a marketing strategy to attract customers to online shopping portals. A trend began by credit card companies is now being implemented by almost all online shopping platforms including mobile shopping apps. But is cashback just a way to make you spend more money? Not entirely. Some apps are worth using. In this post, I have shared some shopping apps that can help you make remarkable cash savings this year. Here Are the 5 Best Cashback Apps for Online Shopping 1) Receipt Hog With Receipt Hog, you can expect to earn cash backs, bonuses, and Amazon gift cards by uploading a receipt from any store in the nation. It doesn't matter if you bought some … [Read More...]